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Recently we saw what SIG SAUER’s master gunsmiths can do with some medieval subject matter. But while sharp lines and orderly curves are something of a SIG trademark, the flowing designs and intricate shapes of a typical Aztec-style piece of art are a completely different ball game. Nevertheless, SIG’s master gunsmiths seem to have come up with a winning design on that front as well . . .


While the grip isn’t authentic ivory, the inlaid gold and precious gems make up the difference in value. Instead of simply slathering the thing in gold, the gunsmiths have smartly used it to highlight certain parts of the design and accentuate the intricate engraving on the slide. To me, the sparing use of the precious metal makes its impact all that more effective.


Yeah. She’s pretty, ain’t she?

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    • Ha Ha – this made me laugh. Yeah, these “Beautiful” Sig guns are things I wouldn’t buy if they we 1/2 the cost of a regular Sig.

    • +1. Let’s just further Mexican Drug Cartel stereo types by calling this the Aztec and blinging it out with gold inlay.

    • NASCAR legend Curtis Turner on drag racing: “It’s a lot like masturbation. It’s kinda fun to do, but it ain’t much fun to watch. *spit*”

  1. “Yeah. She’s pretty, ain’t she?”

    Not to this guy.It’s the ugliest Sig I’ve ever seen on this website.

    My definition of an artistic gun is an all stainless 92FS Inox, or a Springfield 1911 loaded stainless. Gold doesn’t belong on cars, or on guns.

  2. Doesn’t look like much in the preview pics, but zoom in and wow. Beautiful. And on the photography front, nice shots, Nick!

  3. What a waste. It would have been a perfectly good looking black, stainless or cerakoted pistol for any number of people who would have not wanted a handgun vandalized and overpriced.

  4. What happened to RF @ the White Rose Society. I was looking forward to him giving them the business plus the hours of operation. Nobody wants to debate him, lol…

  5. Simpletons like those above just can’t comprehend the craftsmanship or artistic beauty of such an exquisite piece.

  6. I like the designs, the gold touches are a bit much, IMO, but other than that, I think the designs work well on a gun. I never realized Aztec carvings make for such good gun art.

  7. It’s really beautiful. In an artistic way.
    I just don’t get some motifs. The skull thing. Dragons.
    But I can still appreciate the months of work that went into that. My neighbors dad was an engraver. Incredible work.

  8. I respect the engravers and their work. But to me it looks corroded. The work would have been better done on a different gun. And the gold and jewels make the gun look cheap and ostentatious. Sorry, no stars from me.

  9. Nick, do you just have a soft spot for really ugly guns, or is Sig paying you for these posts?

    Just like the 7th-grade study-hall D&D “Excalibur” abortion from the other day, I can appreciate the level of skill it takes to do this kind of work, but beautiful…? No.

  10. I’m with stinkeye. Just like last time, considerable skill demonstrated, theme and execution so tawdry that I wouldn’t be caught with it unless it were the last functioning firearm on earth (and then I’d pay someone to strip away as much of the ugly as they could). Admittedly this one isn’t as bad as the Excalibur, but it’s still hard to imagine anyone going to so much cost and trouble to create something so tacky, let alone a large corporation footing the bill for it.
    I appreciate intricately engraved firearms and even lust after a few examples I’ve seen, and I know there is no accounting for taste, but I think the guys at Sig missed tasteful by a mile, again.

  11. Let’s just cut to the chase:

    Behold all the wretched excess and absence of subtlety and good taste the German people are known for. 🙂

    It’s hard to believe the same people that gave us the BMW 3-series, the MB Grosser, and the FW190 could go this far afield into hideous stylistic overkill. What the hell is in the water cooler at SIG these days?

    And the writeups are comedy gold:

    “Frighten of the tropical sea: the dreaded Barracuda was the model for the creation of this gun. Engraved in the style of this predator, this pistol mediates it’s aggressive character.”

    I’m glad someone’s mediating that pistol’s aggressive character. Kept me up late at night, that did…

  12. I’m a huge fan of the Mayan Revival style—my number one destination when I went to San Francisco this summer was the lobby of 450 Sutter Street, where I loitered for a half hour marveling at the interior and exterior. And I’m here to say that this pistol, like all the other Sig “masterpieces” is a tasteless, gaudy, piece of kitsch.

    Well, the “Siegfried” isn’t that bad, it’s far more reserved and tasteful than the others. Sig makes some firearms of artistically compelling design, or at least “cool-looking”, but not this series. At least some of the other outré guns are perfect for hippies and cheap pimps in New Orleans whorehouses. If I was visiting Woodstock or became a deadhead I’d certainly enjoy having a “rainbow” or “tie-dye” gun (where legal).

    • Some of the rotating images at the top of the Sig Masterpieces page depict more handsome guns. I wouldn’t mind owning the Sig Heritage, Majesty II, or Black Beauty. Though I couldn’t wear them seriously unless I was a nouveau riche Wild Bill Hickok.

  13. This monstrosity looks like it was dredged up from the bottom of the sea, after centuries of encrustation by various sea creatures.

    Utterly hideous, in other words.

    It will probably sell well in Saudi Arabia.

    Anywhere else, they have this thing called taste. Please investigate.


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