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PTR is all about roller-delayed legacy systems. They made their name with the G3 series in 7.62x51mm, and then a mix of 9mm and 7.62×39 rifles. These guns were quite possibly the only means a lot of American shooters have to experience the roller-delayed rifles made famous by HK.

This year they’re doing something new and bringing roller-delayed designs to the 5.56 world. The PTR 63 series brings a lighter, lower recoiling option to the roller-delayed world.

The PTR 63 – Not an HK33

Okay, wait, yes, the HK33 does exist, and there have been some in the states. However, this is not an HK33 clone, for better or worse.

The PTR 63 is a 5.56 rifle that uses an AR-15 magazine. For a 5.56 caliber rifle, it makes sense to use the most famous, most popular, and most affordable magazines on the market. But the PTR 63 isn’t just an HK33 with a STANAG mag. The rifle also gets a dose of last-round bolt hold open, which isn’t something you’ll find on a roller-delayed HK weapon.

The controls are changed and adapted from the famed G3 series to work with the AR magazine. The mag release is large and easy to activate. To toss the bolt back into play you have a very AR-style bolt release that’s easy to activate and toss into action.

The bolt locks to the rear on an empty mag

The rifle has two stock options. We get an adapter to use AR stocks and tubes, and the paratrooper-style collapsing stock. Full disclosure: I’m partial to the collapsing stock variant. What’s the point of adding a buffer when you don’t need it?

An optic rail sets everything off and, of course, you get the HK-style drum sights.

The controls are AR-like and quite nice

Admittedly these old guns are a little past their prime, but the overcrowded AR platform can get oh-so boring. It’s nice to see a new rifle in 5.56 that wasn’t commonly available before. Who needs another AR 15 building kit when the PTR 63 existsI’m excited to see these guns hit the market.

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  1. Agreed. The AR and polymer striker-fired platforms are tried and true, but are now beginning to get a bit overpopulated with stuff that isn’t quite so innovative, but appear to be more as attempts to jump on the bandwagon. Kinda like the car/truck market. Or the toothbrush market. Or the mens shaving razor market. Or the…

    I enjoy reading all these articles, so I won’t complain too much. But I’ve seen very little over the past couple of years that grabs my attention to the point of making me consider opening up my wallet (if that item is even available in CA to begin with).

    Once I move out of CA one day, I’ll get a matching .44 Mag wheelgun and levergun combo, and custom leather holster & accessories for them. Other than that, I pretty much have everything I want. Energy is focused on regular training now.

    • I agree. The AR15 market is so over saturated that even Glock made one- though it was for military use. There is nothing new in this market save for one more name to throw their hat into the ring.

  2. I hope this is still a prototype, it looks a little rough, some parts of the trigger group turned lower are AR like the mag well, AR style trigger guard, and the grip. I wonder if it’s an AR or HK trigger group…I don’t see pins so maybe HK?

    • Not designing for AR grip and trigger would be hugely shortsighted/illogical. Looks like they did much other right/logical. They have time to regigger before NRA meeting in Apr

      How reliable/good are PTR? I have no experience with them.

  3. Kinda looks like something that was 3D printed in time to hang on the wall at the SHOT show. I have owned a couple of actual HKs, including an HK91. Glad to see they are now putting a rail on the dust cover. On my 91, if you tightened the SWAN claw mount tight enough to prevent your scope from shifting, it pinched the sheet metal to the point where it interfered with the bolt carrier sliding back and forth!

    Cool enough rifle, but like the Steyr AUG I owned, the novelty was there, but the functionality wasn’t as good as, say an M1A or FN-FAL.


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