Virginia assault weapons ban silencers SilencerCo Octane 9
Dan Z for TTAG
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Back by popular demand, SilencerCo is making the Octane 45 and Octane 9 suppressors again. And now, they’re at a lower price point, too.

The Octane 45 will handle 9mm, .45 ACP and .300 Blackout subsonic in a 13.3 oz. package. The Octane 9 will take 9mm, .357 SIG and .300 BLK sub and weighs 12.2 oz.

New, friendlier MSRP: $624. Look for them to hit stores in the next 45 days or so.

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  1. Why the prototypes, those look slightly different, seems like they would just be putting the existing model back into production, unless something changed?

    They don’t have a modular version like the AAC Tirant M, Dead Air Ghost M, Rugged Obsidian, though they do have some short K versions plus cans like the Omega 45/9. I could see someone wanting a no frills full length can so this fits the bill, but the competition has more features for the same price or less.

    • You’re right, they ahouid bring them back as modular just to be competitive. It’s nonsense for them to offer short cans when a person shouid ne able to have both in one.
      Hope they polish up their dB numbers a bit. My Octane 45 is nice but every other newer .45 can I have is quieter with the exception of the absolutely wretched Gemtech GM-45 pos.

  2. “New, friendlier MSRP: $624.”… friendlyER, but certainly not friendly. Suppressors are still way overpriced for what they are. Car mufflers have a similar amount of engineering, and handle extreme heat for many thousands of hours of use. Would you consider one at $600+ to be a bargain?

    • My free Octane 45 was just the right price point for me. I also managed to get it relatively quickly from SiCo compared to some others in their BOGO promo debacle. The 11 month wait from was the most annoying part.

  3. I own a Octane 9 (back when they were branded SWR still), Octane 45HD and Octane 45K. I had no idea they were out of production.

  4. Great. Wish these were off the unconstitutional NFA. Until the HPA passes, no Republican is ever going to get another one of my votes.

  5. Seems like after the BOGO from year before last they realized people still want these suppressors, so now they are back pedaling and putting them back in stock.


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