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What you see here is the surprisingly light, incredibly easy-to-shoot Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol. Our friends at the ATF will be happy to learn that yes, you can shoot it one-handed, pretty easily, in fact. The MDP-9 a roller-delayed blowback 9mm that a lot of people have been looking forward to for quite some time. We were awfully glad to get a chance to shoot it at Range Day.

The MDP-9 weights a mere 3.6 pounds, has a full-length top rail, runs on nearly ubiquitous GLOCK magazines, and has a three-lug flash hider that’s just itching for a suppressor.

Unlike Angstadt’s earlier UDP-9 which used an AR-style charging handle, the MDP-9 sports a reversible, non-reciprocating side charging handle and locks back on empty.

If the roller-delayed blowback system, side charging handle, and three-lug flash hider remind you of the MP5, that’s probably not a coincidence. This American-made 9mm blaster (what Angstadt calls “the subgun perfected for the modern age) will mount a brace on its rear 1913 rail or a stock…if you want to jump through the hoops and pay the toll to SBR it.

With a SB-Tactical folding SB1913 brace, the MDP-9 would slip quite nicely into a backpack.

The MDP-9 will start shipping in March. The pistol will sell for $2599. If you want to use your own finished lower, you’ll be able to buy just the upper for $1599.

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  1. And here come the market scammers. Just another wannabe knock-off, of another knock-off, of another knock-off of a combination of a good ‘Ol M-11-9, a mini-uzi, or the daddy of all modern sub-guns, the CZ-26. That they use glock sticks is good, then if that’s a biggy for you why don’t you just USE a Glock pistol and put it in one of those new drop-in frames with a folding brace if you want a neat little PDW/carry pistol? Not to mention that there are also a few nice light same size 9mm very similar AR design pistols like this already out there to suit the same ‘purpose’–whatever that is. This won’t make it. It’s too big to carry on your hip as a pistol, and too expensive compared to better options for less.

    • 1. It’s a 9mm
      2. It’s a 9mm AR platform.

      Those two reasons magically equate to a $2K+ price tag. It’s a recent market trend and nobody knows who’s actually spending this kind of money on this junk.
      I bought a AR9 upper from Davidson Defense for $300, slapped it on a PSA glock lower for $250. Installed a dead blow buffer and for $600 I have a glock mag AR9. I have noooo idea what’s with these $2,000 machines that are the exact same thing but for $1,500 more. And don’t say it’s the action, there’s a reason the Russians still use straight blow back AK-9 for their military subguns.

    • For the same MSRP as a semiauto MP5, it uses the same roller-delayed action, takes inexpensive and ubiquitous (but reliable) mags, weighs 3lb less, and offers AR ergonomics / modularity / LRBHO. I’m not saying I’m buying one, but it makes some sense.

      The real question is why anyone would pay similar prices for the derp-blowback PCCs also shown at SHOT in a world where SP5s exist.

      • I agree that the value is in the delayed roller action and the light weight compared to an MP5, but this real MP5 money and doesn’t have the cool factor.

        I hate how all AR lower based guns can’t even bother to redesign the exterior around the magwell so it doesn’t look like an AR with a tiny Glock mag. People need to do something original.

        • I’d go a step further and say that if I’m dealing with AR receiver length, I want an AR cartridge. It just so happens that my Form 1 just came back for something very much along those lines. Why would I want a 9mm the size of my .300BLK?

          Pistol caliber magazines belong in the grip (unless it’s a bullpup). If someone could put a “Gen 4” upper like this on a “Gen 3” lower (how about one using ZEV grip frames?), he’d have a winner.

      • ^THIS. So many PCC’s are straight up blowbacks and cost $2K+ dollars. At least this one has roller delay. I think gun companies are used to people paying full MSRP because scarcity and panic buying, so now they’re trying to charge whatever they think the market will bear in search of a new, higher standard price. Kind of like century taking over importation of Zenith’s MP5 clones and increasing the MSRP by a cool $1K for literally no reason. They gave up and lowered the MSRP when no one was willing to buy it at least. Pretty scummy IMO.

  2. So you save $1000 off MSRP by providing your own completed lower; makes me think the price for the upper should be even lower. How do they come up with $2599 MSRP for a complete pistol is crazy.

  3. Because of past demand my go-to AR BCGs were unavailable so Angstadt BCGs were tried and performed with no issues. The firearm pictured appears to be well made, expensive and something I can live without like jumping through more hoops for a stock…More hoops than what big brother required to purchase the firearm, etc. Such firearms come with silly strings attached…Actually it’s more like slave master chains attached.

  4. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    Uh, did I miss how it actually shot?

    The announcement for that gun a week of so back was by Jeremy (who may or may not have spoke in class today) was going to report back on how it handled, in particular how much combustion particulates it would ‘spit’ in the shooter’s face for me.

    Bummer. 🙁

  5. It needs to sell for less than $1700 and it needs to take Scorpion mags. For around $1700 you can buy a MKE MP5 or MP5k. I’m not going to spend more on a single feed 9mm PCC that I might not be able to get parts for next year.

  6. At the end of the day, a modified scorpion is arguably your best bet. The reliability is incredible on average. AR 9’s are not, it’s just that most guys shoot a couple hundred rounds a year and call it good. “Flawless” “No issues”. LOL


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