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At SHOT Show Media Day we ran into Witt Machine, manufacturer of muzzle brakes for rifles and shotguns. They all looked nice and the “Muzzle Rise Eliminator” seen on the AR-15 shot in the video above seemed to perform admirably as well. Of course, we’ll have to put it and hopefully a couple other Witt Machine pieces to the test. And by that I mean. . .

include a couple of them in the second round of the Muzzle Brake Shootout.


The blast shield — attached above and removed below — is supposed to reduce concussion and flash. Possibly a lighter, sleeker version of the FERFRANS CRD or Lantac BMD?




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  1. Curious to see how it performs vs the CRD as it is a little easier on the wallet. I picked up the J-comp from strike industries after the last muzzle breakout for what was going to be my pistol build and really like it so far.

    Side Note: Good lord what did they do to that mosin in the video?!

    • I think the Mosin is a black powder cannon or something.

      BTW after the next test I’m going to do another graph, which will plot performance per dollar. From the last test, I think the J-Comp would be way up there for sure. Solid performance and IIRC second only to the Amazon one for lowest cost. It also has less flash and less concussion/blast than most other brakes and has a simple and clean look.

  2. I would be curious to see how well it does on reducing muzzle rise on rapid fire on an AR-15.

  3. Brakes for AR15s make me chuckle. Tune the gas system, and play with buffers, and springs if you want to control what little recoil they have. Why make them see any louder than they already are? The only reason I have brakes on my ARs, is to act as a sacrificial blast baffle for my suppressors.

    • Yes, that’s pretty much my reaction as well.

      I’ve been around quite a few rifles in lots of different chamberings. How people get worked up over the recoil of a .223 Rem is beyond me.

      • I don’t live in Texas so silencers are hard to come by.
        And yesterday I was able to make 300/400/450/500 yrd shots at gongs.
        Open sights.
        And yes the directional break helps by keeping the muzzle down for follow up shots.

  4. I have 2 and have ordered a third. One is on a Savage 99 in 338 Fed; another on a Rem 750 in 35 Whelen; and I orderd a 3rd for a DPMS Hunter in 338 Fed. They are loud as you should expect but they do reduce recoil and muzzle jump. All of mine are clamp on and if yoy measure correctly, the clamps work fine.

  5. Witt Machine has an F-rating with the BBB. 5 claims made against them.
    The products are enticing but stay away. My brake came with unfinished machining, burrs, and unfinished cerakote. The no-nonsense guarantee on the products are a joke. Multiple attempts at communication have resulted in zero communication from Witt. I am stuck with an expensive steal lemon.

  6. I too have had a heck of a time getting ahold of them,
    Customer service SUCKS.
    The directional break works great on my ar just fine ,
    And the clamp on break on my 300winmag works great, but again there customer service is horrible, So for that I can’t recommend them.
    It took over 2 1/2 mts to get a response.

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