SHOT Show: Has Triclops Sights Shot the Jumped Shark?

Shot and a miss? Hit the trees but missed the forest? Whichever mixed metaphor meets muster, the very nicely machined Triclops Sights strike me as a bit much, yet perhaps also not enough.

I get it. The idea is there. Simply center the front fiber optic dot inside the three rear dots, line it all up on target, and squeeze the trigger. Again, I got it. No owner’s manual necessary; no batteries needed.

But that is one honkin’ big sight. And some very long sections of unsupported fiber optic pipes. Which can be brittle.

There are red dot sights that are literally smaller than the Triclops (example). Of course, compared to most pistol-sized red dot sights, the $179 Triclops Sights are a relative bargain. Then again, they’re over three times the price of a set of TRUGLO tritium 3-dot sights.

I bet I would shoot really straight with these Triclops sights and maybe one day we’ll find out. It’s just the massive size of that rear sight assembly that turns me off and those long stretches of unsupported fiber optic pipe that worry me.

Plus, while they seem like they’d be accurate, they don’t seem like they’d be fast. I’m open to putting them to the test, though…especially if I can convince Jon Wayne Taylor to do it.


  1. avatar Reason says:

    UGG! Looks like a kindergartner came up with the idea.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Looks like the prototype from the R&D Dept, not an actual first article from the Production Dept.

      Hard pass.

    2. avatar -Peter says:

      I got a chance to see these firsthand at SHOT Show. They’re actually really cool, and very intuitive to use. Size-wise, they’re definitely bigger than combat sights, but smaller than an RMR or Acro. I had the same concerns about ruggedness of the fiber optics, but the Triclops owner, who was manning the table, hammered the sights on the table as hard as he could, and I personally cycled the slide three or four times using the sight against the edge of the table.

      I’d never pick this for a concealed carry optic or a combat optic, but if I had a full-sized frame pistol dedicated for using to teach first-time shooters, I think Triclops Sights would be a really good choice. It’s hard to describe until you try it, but aiming with them is just very very intuitive and natural.

      And no, I don’t own shares in the company….

      1. avatar Lost Down South says:

        ChiCom knockoff in 3…2…1.

        1. avatar Vitsaus says:

          Knock-offs? This looks like something that a Chicom company would come up with on their own.

    3. avatar jim says:

      that narrows it down to “millennials”

      1. avatar some_guy says:

        Yeah, whatever boomer.

        1. avatar Bubba says:

          Don’t get your skinny jeans in a bunch, son.

        2. avatar some_guy says:

          Don’t forget to drink your Ensure and take your fiber supplements, “Bubba.”

  2. avatar arc says:

    A single red dot is fine, or iron sights. None of this tacticool crap.

  3. avatar PTM says:

    Just because you can, does not mean you should.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Exactly. Just because you can spout your Farago-this, Farago-that drivel, doesn’t mean you should.

      1. avatar PTM says:

        Oh…did I hurt your feelings? I am so sorry.

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          What doesn’t hurt us makes us stronger. If you think in your little mind that you somehow hurt my feewings, be comforted by the fact that you actually made me stronger for it.

          Now I can ignore you more easily. Bye.

        2. avatar PTM says:

          You keep saying you are ignoring me. But it seems I am living rent free in your head. LOL

        3. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          And, there’s Paul.

          Doing what he does best, turning the A-hole up to ’11’…

        4. avatar George WashingtonGl says:

          “I haz a question (wt f does that mean anyway? Is that meant to construe that you’re black and can’t speak English properly?)…..
          Its not “what doesn’t hurt me makes me stronger (wt f?)…. its WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME MAKES ME STRONGER…… idiot

    2. avatar Rob says:

      I seem to remember similar disparagements leveled against the gas pedal rests when they debuted. Now, competition shooters swear by them. Just because a person may not find a use for them, personally, does not mean there are not those who may have legitimate use for a product.

      1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

        man i agree with this comment whole hardheartedly, i also believe any shooter would stand to gain from these sights on a firearm, if they could be optimistic to something new.

        these sights are definitely going to make a impact in the industry

  4. avatar Carlwinslo says:

    Needs more cow bell!

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Perfect comment!

  5. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    My computer looks like it was designed for a 13 year old Michael Bay film fan, I draw the line there. In that case it was because the garish crap was all heavily discounted. This thing would have to be much less than free.

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      im sorry you feel this way man from personal experience shooting with these and carrying them on my edc/ccw firearm i wouldn’t trade them for a eotech, not to mention the affordability of these sights, that actually preform very well. they have setting screws as well, you can rack your slide on a table with these sights and doesnt affect your zero.the improvement in grouping as well as target acquisition time is decreased. after carrying these and shooting with them. i stand by a this statement in saying that anyone can pick a firearm up with these sights equipped and group 1 in at 5 to 7 yards with both eyes open. the RnD on these sights were not over passed that i know from experience is for sure

  6. avatar Shire-man says:

    Glowy ghost ring pistol sights are a thing. A much smaller thing.

  7. avatar Broke_It says:

    The hipster in me wants to buy one ironically

    1. avatar mrbadnews says:

      You should have the hipster in you pull out and keep him the heck away form your gun.

  8. avatar RS says:

    I think that any setup that the eye can instantly interpret will be equally fast, with practice. I think that 3 dots in an incomplete square are inherently no better than the typical 3 dot setup. And, I would worry about the extra thought that the shooter will have to go through in order to sort out the more complex sight picture.

    In all, I see nothing good about this.

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      iv carried these sights for 2 months now on edc/ccw fire arm, iv s, they look this way cause of design and research that went in them, they’re designed for a shooter of any experience to be able to keep both eyes open while target acquisition, in fact iv found a improvement in speed of target acquisition, as well as improvement that retained when switching between iron sights and triclops sights on different firearms for shot grouping.

      truly give these a shot, you wont be disappointed yet impressed. if you can ignore the aesthetics for a sec and concerns and use these and there designed you wont be disappointing

  9. avatar rs says:

    Pardon me – failed to complete my thought coherently. The 3 red dots don’t give more information than the standard 1 front and 2 rear dot setup, because there’s no 4th dot below. It’s only going to confuse the issue of elevation, which is adequately represented by the standard 1+2 dots.

    Even if there was an additional 4th rear dot, it’s additional information for the eye and brain to process. Anything that makes the sighting process more complex is a bad thing. A full bright ring might work … but 4 dots … ugh.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      I think this rear sight might help with windage compared to traditional two-dot rear sights.

      The two dots in a traditional rear sight make it very obvious if you are on-track for elevation. As for windage, though, the two dots in the traditional rear sight require your eye to accurately split the distance between them and center the front sight dot at that point. On this new rear sight, the third dot (top center dot) makes it really obvious if your front sight is lined up with the rear sight for windage.

      Whether or not this affects your time to get on target, I have no idea. I can imagine that it might slow some people down a tiny bit.

      I am thinking that this might be an excellent rear sight for handgun hunting applications.

      1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

        this was a great comment and question ? iv carried these sights for 2 months now on edc/ccw fire arm, iv shot with it more times then i can count. in 17 mile an hour wind. they are on target every time, wind age is not a factor that slows you down with the target acquisition of these sights, they look this way cause of design and research that went in them, they’re designed for a shooter of any experience to be able to keep both eyes open while target acquisition, in fact iv found a improvment in speed of target aquisition, as well as improvment that retained when switching between iron sights and triclops sights for shot grouping.

        truly give these a shot, you wont be disappointed yet impressed.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      Pardon me – failed to complete my thought coherently.

      Hah, if I apologized for every time that I failed to complete my thought coherently, I would be hoarse (or have sore fingers from retyping)!

    3. avatar Broke_It says:

      I agree. It would make more sense to my brain if there was a fourth lower dot almost flush with the slide so I could quickly center the front post. From these pics I’d probably be shooting pretty high

  10. avatar Tom says:

    Does it work shooting ” gangsta style”?

    1. avatar Me says:

      All sights work gangsta style or even upside down. Its all about sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control

    2. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      I’m more interested in if it works “John Wick” style.

  11. avatar Arandom Dude says:

    Looks like something from a video game.

  12. avatar Defens says:

    The biggest issue beyond being big and clunky with a confusing sight picture is that the darned things cover up a huge swath of your vision out at the target zone. That might not be a big deal for bullseye shooting, but for defensive shooting, hunting, or even plinking, covering up a large part of your visual field is generally a bad thing.

  13. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Yeah…..full Fonzarelli.

  14. avatar GS650G says:

    Might as well have a scope or a red dot.

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      i could understand the reasoning behind this, how ever after carrying these sights on my edc/ccw fire arm, it far surpasses a red dot or scope, the improvement in grouping for one, the target acquisition is much faster and easier in my opinion. red dots and scopes i feel do not quite hold up to ergonomics of these sights.

      really give them shot, ignore your questions/concerns on the aesthetics for min and entertain the idea of something new possibly help improve even some of best shooters. i really do not think you would be disappointed, but more impressed.

  15. avatar FunGunner says:

    Jeremy S, serious question for ya. Not sure if already answered.

    Did you model for a Ruger photoshoot? Because this image from sure looks like an earlier version of you:

    Just curious.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      LOL! No…nobody has or will ever ask me to model for anything ;-). But I readily admit that dude definitely does look like me in that photo haha

  16. avatar former water walker says:

    That thing is yuge! I wouldn’t dismiss it “sight” unseen😃

  17. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I’m eating for the fiber optics to make a swishing noise followed by a buzzing, then three red dots appear on the bad guy, ala Predator…

  18. avatar RGP says:

    Next week, a head up display for your combat plastic.

  19. avatar Dan W says:

    Hell yes, I want one of these on my yeet cannon. Now that would be fun to take to matches. IDPA needs a meme gun division.

  20. avatar D Dunbar says:

    I thinks it’s a neat idea. But would be neater if there was like 15 fiber optic tubes forming an extremely bright circle dot reticle.

    On target like boom! So fast.

    All kidding aside I applaud anyone who invents something and brings it to market. And let’s be honest…… we’ve seen farrrrr worse than this come out of our community. At least this looks wholly functional

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      Honestly your comment was pretty on par, the time it takes to acquisition with these sights are amazing in my opinion much faster, they were designed this way to help any shooter of any experience keep both eyes open when shooting and acquisition for a shot. not to mention man the improvement in grouping.

      honestly the creator spent good time on development for these to be for fast acquisition, iv even retained the grouping in my shots from firearm to firearm with traditional iron sights as well

      you have to give them try now, as a consumer to another, you will not be disappointed

  21. avatar Boogaloo says:

    A totally idiotic product, but not to worry, there are plenty of idiots eager to waste their money.

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      what makes this a idiotic product to you ? have had a chance to shoot with these sights? im curious if your up to debate the matter a tad.

  22. avatar ken says:

    those aren’t fiber optics, they are 680nm 30 watt lasers. the Glock is just for backup.

  23. avatar Setarip says:

    So basically an overly complicated ghost ring sight.

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      its really no over complicated at all if i may ask what do you mean ? ” over complicated “, someday. but truly iv concealed carry with these sights 2 months now, they are not any different then having a red dot or traditional iron sights, the improvement it gives you on target acquisition is almost unbelievable really, being able to keep both your eyes open from the start is truly different he made no mistake in the research and development of these sights. i highly recommend ignoring the aesthetics of them before you shoot with them. the ergonomics of these sights will amaze you. give them a shot before to knock em.

  24. avatar Kyle says:

    Movie studios will buy them, they look sci-fi

    1. avatar Shane Anderson says:

      i could see why you feel that way, but mostly anything worth while on a gun these days is movie material, i could wish he would see some his sights on a firearm in a movie someday. but truly iv concealed carry with these sights, for two months now, not any different then having a red dot or traditional iron sights, the improvement it gives you on target acquisition is almost unbelievable really, being able to keep both your eyes open from the start is truly different, it almost feels weird to close a eye when looking down these rather then more comfortable. he made no mistake in the research and development of these sights. i highly recommend ignoring the aesthetics of them before you shoot with them. the ergonomics of these sights will amaze you.

  25. avatar Daren Richardson says:

    I was lucky enough to shoot with these sights and HOLY S*** !!! It was unbelievable!! I have NEVER shot with a sight that improved my skills as quickly as the Triclops!! My grouping massively improved as well as my accuracy within the first 50-75 rounds, my target was so much easier to see and with both eyes open! It was unbelievable, To me, it was the holy grail of pistol sight! I also found that the sight made for a new handle to easily chamber my weapon ( that was just a plus) I was worried about how it would fit in my holster and found absolutely no issues with that aspect of the sight. The amazing thing is that when I went back to my own weapon without the sights, I maintained my improvements because of the way the Triclops sights taught my brain how to hold and level the gun. This was over three months ago and the Improvment has maintained. In my opinion these are AWESOME!! Every one of my side arms will absolutely be outfitted with a Triclops sight as the come out with the new models! I am also getting ones for every member of my family, the impact on my shooting skills was that impressive!! One of the most amazing innovations in sight that I have ever seen! Has given me a brand new love and zeal for pistol shooting! I highly recommend that you try them. They are that impressive!!

  26. avatar Steve Richardson says:

    I am former law enforcement and swat member. I have had extensive weapon trading, including tactical. I had the chance to use Triclops sights on a 9, 40 and 45. All were different makes. I first used my own pistol with standard sights, my grouping was good at roughly a 20 yard distance. I then tried the 9 equipped with the Triclops sights. My grouping was close to my standard sights. I shot again starting to understand the Triclops and my grouping tightened. The third time my grouping tightened in so much I was placing bullets in the same bullet holes. I also shot the 40 and 45 with the same results. In my opinion for shooting center to mass it felt natural and made it very easy to focus on my target. I also believe that people with little to no training could use this sight and have better shooting results much faster then standard sights. Also I put the sights to the test regarding durability. I Even used the sight to Jack rounds. Over all I was impressed with the sights and am having one fitted to my Sig.

  27. avatar Shane Anderson says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this sight company at the shooting range, while he was testing a fire arm he just worked on, with his triclops sights, i shared a similar view on them for their size/ comfort ability on concealment, it is really not any bulkier then having your red dot or holographic sight.
    In fact i found my ability to target acquisition, much faster and easier as the owner was not kidding when he said the sights are designed to help any one, of any shooting experience keep both eyes open. its statement i stand behind for the company.

    iv concealed carry with these sights for about 2 months now,i must it is not any harder or any more uncomfortable then id if i had iron or red dot sights equipped on my firearm, i apendix carry/hip carry and ITW carry with no problem. the grouping in my shooting has greatly improved at 7 to 10 yards, it also has helped me retain my grouping when transition back to iron sights, these sights in my opinion are something of the future and something that every new and novice shooter should have equipped on their firearm/training firearm. i will continue to conceal carry with these sights, the owner and his wife are wonderful knowledgeable people in the industry. i will soon do a first mag review on the AR-15 models after i buy the sights and have it fitted.

    my wife who had not shot in over a year due to giving birth and recovering, she picked up a full size glock 19 he had equipped with his sights, for the first time shooting the fire arm, she grouped 5 shots less then a inch apart at 7 yards. i respect his time and effort put into these sights to help improve your shooting.

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