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Manufactured by Franklin Armory as a single-shot pistol, the CA320 has been added to California’s approved handgun roster for sale in the state. That’s the menu of handguns Californians are allowed to purchase, and there effectively haven’t been any new ones added to it since 2013 or so.

Because the CA320 is a single-shot handgun, it’s exempt from a few of the restrictions and Franklin Armory was able to get it on the roster.

The CA320 is comprised of a stock P320 slide and fire control system combined with Franklin Armory’s single-shot frame.

Here’s the kicker, though. A California resident who purchases the CA320 is legally able to make changes and modifications to it on their own. For instance, if they wanted to swap the grip module out for a standard P320 module, they can do that.

The owner will still be limited to 10-round magazines as long as they and the gun are in California. But they can legally change the configuration of the CA320 into a standard, functional, semi-automatic SIG P320.

Tthe CA320 grip module makes it impossible to insert a magazine.

They’ve also molded in a support area for the user to easily place and chamber a single round. Hit the slide release and the round chambers right from this support. It ejects the empty casing when fired, but doesn’t lock back on empty.

The CA320 will be priced at $950, a price Californians will be only too happy to pay.

This thing is a work of genius. It’s a fantastic product and they’re going to sell a million of ’em.


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  1. I’m happy to have fled the CSSR at my earliest opportunity and admit it hasn’t had my full attention since, but I thought they closed the SSE conversion loophole a while ago.

    • What they closed was the ability for anyone to convert an existing, semi-automatic firearm to single shot and thereby exempt it from the Roster. They didn’t close the ability for firearms manufactured by the original manufacturer as single shot firearms to be exempt from the Roster in some cases (e.g. Pork Sword Pistol from Black Collar Arms) or exempt from some of the Roster requirements so they can be added to the Roster in other cases (as in this one of the CA320). So that’s the difference. This one is manufactured as a single shot from the get-go.

      • Interesting, thanks for the explanation. So if it comes as a single-shot from the factory, it’s still legal to convert? I just remember buying an off-roster G4 Glock, then all the antis celebrating that they’d closed the “loophole”, and everyone stopped selling SSE semiautos (not real single-shots made to stay that way).

  2. $950 for a single shot pistol? Good luck stopping your local hoodrat, druggie, or other trash with that. Plus tax, and NICS fee, and whatever else CA demands. And if you want the semi module, another $50 to $100+.

    My suggestion is to get the hell out of CA, or other tyrant States, and buy some REAL guns.

    • On the other hand, if you’re stupid enough to buy one of these, load up that one bullet you keep in your shirt pocket and use it to blow your own brains out.

      • …are you ever going to get tired of demonstrating that you’ve completely failed to grasp the point of this thing?

        It’s a way for Californians to legally purchase a Sig P320 fire control group. What they do with it after that is up to them, as the other components of the P320 are unregulated parts that can be mail-ordered.

      • Now, I fled CA a few years ago and am happy to have done so. However, there are plenty of folks who are unable to do so for various reasons. All you have to do to convert this to a regular semi-auto is to buy an aftermarket grip module. They can be had from a variety of sources cheaply. Might want to think a bit before making ignorant comments.

    • I can see this product as appealing to either (1) Californians who want to end up with a fully functional P320, or (2) those who want a training gun.

      For example, whenever I’ve brought a newbie to the range with me so they can have a chance to shoot handguns for the first time in their lives, I’ve always started them with a .22LR. When I step it up to a 9mm, I always insert only a single cartridge into the mag so only one round may be fired. I once made the mistake of inserting a full mag for one newbie in particular who had never touched a pistol, and the very first (and only for that day) round resulted in hot brass flipping upward and back right down the top the of her blouse. She screamed, and as she did the infamous “hot brass boogie”, she was waving the gun around with her finger still on the trigger.

      Lesson learned. Always one single round at a time for newbies until they show proper control.

      • “Lesson learned. Always one single round at a time for newbies…”

        Good point. There’s a market right there for people introducing newbies to guns, they can convert their standard 320s into single-shots buy just buying the Franklin lower, which I hope they will want to sell for that purpose…

    • What’s next is a semi auto that you can’t put a round in at all. This CA320 is what I’d call a Suicide Gun, because it’s guaranteed to get you killed even if you don’t pull the trigger on yourself.

      • Are you seriously that dense, Gene?

        What they did was *brilliant*, they got a foot in the door of a slave state. Perhaps you’re not aware of it, the ‘Bruen’ decision means bullshit bans like California has are short for this world. And when it falls, all an owner has to do is FedEx overnight a Sig frame and magazine, and they will have a fully-functional gun even faster than a California resident who will still have to wait for a background check. Pretty damn smart…

        • A lot of people are misunderstanding this article. It’s perfectly legal for a California resident to convert this gun to semi auto right now no need to wait for a law to be changed. The laws are just so stupid it can’t be sold in a functional semi auto state. Franklin armory is a genius as this product will be snatched up and legally converted by anyone who wants a 320. I wish people could comprehend what the article is actually saying instead of all the liberal style rage. “This gun will get you killed” bullshit.

        • That is correct, Legion. A CA resident can purchase a P320 grip module right now (e.g. and have that shipped to their door, and they can also purchase this CA320 any time through their local gun dealer or have it transferred to them through their local dealer and then they can legally and entirely above-board swap out the grip modules and end up with a totally normal, semi-automatic P320 format pistol (other than being restricted to 10-round mags while in CA).

    • Please don’t say yhat so loudly. one of them might hear you and claim it’s an idea from the Gun Community itself. I can already hear His Royal Hair Gel preening.

  3. Make California Constitutional compliant, single shot semi automatic handgunms, holy fckin sht.
    What next.
    Oh and I just bet all the gangs are using fully single shot semiautomatics too. Wouldn’t want to break a law right.

  4. This is brilliant.
    It’s the Single Shot Exemption from days of yore, reborn.
    Franklin Armory truly is fiendishly clever.

    If CalDoJ had any smarts, they’d send agents to lurk in all the lunch places near Franklin Armory’s offices, listening for FA staff brainstorming new ways to poke CalDoJ in the eye.

  5. It sucks that they have to do that to get around an absolutely unconstitutional law, but I like that they are doing it. I think it’s unjustifiable to charge that much for it, but if people are willing to pay it then that’s their business. I’m glad I live in a state with very few restrictions.

  6. The people poo pooing this really missed the point, so I’ll spell it out for the no child left behind graduates: You buy this gun, you order a standard p320 grip module and 10 round mags, you take the original frame off and throw it in the trash, install the standard p320 frame onto the gun, and you have a 100% legal fully functional p320.

      • Or, keep the chassis and use it for introducing new folks to guns at the range. Makes the hot-brass dance a little bit safer…

    • $950 MSRP meaning they will sell for around $750 then add on the $50-75 for the standard frame and approx $80 for 2 ten round magazines (excluding tax). Meanwhile, for the price of the CA320 alone, I can walk into my LGS and pick up a fully functional P320 with 2 seventeen round magazines plus 600 rounds of ammo and walk out the door in half hour max. Makes me weep for any free thinkers in CA.

  7. From the article:

    “Here’s the kicker, though. A California resident who purchases the CA320 is legally able to make changes and modifications to it on their own. For instance, if they wanted to swap the grip module out for a standard P320 module, they can do that.”

    You’re welcome idiots!

  8. Well done Franklin armory!
    Binary triggers were a great invention, and now this.
    You are doing a great service for the people of the gun, and now especially for those behind enemy lines

  9. Fine but…Doesn’t that loading mechanism for the extractor to ride up over the rim of the cartridge instead of being able to grab it as the round moves up? Isn’t that considered a bad thing, if correct? Maybe that’s the point. Toss that frame and add a real one one the way home from getting it out of jail.

  10. Thank you Franklin Armory !!!! This is best since sliced bread, we appreciate your hard work and hope 365 is next on a list !!!!


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