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The world of higher capacity micro-compact handguns seems to be growing daily. SIG started it and everyone’s followed in their very big footsteps.

The latest and one of the more unique entrants comes from KelTec. Unique is a word often used to describe KelTec products, and the P15 isn’t any different. The P15 is KelTec’s entry into the micro-compact market and provides a very lightweight, very thin carry option. In fact, the polymer model seems to be the lightest, thinnest micro-compact on the market.

Inside the P15

The P15 weighs a mere 14 ounces unloaded. For comparison, the SIG P365 weighs 17.8 ounces. That same SIG P365 is about an inch thick, and the P15 is only .875 inches wide. KelTec gave the gun a 12-round magazine that fits flush to reduce the overall height. It also ships with a 15-rounder.

The P15 gives you the worldest thinnest and lightest micro-compact

In the hand, you feel that thinness, and it might be a turn-off for some. For guys with huge hands like me, the gun doesn’t feel entirely comfortable. I have large paws for hands, but I can get the gun in my hand and hold it well enough.

At the back sits a grip safety, and that’s the only external safety on the P15. Pulling the slide back to the rear is easy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the grip safety helps with that, similar to the EZ series of pistols from Smith & Wesson.

The Metal model doesn’t pop up on the website, but looks slick.

The magazine release is reversible and is done with a simple Allen key. The sights are adjustable and mix tritium with Hi Viz polymer for an effective day/night sight combination.

What really impressed me was the P15’s trigger. It’s light, sweet, and delivers a very nice experience. Sadly they didn’t have the gun at range day, so all I was able to do was to dry fire it.

Metal or Polymer?

KelTec’s press seems to be revolving around the polymer frame version of the gun, but at SHOT, they had both a polymer frame and a metal frame model. On top of that, the metal frame variant also had an optic-ready option compatible with the Shield RMSc and the Holosun 507K. The metal-framed model also utilizes what appeared to be interchangeable grip panels, and the grips included are a very sweet wood grip.

An optics ready model seems to be a reality.

The polymer frame model comes with a single rail slot for the little accessories. KelTec dropped the rail for the metal model in favor of a smoother appearance.

I’d probably choose the metal P15 because, well, it looks kinda steampunk, and I like metal frame striker-fired guns. Although, I’m not sure when and if the metal model will see the light of day. KelTec doesn’t list a metal P15 model on their website.

Which would you pick? Let us know below.



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  1. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    “Which would you pick? Let us know below.”


    One big *yawn* from me…

    • This thing looks unfinished…I was profoundly unimpressed with the 2 Keltecs I owned. A grip safety is a hard pass too. Sure is a helluva lot of little carry gunz!

      • The old P11 had flush fit 12 round magazines (post 2004 Clinton law expiration). It also weighed around 14 oz. Horrible trigger and sights, but otherwise functional

        I’m a little leery of Kel Tec (and I like them more than most gun guys do, owning a sub2k, P17, and P11).

        • I got p32 good hide away for price of mind the sub2000 is fun and hit bullies eye p11 I rebuilt mcarbo still not happy with it you mail it on first look at this new 17 my filling to,

  2. This whole series of SHOT articles is beginning to look like retreads of articles posted pre-SHOT. Kel-Tec is crap.

    • Jesus h Christ. Why don’t you jump on yer mule, ride yer highly opinionated, know it all, fudd ass the hell over there and give us all the expert lowdown on only the items that meet with your glorified approval then? Every post you’ve ever put up here is annoying in some damn way.

  3. I just cant get all worked up about new gunms when I cant feed the ones I’ve got.
    I’d like to see a shot show report on a new firegunm that uses rocks for bullets and air for propellant.

  4. This article lacks in that it doesn’t include the specifications of the pistol. I looked them up on the KelTec website. The pistol is 5 inches tall, and 6.6 inches in length.

    That is much bigger than a P365/Max9/P11/etc. It will not work for pocket carry. This gun is thin, but relatively tall and long.

    It would compare to the P365XL, or a thinner version of a G3C. For pocket carry you want 4.5 inches or less in height (preferably shorter) and less than 6 inches in length.

    • My first thought was that Kel-Tec would have been better off re-engineering their P11 (same size as the P365, but 12rd mags because it doesn’t use the SIG lawfare “2 into 1” mag).

      I actually made that comment on TFB, but then deleted it because at the end of the video they explain that besides a 15-rounder, this also comes with the 12rd P11 mag. That means that the P15 should not only be about the same height as a regular P365, but also have access to the whole range of S&W 59 high-cap magazines.

      You’re probably right about pocket carry, but for use with most holsters barrel / slide length don’t affect concealability that much.

  5. I wonder if they will take my old KelTec PF9 back in trade? Damn thing won’t extracteven after replacing the extractor and spring. At this point the only KelTec I would buy is the Sub-2000, mine has worked like a champ for years, but blow back operation almost always does.

    • You can fix the extraction problem by ramming a steel rod through the muzzle of the firegunm after every shot.
      A hybrid muzzle loader/unloader.

    • True that I like the 2000 I have same thing going with p11 u Jae with your pf9 i rebuilt polishes buffed I give up on it won’t carry it replacing with what I’m not sure ,

    • What is the practical purpose of a design like that? I prefer to carry my pistul in a holstein rather then tying up one of my appendages in transporting the firegunm.
      It would be a good way to carry a carbine though, like Tommy gunm in a violin case.
      Make it look more like a briefcase with a little button on the handle you press to make it shutes, that’d be neat.

  6. I’m not a big Kel-Tec guy, but I do like some of their stuff (ex. Sub-2000). The plastic gun doesn’t do anything for me, but the metal-framed P15 is something I would consider buying. If it has a decent trigger, and can ever be found in-stock anywhere, I would probably pick up a metal P15.

  7. How about Arex Delta or POFs new short barreled rifle or Walthers new pdp pro with threaded barrel or this or that or the other thing. Based on what I read here Shotshow 2022 has got to be mind numbingly boring

  8. In all fairness……Keltec “invented” the micro compact with P11.

    Since it came out in 1995 it had a 10 round mag but 12 round flush fit mags are now available.

    It may not be many peoples favorite but it was the first micro 9.

  9. This would be a better gunm to fall in the mud with.
    Most gunms nowadays gots slide cutouts and ventilated hand guards and grooves and crayz looking I hung it up in the brush and fell in the mud yanking it loose stocks.
    I do realize that most gunms are not carried in that type of environment so will never see that, most poor gunms only get to see a shooting range.
    And that’s to bad, gunms like to run and be free, get dirty, role in the grass, their wild at heart , locking them up like most people do is probably what makes them violent.

  10. I don’t think I’d want a lighter, thinner 9mm than the p365. Neither is objectively a negative but particularly with weight, the lighter you go the more felt recoil and snap tends to creep in.

    • I have to agree completely with your comment. In mini 9s, weight is your friend. Short barrels just love to kick and bounce around in a light frame.

  11. “For guys with huge hands like me….”

    *I* however, have extremely small, girlish & supple baby-mits. In fact, I wear children’s size mittens when dacian & I go ice skating. Xe luvs that we can share clothes & play good baby/bad baby together.


  12. “KelTec dropped the rail for the metal model in favor of a smoother appearance.”

    Or, they couldn’t justify the extra cost to machine a rail.

  13. I bought my first handgun when I was a ramen consuming college student working four part-time jobs to keep my twenty square foot living space and mattress. It was a Keltec PF-9.

    The polymer version of this would have been on my radar had it been out at the time. I would have liked the size and grip safety. Today I have money and a full safe but back then this would have definitely been attractive.

  14. Dear Keltec please release the Metal frame P-15 model for sale love that y’all actually made a full metal frame weapon for once I’d buy 2 as soon as they became available. Please don’t shoot your self in the foot by only teasing the public with this pistol.


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