Shooting the New SIG SAUER P322 High-Capacity .22 LR Pistol [VIDEO]

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Dan already put a zillion rounds through SIG’s new, 20+1-round P322 pistol, but I got my hands on another sample and took it to the range to shoot both suppressed and unsuppressed with a smattering of different ammo. I love the gun!

Check out the Rumble-hosted video embedded above, or click HERE to view it on Rumble. Like I said in the video, I’m buying this gun. It’s a fantastic rimfire pistol! They aren’t on Brownells yet, but they’ll be HERE when they are.


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  1. Better hurry up and get them stocked or illegal to purchase in Washington state on July 1 due to 10 round limits.

    • Oh wonderful another state to compete with re 10 round magazines. Welcome to the suck and hope you don’t stay long.

  2. i keep hearing that.
    not what i’d call a carry gun (yeah, yeah ok) so who cares what it holds. let me rephrase that, don’t carry this in your state. do people at the range count your shots and report (pun) you?
    how hard can it be to have a twenty rounder shipped privately?

  3. In Washington owners before July 1 are “grandfathered” but the mags are restricted to home, a range, hunting, and travel to/from those activities. Just no gift, sale, or transfer after that date. No daily carry with over 10 rds.

    • That’s incorrect, you can still carry with any mag you want, you’re thinking of an earlier version of the bill.

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