see through suppressor silencer
Courtesy Smarter Every Day
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TTAG’s Science Desk has turned us onto two videos from YouTube channel Smarter Every Day.

In the two fascinating videos, Destin films the flame and gas propagation within the baffles of Soteria Suppressors’ rifle silencers thanks to see-through some acrylic tubes and very high-speed video. It’s pretty sweet.

Most of us know how suppressors work. In theory. But seeing it happen makes a much stronger, more lasting impression. And watching the process in a non-traditional baffle configuration is really worth the watch. Enjoy.


This article was originally published in 2017.

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    • “Witchcraft!”

      ‘Breaking Bad’ – “Science, Bitch!”… šŸ˜‰

      Destin has built himself a nice business with nearly 10 million subscribers, making science videos full-time now.

      He has a second channel called “Sound Traveler’ where he makes ultra-high quality sound recordings. His video of the 27-engined Falcon Heavy rocket at launch is a treat for those with good headphones…

  1. i would have wanted m half hour back.
    sheesh, put a microphone in front of some people.
    i’ll wait for the honest trailer version.

  2. I simply fast forwarded to the money shots. I’m always amazed at how a spin can be put on the bullet in such a short distance of barrel, and so quickly. Super slo-mo videos always get my attention.

    • “Iā€™m always amazed at how a spin can be put on the bullet in such a short distance of barrel, and so quickly.”

      Friction, plain and simple. The bullet doesn’t have a choice in the matter. That’s what heats the barrel, not the temperature of the burning powder gasses…

      • Also a lot of people get confused and think you need a few turns to get the bullet up to speed to spin but as long any small amount causes a complete engaged movement of the bullet, the spin will continue as kinetic energy.
        Kind of like being hit by a car and someone saying “wow, how did he move so far with such a short bump?”

        • bob,

          You are correct: that is why handguns with 2-inch long barrels (which are FAR TOO SHORT to accommodate one complete twist) still impart plenty of spin on a bullet to stabilize it.

  3. It is fascinating, indeed. But something even more intriguing is how after scrolling down the page reading this post, at the end is “Promoted Content”- as it normally is. And under that is an ad: “Recommended For You Train More, Shoot Better, and Save Money With the Strikeman Training System”. Thing is… I have to scroll down through 29 of these ads. That’s right- twenty-nine of the same Strikeman ads are between the end of the post and the comments.

    What’s up with that? Is anyone else having to scroll a ridiculous number of times to get past a ludicrous number of “Recommended For You” ads to get to the comment section? I have been witnessing this for a while here on TTAG- but this is just outrageous.

    What gives?


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