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Save the Second is out to reform the NRA. Lord knows it’s needed. They’re focused on five goals involving amendments to the NRA’s bylaws, and they have the access and the juice to make it happen . . .

That is, with a little help from their friends: you, me, and just 248 other petition signers. This is enough to get their first bylaw amendment put up for a vote by the NRA’s Board of Directors. A board on which a number of folks involved with promoting Save the Second currently sit.

Save the Second’s five, achievable goals

Please take a few minutes to check out the SaveThe2A website, read the petition and, if you’re on board, follow the steps to sign and file it.

Okay, okay, there’s one catch. Those 250 signatures have to come from voting-eligible NRA members to count for getting this bylaw amendment in front of the board. Guess I’m out.

To be candid, I haven’t been an NRA member since March of 2016 when I allowed my membership to lapse for many of the same reasons that have recently motivated groups such as Save the Second.

Well, I didn’t know about the malfeasance and the extensive corruption, but I felt my money was being horribly wasted and that the organization had become far to wishy washy on our rights; negotiating away too much too easily, always and only being on the defensive, plus I was absolutely “over” Wayne LaPierre serving as the face of the organization.

But today I’m considering joining up again. Not to support the current NRA leadership, but to help change it. I’ve kicked myself at the last two NRA Annual Meetings for not being eligible to vote for Adam Kraut. Now I can’t sign this petition or cast ballots for other changes and other board members.

You can’t beat ’em if you don’t join ’em, right? Isn’t that the old saying? What say you?

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    • Not me. At least not anymore, as I recently allowed my multi-year membership to expire. I’ll not be affiliated with the organization or send any money until the leadership gives some sign that change is on the horizon. All I’ve seen so far are (justifiable) demands from the grassroots level aimed at the leadership. The execs at the top seem to be defending the status quo.

      • This reverse marketing ploy is to align the NRA with the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. They are two vastly different and as-of-recently unrelated entities. There NRA is a footnote to the Second Amendment, and is not equal to, nor even exceptional, and thus has burned out. Time for something new. There is no way to clean up a meth house, and no way to fix the NRA. The damage is done to the brand, and its influence is toxic.

        • I have helped rebuild not for profits successfully – the NRA can be rebuilt if people are willing to get involved and do the work.

          As a former lender I can assure you that crack houses can be rehabilitated.

        • Chance is right that crack houses can be rehabbed, but homes where meth was cooked, not so much.

          Former lender huh? Bet you get your money back out of a foreclosed crack pad even if it meant families would get sick.

        • You say there is no way to fix the NRA…………I disagree.

          If we can get WLP and all his WORTHLESS cronies eliminated, and get people on the BoD who really care about defending the 2nd amendment, instead of those just holding a position for the money; then there is hope that the NRA can become the gun-rights organization it should be.

          There are people who have dropped their membership because the current group of people, for the most part, don’t seem to care about defending the honest gun owner’s 2nd amendment rights. Many of those people who have left have said they would return when WLP is gone.

          There are people who would truly defend the honest gun owner’s rights if they were on the BoD. All we gotta do is get rid of WLP and his worthless cronies….and it WILL happen.

  1. Save the 2 nd’s logo reminds me of the NATO seal.
    I’ll support the five goals,the five would go a long way to correcting some of Negotiating Rights Aways many ills,that and the wholesale gutting of management and the BOD as any director with less than a A grade would be gone no excuses or sad stories.

    • The bleeding has to stop and the infection cut out before the limb can be strong enough to work again.

  2. Currently, we have at least two situations –

    1 – An organization that is determined to not change its ways come Hell or high water.

    2 – Some individuals representing over 100 million dollars in cash (and counting).

    If the NRA is going to tell its members “What are you going to do about it?”, perhaps the answer is to take that 100 million-plus and do something about it.

    Create a new 2A organization that respects and listens to its members…

    • “Create a new 2A organization that respects and listens to its members…”

      How ’bout hold the $100 million until NRA declares absolute bankruptcy, then use the $100 million to buy up the name and physical assets, then raise a new organization under the NRA logo?

      • That sounds good to me.

        Perhaps invite Keanu Reeves (in full ‘John Wick’ getup) to serve as honorary inaugural president.

        But offer Colion Noir the full-time gig…

  3. Out of the last 7 years I’ve been a member 5 years total. I have no say but I CAN join SAF and all my local group’s. The NRA needs to get their chit together!

      • Signed and sent. I am open to fixing OR replacing the NRA. No reason life members can’t starve it of any new cash while we try to change out the board at the same time.

  4. Geoff WWJWD – “What would John Wick do?” PR says:
    July 26, 2019 at 10:50
    “Create a new 2A organization that respects and listens to its members…”

    That’s the reason a lot of us have NOT and probably WILL not become NRA members.
    If and when that time comes, let us know. Anxiously(?) waiting.

    • Sam I am has the right idea, wait until bankruptcy, then buy the assets for pennies on the dollar.

      And this time, give the gun-grabbers a reason to fear the NRA… 🙂

  5. The NRA , Power Corrupts, and Corruption follows the money. Same thing happened to the US Chamber of Commerce , and the (NFIB) Nation Federation of Business ..

  6. Fire everyone. The board, Wayne, the whole lot. It’s the only way it’s going to be fixed. I mean even the secretaries for the top people. EVERYONE. Their all complicit in this one way or another.

  7. ok so now the question becomes how then do we get the BOD to vote themselves out of their cushy do nothing jobs? The way I see it you still ain’t got the numbers on the board hoss, sorry but let’s be real. Wayne is not changing, not stepping down, and he will beat you again once he starts drinkin whiskey. Sure you’ll call the cops but as he’s hauled out you’ll be leaned out the door of the single wide screamin I love you baby I’m sorry and then you drop the charges the next day.

    • If you’re a voting member of the NRA, you get to vote on board membership.

      I daresay this is likely to be something where an organized effort might be able to make a difference.

  8. If I could sign, I would, but I’m only 3 years in. Unless some serious change starts happening in the next few months, there won’t be a 4th one for me.

  9. Get rid of all current board members (especially Marion hammer) and Wayne LaPierre, and make an aggressive push to repeal the NFA and I might consider giving money to them again.

    • So. You want us (the NRA Life Members) to do all the work and then maybe you will get involved?

      That is how we got into this mess in the first place – too many people (including me) that were wanting someone else to do it.

    • As far as I know the NRA spends more money in california than any other state. It also has the lowest NRA membership.

  10. Kick the fudds… no compromise on gun rights NONE Aircraft Carriers 4 all Rally millions on every state capitol and DC with pitchforks and torches start the hanging …..go on SUPER MAJOR NUKE offensive…. repeal the NFA and all gun laws then maybe the peeps will support the NRA or make the GOA,FPC.SAF bigger than the NRA was. When the noose tightens on the treasonous traitors they will be singing pro gun songs all day long.

  11. And WTF is “Save the Second”. By NAME.

    If you’re not a member NOW then STFU. Author says he quit in 2016 – BEFORE any of the current BS occurred. I throw the BS card at his ass.

    Changing bylaws requires a membership meeting – Apr 2020 in Nashville

    • Don’t be silly. This BS has been happening for a long, long time. I was a proud NRA member while living in CA, but after moving back to WA in 2012, which is when I began to write reviews for TTAG, I got more and more involved in the firearms industry and then by 2015 I had been to SHOT Show and NRA Annual Meetings and had enough of a look behind the curtain that I was no longer interested in sending money to the NRA and let it lapse effective early 2016. For the reasons I stated in the write-up above, etc etc.

  12. I’m considering this, am eligible, and will sign in time if my decision is to do so.

    At the same time I am becoming concerned that there are too many efforts to effect change at NRA without coordination. This might be natural given the circumstance, but it also might be several special interest groups desperately trying to take advantage of the situation.

  13. Sorry but I washed my hands of the NRA many years ago after the first failed attempt to remove Whiny LaPee-yew and the subsequent night of the long knives against all who were trying to reform the NRA. I’d like to see the NRA reformed, but at this point this all looks and sounds like the movie, ‘Dr. Strangelove’, and ol’ Wayne is Major Kong, riding the NRA all the way down to ground zero, screaming YEE HAW!!

    WLP has fully insulated himself from any and all accountability, he has his sycophants in the BOD fully protecting him, and he is determined to suck every last penny out of the NRA coffers into his own wallet before he discards the dried husk of the NRA corpse. If that analogy makes him sound like a vampire, then you got my point.

    The only way to rid the NRA of WLP is to starve the beast.

  14. Thanks for posting this, TTAG. I hadn’t heard about this group at all. I’ll have to get my signature in the mail tomorrow.

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