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Northern California has a problem with machete violence. No, I’m not kidding: machete-wielding psychos have attacked residents repeatedly in the last few years. Last night, the tragedy of machete violence occurred again, on San Francisco’s public transportation system. At least one, possibly two people were allegedly stabbed by a man wielding a machete at the BART Civic Center station on Friday night.

KRON reports that the stabbing took place around 8:36pm inside the Civic Center station. “[A] male suspect, about 25 years old, struck the 29-year-old victim possibly with a machete…. The weapon used was reportedly a “big” knife, possibly with a 2-foot blade.”

A video is circulating on YouTube purporting to show one of the victims on the floor at the station:

California’s firearms law are a bit Byzantine, to put it mildly, and the new ones enacted last year certainly aren’t making things any better. But even though residents in some other parts of the Golden State actually are able to obtain a license to carry a pistol for personal self-defense, San Francisco consistently refuses to approve such applications for all but the wealthy or politically-connected. Indeed, the SFPD states on their website that they issue such licenses at their discretion, and only for people who can demonstrate a “danger of harm…specific to the applicant…and…not generally shared by other similarly situated members of the public….” May issue, indeed.

Given that the story of this attack only broke nationally due to social media, it’s safe to say that those victimized in this story had neither the wealth, privilege or power needed to overcome the legal disability imposed on everyday citizens by the masters who run San Francisco. It is a shame, but hardly a surprise.



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      • So true. Unfortunately, when you open carry in Phoenix, you get a lot of chatty people who want to talk about their latest trip to the range or something. Since I am always in a hurry, I usually conceal carry. Life is good in AZ.

    • My thoughts exactly. Either it’s not a machete, or the guy wielding it was an idiot and didn’t know how to use it.

      Machetes are traditionally hack and slash weapons. They’re not designed for stabbing (how often do you find yourself needing to stab brush?)

  1. I had several reasons for buying my first handgun in late 2015, but one of the reasons was the home invasion robbery that had happened a few miles away and few weeks prior. A pair of intruders attacked a pair of residents and a struggle for the homeowner’s gun resulted in one dead attacker.

    Soon after that another home was invaded in one of our wealthier communities. A pair of machete wielding invaders held a pair of residents hostage while they were robbed. Naturally, these residents were unarmed because wealthy homes are never invaded in low crime areas,… sort of. Luckily no one was hurt.

    • Similar situation a couple years ago in the small college town I live in. Crime here is mostly theft and drunken hijinks, but a few thugs from Seattle decided it was easy pickings. They’d knock on doors, and if somebody was home, they’d ask for bogus directions. If no answer, they went around back and broke in. They robbed two houses only a block away from me — and in two other incidents, people who hadn’t answered their doors were held at gunpoint while the urban yoots ransacked all their belongings.

      Fortunately nobody was hurt, and their spree lasted less than a week; a clerk a Wal-Mart called the police when some stranger tried to use her friend’s stolen credit card at her register, and that was the end of it. And fortunately, we had the ability to defend ourselves in our home. But it put things in a different perspective for me.

      Your town, neighborhood, commute, etc., can be perfectly safe…until they’re not. You never know when “not” will happen.

  2. San Francisco does not issue to the wealthy or politically connected either. The former County Sheriff Michael Hennessy was proud of the fact that no CCWs had been issued during his (long) tenure. His successor issued two–both to civilian employees of the SFPD. As far as I can tell, Diane Feinstein, at the time a City Council member who was being threatened by a domestic terrorist group, was the last person to get a CCW (which she no longer has).

  3. I wonder if these attackers are affiliated with the MS13 gang? I heard somewhere that machete attacks are one of their favorite M.O.’s, and MS13 is supposed to be pretty active in California.

  4. How people can afford to live in CA in the first place boggles my mind. On top of that, all the horrible laws, policies, and people make it absolutely unbearable. “We have the best weather!” Cool, you spent $600k on a shack 1mile from the beach so you could enjoy the weather. Sounds logical.

  5. What I want to know is, did the stabby guy have that machete in his checked luggage? ‘Cause that shouldn’t be allowed.

  6. It couldn’t be a defensive gun use…. it happened in kommiefornia.
    Theye want more gun control and they got it. Have no sympathy for those who fall victim to Thierry own stupidity.

  7. Carrying without a CCW isn’t really illegal, but it can get you a state sentence. If you have to protect yourself and the LE won’t issue the license, do what you have to do. I am sure that it would help your defense if the LEO in charge refused you as he has refused everyone(almost) else. At the very least, you would be morally correct. In most parts of Ca, I think it would be hard to get 12 people to convict you, if you had to use it. Sadly, if the police caught you carrying, you just might get convicted.

    • If you have a clean record. If you have a legally registered handgun. If you’re not in a school zone. It’s a low level misdameanor and as the cop that caught me and let me walk said, even if I was convicted it would be a fine and no jail time cause of my clean record. He just cut out the middleman cause we’d had a series of violent home invasions and street robberies in our area.

      Every person is entitled to a chance to protect themselves and their loved ones from the predators.

      • It is actually a “wobbler,” meaning it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, in the discretion of the DA. For a first offense, it is almost always a misdemeanor, a fine, and a loss of your pistola. But it will get awfully sticky if you have to actually use your firearm in self defense. You are lucky you ran into a reasonable cop. Some in the Bay Area will get really excited if they call in your gun and it comes back as “unregistered,” despite the fact that there are tens of thousands of legally owned handguns that have never been “registered”, and heck, some don’t even have serial numbers!

  8. The uber liberal city of SF will have to learn the hard way. They truly live in a false reality. I used to work there and the amount of people who live life in their latest apple device with no situational awareness will boggle your mind. That combined with the sky high rent and dirty streets was enough for me, I took the first opportunity to transfer back home. There are literally homeless people who wear business suits and are gainfully employed living in cardboard boxes in ally ways in the city.

    • I left in 1989 after my daughter was born, and for the same reasons. I don’t regret the move to Far Northern California.

    • San Fransicko is and has been the most deplorable city in the US since the 1960’s. Forget about Chicago’s corruption because that’s all caused by a beurocratic system that’s oppressed it’s people for nearly 100 years, in SF it’s a combined operation between the psychotic drug addicts and nutcases in the streets, the college snowflakes, the Technomancers who are obsessed with electronic devices, and the people in office who run the city.

      The city needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth, if not the entire state of California. The US can exist without Cali, but if there is a Calexit, CA will become a part of Mexico within 5 years and the same horrible violence we see in Mexico will be on California streets.

      That’s what ultra tolerance brings, that’s what liberalism does, and that’s why states that hadn’t voted for Republican in 30 years did. Obama showed the true intentions of the Democratic party, which has been hijacked by progressives, socialists, communists, and probably Muslim sleeper agents.

  9. Where’s the call for Universal Machete Background Checks? I mean, in California they let just anyone buy a machete and walk out of the store with it? MADNESS!

  10. The homosexual power city of San Francisco has done an outstanding job of disarming the citizenry.
    They got the last gun store to close and turned it into a marijuana dispensary.
    You can’t strap on a gun but, you can strap on a dildo and walk around in public in San Francisco.

  11. in the wordsof boss man…..He wants it…..he gets it…..fuck the west coast …let it sink into the ocean…

  12. As I understand the law, a carry permit in any county is good in the entire state
    A resident of Sacramento ( where they are “shall issue”) can legally carry his concealed gun in SF
    If I lived in California, I would maintain a residence in Sacramento no matter where I really lived.
    Just like I do here in Florida so my children can attend an “A” rated public school


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