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Walther is recalling their CCP handgun (Review: Walther CCP) for a drop-safe issue, which may cause the firearm to discharge if it strikes a hard surface. The company’s not revealing the exact nature of the problem (we’re investigating). They’re estimating a three-week turnaround for repair. Here’s the official notice:

Walther Arms has identified a potential condition in Walther CCP pistols that could potentially cause it to discharge if dropped whether the manual safety is engaged (on) or disengaged (off).  The safety of our customers is our paramount concern so we have voluntarily initiated this recall because of the possibility of a drop-fire occurring.

Please do not load or fire your Walther CCP pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge.

If your pistol has already been upgraded, there will be a dot milled onto the back side of the magazine opening.

The upgrade will be done at no charge to you.  For free shipping, please enter your information here, and complete the online form, making sure to include the serial number.  After completion of the form a confirmation email will be sent including shipping information.

Please note:  The serial number is located on the right side of the pistol (circled in red below)

Please submit your information here –

Please check this website and all safety notices on a regular basis for current information about your firearms.  You may also contact us by phone at 1-866-503-3389, by email at [email protected] or by mail at Walther Arms, Inc., 7700 Chad Colley Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR  72916.

The current time to repair your CCP is approximately 3 weeks from the time we receive it.

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    • Huh. Apparently the only way you can get these to fire reliably is to drop them. I wonder if they actually made any money by having Umarex build them

    • not true
       this is not true someone put this out and it is totally false I have one and it works perfectly it is the PPK that has this recall NOT the CCP get your facts checked before you pass false info……

      • Take your own advice … this particular recall _is_ on the CCP.

        Just sent my wife’s off… it will be its second trip back *sigh*

  1. Well at least they’re owning it and making it right. Walther make some of the finest handguns in the world. However I wasn’t impressed with the ccp model. I’d much rather have the ppq, ppx, creed or p99.

    • I agree, everyone makes mistakes, and they are doing their part in making it right. Good customer service and standing behind your product.

    • I gave away my P99 to a friend who was in dire need of a handgun to shoot two-gun. (His Taurus POS wasn’t zeroing.) Still kinda wish I had it. Not regretting it, as the guy is a great friend, but I miss that gun. (Wish they made it in a proper long-slide format with 17+ round magazines though.)

        • Just found the MR9 4.5″ version. Not quite as long as my Glock 34, but more than adequate for my purposes. Unfortunately, it only comes in two tone. Anyone know a good mail-away nitriding service?

    • My distributor can’t keep me stocked with enough of those CCPs. Guys like them. Women love them. Every one that comes into my shop gets sold in a week or less.
      Maybe this fix means I’ll start getting more soon?

      • I bought my wife a CCP because this gun’s slide is almost as easy to manipulate as the one on her Ruger SR22. She had a wrist injury that surgery did not really fix so we had to look for suitable alternatives to her previous home defense pistol.

        I’ve not be terribly impressed with the CCP to be honest. We sent it back once because it had issues resetting the trigger if you did not rack the slide absolutely all the way to the rear with extreme force. The total lack of suitable defensive sights is a downside as well. It also makes weird noises LOL

  2. Never owned a Walther handgun, just something about their looks is a turnoff for me (said the Glock owner).

    But anytime a company willingly admits their mistakes, and does what needs to be done to make it right, I say good for them. Every production company is going to turn out the occasional lemon or have a batch that just doesn’t come out right. It’s the way they handle it that shows what kind of company they are. Hopefully they don’t make a habit out of making defective products like some another gun company we know.

    • I totally agree. I wish more companies (and people sometimes) would understand that it’s not the mistake that is the biggest problem, it’s the covering up or denial (lying) of the mistake that piss’s people off. Admit the problem , then fix it. We can respect that.

  3. They’re such a great company and this only proves it. I’ve always been a Glock fan, but lately I’ve been leaning towards Walther more and more. I have no experience with the CCP, I’ve never owned one, but I do own several Walthers and cannot speak more highly of the models I own.

  4. Way to go Walther! Every gun manufacturer can put out a dangerous dog(Remington,Taurus,S&W,Ruger,GLOCK and more-only been around 6years) but it’s stepping up and admitting it that stands out. And they may have my business in the future…

  5. Handled a PPS at a gun show this weekend. I certainly will consider it in the running for a subcompact if I get around to buying one.

  6. This is no surprise to me Walthers quality has dropped Leaps and Bounds since the PPK. I knew when they joined with Umarex that quality was not the top priority with Walter anymore. When they joined with Uzi and Colt to make a 22 long rifle version of their most popular firearms they could have knocked it out of the park had they combined quality that Walter was once known for and Uzi and Colt to make a high-quality 22 long rifle clone would have been amazing instead they turned out a total pile of crap. Just another piece of junk made by Walther this new disaster. Hey Walter here’s an idea bring back the quality you won’t once known for and possibly people will start buying your stuff again because it is good kit instead of junk.

  7. “The upgrade will be done at no charge to you.”

    Firearms manufacturers have learned a lot from software companies. Fixing a bug fix an upgrade. Fixing an unsafe gun is an upgrade.

    Somebody needs to educate Takata Corporation about this use of language. Do you have an airbag that can blow up in your face and kill you? No problem. There’s an upgrade for that!

  8. I got one of these for my daughter for her 21st and it is an excellent carry gun for her. The takedown is a pain, but she loves the gun. I hate her having to send it off for this, but a carry gun more than any other needs to be drop safe.

  9. In 2015 strongarm wrote the following about this gun in the TTAG review:
    strongarm says:
    January 2, 2015 at 13:10

    Some important features;

    – Manual safety only disconnects trigger bar-sear engagement.

    – Drop Safety holds the gun at “Ready to Fire” mode transmitting the “Hold Cocked”
    mission from sear to striker block, but in case of a stepped downhill drop, it is that safety
    block’s turn to release the striker and the gun discharges.

  10. Called Walther they said turnaround time is 6 to 8 weeks. Not the 3 weeks on the notice. I am happy they are recognizing the problem. Hope know one was or gets hurt.

  11. The CCP is not made at the same factory as the PPQ, P99, etc.
    I think it’s made at the Umarex factory which makes Airsoft guns.
    Since Umarex owns Walther, Umarex can make their guns anywhere and slap the Walther name on them.

  12. This gun is TURD. Mine failed after 4 rounds. 4 rounds, WTF? Found out about the recall when I called Walther. Their CS Reps seemed wholly unsurprised or concerned that this turd failed after 4 rounds. She mentioned the Striker Spring assembly so this must happen on a regular basis. Now the turd is gone for 3 weeks min and I doubt I’ll be able to get anything for it selling or trading it in…….

    Walther needs to buy all these turds back and apologize to each customer….

  13. Tell me honestly which gun has the drop gun problem. Is it the ccp or ppl? Thinking of buying two of the ones that are safe please give me a straight up answer. Is the Walther a good gun and why should I buy them? John E. Campbell

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