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GH&G is running with an unverified rumor that Remington will be releasing a line of amm0 specifically designed for use in silencers. Which might help to explain the shortage of subsonic .300 BLK ammo recently, if they’re about to re-brand the whole lot. Anyway, the move makes sense for a company that sees AAC’s cans as the perfect up-sell from their stock firearms, but that’s where they run headlong into an issue: AAC hasn’t actually produced anything “new” in years . . .

To add a little more gossip to the mix, our sources say that after the sacking of AAC’s founder, Kevin Brittingham, Freedom Group killed the company’s entire R&D division, meaning they have no new products in the works. It’s a smart business move – in a Bushmaster/Marlin kinda way – if you’re a corporate overlord looking to turn a quick profit. But with new materials and construction processes being developed these days, it’s also a good recipe for AAC to lose its hold as the leader in silencer sales.

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    • Maybe I missed something in your link, but those numbers add up to 3,125,000 rounds of 7.62×39… 575,000 of which are blanks. I’m not sure what the Army wants 2.5 million rounds of 7.62×39 ball for, but I can hazard a few guesses. Either way, that doesn’t sound like it will put much of a dent in the world’s supply of AK food.

      • 300 million may not sound like a lot, but it’s still enough to begin to control capacity and dry up supply.

        The feds are drying up the civilian supply of 7.62X39 just like they dried up the supply of everything else. As far as the blanks are concerned, blank ammo is just as much a part of a plant’s manufacturing capacity as hardball. Capacity is capacity, and the feds are controlling it.

        To corner the market, one need not buy up all the supply, only enough to move the needle. When it comes to ammo, our needle is on empty.

      • 300,000,000 rounds is a lot of special ops.

        During 2004 in Iraq, US forces were using about 8.3 million rounds of small arms (less than .50 cal) ammo per month, total.

    • Considering how our dear leaders are considering arming the Syrian terrorists, buying 7.32×39 and 9×18 isn’t surprising.

      Do some math. 3 million rounds adds up to 250 rounds for 12,000 people. Or 500 rounds for 6,000 people.

      There are a lot more fighters in Syria than that.

    • I recommend that you go back and read the solicitation again. I got 3,550,000 counting the blanks, not 300 million.

      BTW, DHS buys about 1% of the ammo in the US. Our shortage is do to all of us bun owners buying ammo in response to BHO’s desire to add new gun laws. No way to cause a shortage by buying 1% of the supply. Simple economics!

  1. Hpr now sells suppressor specific ammo.

    Clean burning powder and primers as well as completely jacketed bullets. A friend got some 9mm stuff from a gun shop. Looks nice. Testing to come.

  2. Look for the new flashy-branded subsonic stuff to be priced about 30% over what it oughta be, initially. Because we can.

    I agree that lack of R&D will hurt AAC in the long run. I don’t have the disposable income to drop on a silencer right now, but I do my best to keep up with what’s “new and coming” so that when I can pull the trigger, my research will already be done. I’m continually surprised by how different companies keep topping each other with new standards of size, weight, and sound level. Most of the advances are incremental, to be sure, so this year’s models aren’t a game-changer over last year’s, but if you compare this year’s to the ones from two or three years ago, you can see fairly significant differences That shows how bad it could be to get behind the curve on R&D, because you’re not going to regain all the lost ground in just one product cycle.

    • AAC’s bread and butter is military contracts. They have made it known that that is where they get the most money. They had a bad reputation in 2009-2011ish of not giving one single iota of a darn about the civilians. There are more than just a few people who have completely sworn off AAC due to the absolute lack of customer service.

      Having said that. They have pushed lately to be wicked awesome at it. They replaced,re coated, and turned around a friends 5.56 can due to faulty mount design free of charge. The competition showed them during that time period that “the customers really like it when you don’t treat them like crap” and some “garage machinist” businesses became too performers and industry leaders in the absence of AAC.

  3. They haven’t killed the R&D department at all. Freedom Group is definitely more cautious with what projects see the light of day, but the AAC R&D department is hard at work. Hell I remember seeing job postings for engineers on Remington’s website not that long ago.

  4. Nothing but hear-say and gossip from the herd. None of this makes any sense and it seems that Nick Leghorn is just writing one more anti-Remington piece in order to try and stay current. Do some actual research and try calling AAC or someone that works for the company before spouting out more slander.

    • …why would nick slander a company whom he has purchased products from? He has made it known he owns a freaking AAC can.

      If anyone is guilty if “anti AAC sentiments” it’s me.

      • “Freedom Group killed the company’s entire R&D division, meaning they have no new products in the works.”

        Hearsay and slander.

        slander n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.

  5. Its funny because our “Citizens” Government only had Bond buying to keep it afloat yet they biy ammo by the millions foe the sake of “Saving money”, when all they need to do is cease apathetic engagements of conflic.

    It’s like they are using a Monetary analyst from Walmarts consumer philosophy of the more you spend the more you save.

    When the fact of the matter is stay out of the store & you will save the most…

  6. Huh?? Just get the common heavy grain weights. All subsonic. Voila! Now you have ammo “designed for silencers.”

    9mm: 147gr, 158gr
    40S&W: 180gr
    45ACP: 230gr
    300 BLK: 208gr, 220gr
    308 Win: 185gr


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