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A peaceful gangster rap concert in Wallingford, Connecticut was unexpectedly rocked by violence last December. Following the end of a Meek Mill rap concert two individuals were killed and two more injured during a mass shooting event in the parking lot. Now, families of the victims as well as the injured victims themselves are filing suit against the rapper and the venue for failing to provide a safe space for their entertainment.

From the Courant:

The lawsuit alleges that Oakdale and concert promoters didn’t provide enough security or take measures to control the crowd even though they were aware other Meek Mill’s concerts had ended in gun violence.

“With song titles like ‘body count’ and ‘oh kill’em’ that praise indiscriminate killing and mayhem, the potential for tragic incidents like this should have been properly anticipated and planned for by Meek Mill, his concert promoters and the Oakdale Theatre,” Faxon said Tuesday.

The victims of this shooting are attempting to make the argument that the rapper and the venue should have reasonably known that violence was likely to break out and increased security accordingly, holding them accountable for the shooting. Meanwhile the person who pulled the trigger remains at large and the police have no suspects.

The advice for our readers remains the same as always: avoid getting yourself into situations that seem likely to end in violence.

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  1. hey I thought it was Eminem that said “tell the judge it was my fault, and I’ll get sued”?

    • Criminals cause crime. Many criminals are fans of gangsta rap. Fans of gangsta rap tend to go to gangsta rap concerts. There are many criminals at gangsta rap concerts. It’s more likely, then – and I DON’T have access to all the variables – that crime causes rap

  2. “A peaceful gangster rap concert…. was unexpectedly rocked by violence”

    I didn’t know those words could be put together to form an honest sentence.

    Huh learn something new everyday

  3. Huh. So the risk of violence was clearly understandable. So why the frack did people go? Few people deserve to get shot, but it sounds like stupid people doing stupid things, which sometimes comes with its own, sad rewards.

    • /well, who else ya gonna sue? The shooter that has disappeared (and was probably a minor with no assets any way)? Naw, man, ya gotta sue the guys with the deep pockets and the insurance policies.

  4. As we all know, violence at a rap concert is absolutely unheard of. Why? Because rap music attracts only the finest, most gentle members of society; people who are well-educated, well-adjusted, of high intelligence, decent and kind.

    • Because of which, we should record the names and addresses of all attendees, to be recorded as future leaders of the realm.

    • The shooter was clearly distraught that the decorum of his post-concert tea party was violated when someone requested four lumps with their Earl Grey. Combined with the etiquette faux pas that must have occurred it was too much to handle. Something reasonable had to be done.

      Really, it’s rather understandable. A gentleman can only tolerate so much before he lays down the law.

  5. Thought that was part of the authentic experience like getting an elbow to the face moshing at a Napalm Death show or falling asleep at Yanni.

    • 35 years old, and I got a black eye and a cut ear at a PM5K show. My back was turned puffing a joint when the pit spilled over.
      That’s when I realized i was old. Sigh

  6. Wait, someone’s parent(s) named him Meek Mill? I guess it’s better than J’Quandarius, but still…

    • Watching Air Supply would make me want to shoot somebody; I’d probably start with whomever took me to the show.

  7. Was this place a gun free zone? If so a victim that normally legally carries could claim that by disarming him or her the venue assumed liability for their protection.

    • No venue I have ever been to in CT allows carrying.

      And good luck with that suit, AFAIK all the CT venues pretty much say, once you step outside and into the parking lot they are not responsible for anything.

  8. “I went to a gang shootout the other night and a concert broke out.”

    ….with all due credit to Rodney.

  9. “The victims of this shooting are attempting to make the argument that the rapper and the venue should have reasonably known that violence was likely to break out and increased security accordingly”

    Aren’t those people going to be surprised when these concerts are no longer allowed, for just this reason?

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