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“First we learned that Alexis didn’t use an evil AR-15 to kill all those people. Instead, he used a nice, friendly, Biden-approved shotgun. Now we learn that Alexis was a Prius-driving, African-American liberal who liked Obama. Facts aren’t much fun, eh, libs? So now the MSM narrative will magically transform this mass murder from ‘yet another damning indictment of gun-toting, right-wing racist America” to “the completely isolated actions of a misunderstood victim of society.’ Just watch. It happens every time. And every time, they think we won’t notice.” – Jim Treacher in If Obama had a fan, he’d look like Aaron Alexis [at]

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  1. Every freakin’ one of these a-holes with the exception of maybe Timothy Mcveigh has been a life member of the Entitled Liberal Fan Club. Solution? Make being a whiny democrat a felony criminal offense. New lobbying organization: Americans for Sensible (Incarceration) Solutions of America. I will do the honorable thing and assume the mantle of CEO, which will of course provide me with modest recompense for my work.

    • Kinda hard to do now that the Whiny Democrats learned that the best way to create more Whiny Democrats is to completely shut down the economy and prevent the creation of new jobs. As well as to incentivize the unemployed to remain that way. More Whiny Democrats means more Whiny Democrats in power and the current Whiny Democrats in power get to stay in power to gain more power.

    • And Timothy McVeigh is the only one I can think of that, before he died, not only expressed repentance but, rather than using it to plea for his life, used it to accept his punishment as justly deserved. IIRC the priest he confessed to and who accompanied him to his execution was black, which makes it all the more remarkable.

      • He also wasn’t some mass murdering wacko like the shooters – he had very specific intent to destroy the building as retribution for the Ruby Ridge massacre. That’s why he did it at like 5 am – he didn’t want to kill any people, and assumed it’d be safe that early. He was just as shocked as anybody to find out that people had got up at o dark thirty that morning to take their kids to the day care.

    • Since no children were involved, they wanted a higher body count to shock america into accepting more infringement on the second amendment.

      • Yep. I read that the Marines had weapons but no ammo, but same difference. One Marine said that he thought they could’ve saved 9 lives if they’d been armed and allowed to intervene. It’s sickening.

        • I’m not a fan of using an M-4 as a javelin against a guy who has ammo.

          Which begs the question, why couldn’t the Marines get ammo in a reasonably quick manner?

        • “Which begs the question, why couldn’t the Marines get ammo in a reasonably quick manner?”

          IT DOESN’T “BEG THE QUESTION!” That phrase doesn’t mean what you think it means – it means “to make a circular argument.”
          Please say, “raises the question” or even “begs FOR the question,” as “begs the question” is a debate moderator’s issue.

          But to answer the question, probably because their Commander-in-Chief is a psychopath.

      • Actually the Capitol Emergency Response Team (CERT) who train constantly for active shooters in DC went to the navy yard and were told to stand down. The Marines at the yard were issued firearms, but because of Bill Clinton, were not allowed to have ammo.

  2. Inside every liberal is an angry, hostile person terrified of his or her own potential for violence, and convinced that everyone else is just as f#cked up.

  3. The Prius was a rental so that is a bit misleading and he was allegedly a gun owner. That will be their defense and admittedly it is fairly solid. The liberals could always play up the ex-military angle as well, that makes you right wing by default in the eyes of their fanatics.

    Personally I think this whole story stinks. I read the other day that the Navy decided they wanted to throw him out after he got in a fight outside a bar… since when did the Navy throw sailors out for getting in brawls? It wasn’t even a brawl, more like a scuffle. The Navy let him in knowing he was a literal loose cannon who had shot the tires out on a car? Presumably he avoided charges for that?

    Nothing about the narrative we have been fed regarding this man makes sense. The entire story seems devoid of emotion in the interviews I have seen, the accounts of first responders and witnesses are all cold. I will stop there, but I think at this point the Anti-2A faction is becoming desperate enough that we all should at least consider that one way or another, we are being misled.

  4. All of these mass murderers are chronic victims. Every one of them has had the mentality that they are supressed by society. They lash out instead of deal with their own problems. Which political party do the chronic victims typically fall under? I am hopeful that this particular incident is going to hurt the anti’s more than help. They will still clamor for background checks, although this guy had a background check. Did that protect anyone? They will still insist on an assualt weapons ban, although this guy used a pump action shotgun. When will these anti-gun fools learn to address the real problem: government imposed gun free zones. Oh, wait, that would make too much sense.

    • Well, they are doing more than calling for more background checks. They (Diane Fine Swine and Chuck Tumor) have created a bill to limit the 1st amendment now. Its called the “Shield Law.” It basically gives the government the right to determine who is and who isn’t a journalist and therefore which 1st amendment rights a person is allowed to have. “Sorry, Mr. Blogger, but you don’t have a right to your own opinion because we the Government do not recognize you as a journalist”

      They want to take out the 2nd Amendment so they can take out the 1st Amendment and fully control what we hear as news.

  5. now if we find out he was gay . . . . that will kill all possible angles the left would have available . . . and this story will fade away as another inconvenient truth

  6. “It happens every time. And every time, they think we won’t notice.”

    Many of us will notice. For the 40% or so of American that are Obamabots, they either won’t notice or they won’t care. And for the Prog true believers, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

  7. Um, noone is painting the Aurora shooter as an expression of “gun-toting, right-wing racist America,” irrespective of the weapon and his hue.

    He was a nut who fell through the mile-wide cracks. Nidal Hassan was an enemy combatant. Virginia Tech? Neither racist nor white.

    Many people apart from you know these things.

    I take the broad brush with which you choose to paint every non-dittohead and fling it in your face.

    • Actually, the gun prohibitionists and their hoplophobic media shills are doing exactly that.

      Those spree killers used guns…right-wingers have guns and say racist-sounding things…therefore, all gun owners are racist right-wingers, just one violent impulse away from spraying bullets at little white children.

      The facts don’t have to match up — only the negative associations.

  8. Still worries me, as this will be played in the popular press as “Good gun control nationwide should include mental health requirements and a national database of psychiatric patients, and THAT will avoid these issues in the future.”

    Which is a step to full control (“I’m sorry, but you show a grandparent who had mental issues, so obviously you are likely to potentially have mental issues, so we must unfortunately reject your application.”

    Still true – multiple well-trained good people with guns will stop a bad person with a gun 100% of the time.

  9. From what we have learned so far, multiple warning signs were there for everyone to see, but sadly, were ignored. Sounds like another Ft. Hood incident of shooting unarmed fish in a barrel. I mean, who wants to go for the largest mass killing record if they know they can be stopped by an armed individual. By all accounts, he shot and killed the professionally armed people who could have stopped him. He knew who he had to shoot first, and he did.

  10. Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name “Mohammed Salem,” but they said he never did anything with it. They said they had found nothing else that might indicate any interest in violent jihad or even in Islam.

    –courtesy of Atlas Shrugs blog.

  11. I’ve seen multiple media reports now that it was a “sawed off” 870. Which would be rather odd, given that the difference between a minimum-legal-length 870 he could have bought at the gun shop and the shortest practical length before the magazine tube sticks out past the barrel is maybe all of 6 inches.

    Then there’s the matter of where he bought two boxes with a total of 24 shotshells.

    I’m wondering if these little nuggets are also destined to go the way of the mythical AR-15?

  12. And the western world, and especially gun owners, are to feel collective guilt for Aaron Alexis’ actions as though we unknowingly contributed to the event.


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