1. The new comment feature of this site sucks. You write something and it says slow down even though it is your first comment of the week. Ironically this will post and this will be my post.

  2. No – and nothing is more obnoxious than when safety queens on the internet scream about pictures with people having their fingers on the trigger or YouTube videos where the first 8 minutes aren’t spent safety checking the gun, re-safety checking then gun, and then avoiding pointing the gun at the camera (everyone knows that Inception rules apply to YouTube videos – if they point the gun at the camera and shoot, the bullet goes through the lens and out your monitor into you).

  3. They have no pretensions of being paragons of safety, and no one really thinks they can even fire a weapon without bruising themselves. They are quite literally nothing but posers and their only goal is to look pretty, not promote your rules.

  4. Can’t help but wondering what kind of damage would be done if the gun was loaded and the young lady actually pulled the trigger.

  5. A gal who has features like that can do whatever she wants when she is topless (and she knows it!).

    It’s enough to make me wish I were the gun.

    P.S. I tried posting this once and encountered an error. I apologize if this appears twice.

  6. No, and it’s annoying as hell to hear people whine about it.

    On a side note, I vote that girl becomes the new TTAG mascot…

  7. Yes. It shows that they have brains and not only boobs. And not only babes are photographed with guns, there are plenty of other occasions, where the every day civilian would have a chance to observe a good and safe habit. It sure does not reduce the visual appeal if a finger would be visible. See as well “http://olegvolk.net/gallery/main.php”

  8. Should models keep their finger off the trigger? Absolutely not. There are certain people who should be kept in a constant state of annoyance until their heads explode, and safety Nazis are among that elite group. The photo above has the extra added special benefit of annoying gun grabbers, radical feminists who think that all women should be dumpy and have a moustache, New Yorkers and mikey. So you go, girl, and keep that finger right where it is.

    • I’m from NY and not annoyed! Seriously though, you’re 100% on target.

      Some day I’m going to write a post about how Clint shouldn’t have had his finger on the trigger during the “make my day” speech, because he was lasering the camera. See if anybody would agree with that sort of nuttiness.


        I have to say Ralph, your cavalier attitude about trigger discipline colors my perceptions of NRA instructors, and not in a good way. Why shouldn’t models and actors, etc. generally demonstrate good gun handling practices in the context of the scenarios represented? What possible benefit is there to trivalizing or being dismissive of gun safety?

        • Why? Uh, maybe ’cause this is a modeling photo and not a gun safety demonstration. In fact, since we don’t even know the purpose of the photo, perhaps the photog and model were doing a shoot to demonstrate unsafe gun practices…but I don’t think so. Besides, I guarantee that most heterosexual males aren’t looking at this and thinking about trigger safety. At all. If they are, there’s something seriously wrong with them.

  9. That is one of the most desireable women I have ever seen. When you have those attributes no one in thier right mind is looking at your fingers!
    “Can’t help but wondering what kind of damage would be done if the gun was loaded and the young lady actually pulled the trigger.”
    Yeah, let’s all make up hypotheticals, the FACT is the gun wasn’t, it didn’t, so that post is specious.
    In this case my ‘hypothetical’ has nothing to do with firearms, and yes I realize that “snowball’s chance in heck” is the operative term.

  10. Not to be a safety Commie, but I can think of much better places for her fingers to go..

  11. It does not hurt to give a proper example to those that don’t know any better. Has anyone here ever handed a weapon to someone that doesn’t know how to shoot and NOT have them immediately put their finger on the trigger. They’re just copying the behavior they see in the media.

    BTW, there’s a large black object obscuring my view of the model.

  12. Absolutely – photographers and models are responsible for showcasing proper trigger control! It tickes me off when I see models with fingers on the trigger! It also tickes me off when the gun/rifle is covering her special parts! 😉

  13. Well, the principles of the 4 rules……..

    I was saying something? Oh,yeah, the concepts of firearm…………

    ANYWAYS, gun safety isn’t about topless modeling, butttt….

    Never mind.

    • Slightly more pertinent: Should gunbloggers who find an excuse to run a picture of a shirtless hottie put the picture below-the-fold for those of us who like to discreetly browse his site while on break?

      I wouldn’t get in any trouble for it (the topless hottie or the gun), but I daresay there are parts of corporate America where these things would be considered cause for a friendly chat with HR.

        • Robert, Your New Year’s resolution which only lasted a week or so was a good idea. You should get back to it.

          The 4 Rules of Gun Safety are for everyone, there’s no excuse to deviate.

      • If you work in a company with rules like that, odds are even visiting a site called The Truth About Guns will get you in trouble.

        • +1 In most work places the topless model is not the problem its the visiting of a gun site that’s going to get you in trouble.

  14. Yes. I make my 7 year old son keep his finger off the trigger of his Nerf gun. Rules are rules for a reason

    • And sadly, it seems your son probably has a better grasp on the difference between fantasy and reality than you do.

      It’s a toy, not a gun.

  15. Well you know.. uhm well….
    Is she holding a gun I keep getting distracted lmao!
    Yes proper gun safety is proper gun safety. wait ok distracted again..

  16. “Should Models Keep Their Finger Off the Trigger?”

    It depends. Which part of her is the trigger?

  17. Perhaps her target is a two-liter soda bottle placed in front of an armored plate high above her head and she doesn’t want to get the resulting sticky explosion on her face. If that is not the case, she should not have her finger on the trigger.

  18. After downloading and enhancing the image, I’m not certain her finger is on the trigger. Certainly not curled around it.

  19. Seeing as nobody in their right mind is ever going to give a model a live weapon, sure, no problem.

    Though I’d rather they just got rid of that ugly AK all together.

  20. I am posting comments too quickly. Yeah, right! Anyway…
    Yes, girls can be taught to handle a firearm correctly and safely. Quit giving the photo crew and models a free pass.
    My daughters would dress more conservatively, but at least they are for real with a gun.

  21. A majority of folk get their information from media. Posing with guns like the actors and models they see in their favourite shows and posters. This is one of the few ways we can convey the responsibility of gun owners to liberals (who I would say are moving towards liberalising gun control [that being the actual meaning of liberal {more open, less constraining}]). By making a fuss about unsafe practices wherever we find them we can show the world that we aren’t just a bunch of crazy gangster wannabees, or retarded rednecks, but responsible people who are concerned for the safety of others. Sure it’s a tiny thing, but subtly shifting the attitude towards gun owners and ownership is easy to do, and over time, important.

  22. I think she should keep her trigger off the finger and keep the firearm lowered to “condition ready”… you know, point it at the ground…

  23. I say yes, because nothing is more frightening than a woman who doesn’t know how to operate a firearm safely while wearing heels and posing in some ridiculously uncomfortable shooting positon.


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