Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse booking photo (Antioch Police Department/Chicago Tribune via AP)
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A report from the Associated Press . . .

By Todd Richmond

Prosecutors asked a judge Wednesday for a new arrest warrant for an Illinois teen charged with shooting three people, killing two of them, during a protest over police brutality in Wisconsin after he apparently violated his bail conditions.

Kyle Rittenhouse failed to inform the court of his change of address within 48 hours of moving, Kenosha County prosecutors alleged in a motion filed with Judge Bruce Schroeder. The motion asks Schroeder to issue an arrest warrant and increase Rittenhouse’s bail by $200,000.

Rittenhouse is charged with multiple counts, including homicide, in connection with the protests in August in Kenosha. The demonstrations began after a white police officer shot Jacob Blake, who is Black, in the back during a domestic disturbance, leaving him paralzyed from the waist down.

Prosecutors allege Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, responded to a militia’s call on social media to protect Kenosha businesses from protesters. He opened fire with an assault-style rifle on Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskruetz. Rosenbaum and Huber were killed; Grosskruetz was wounded but survived.

Rittenhouse, who is white, fled to his home in Antioch, Illinois, but turned himself into police there the next day.

He has maintained he acted in self-defense after the three men attacked him. Conservatives have rallied around him as a symbol for gun rights and pushing back against anti-police protesters, although others insist he escalated tensions by walking around the protest with a gun.

Conservatives raised $2 million to cover his bail and he walked out of jail in November.

Last month Rittenhouse was seen drinking at a bar in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, and posing for photos with two men as they made “OK” signs with their hands, a symbol used by white supremacists, according to prosecutors. Five men at the bar also serenaded Rittenhouse with a song that has become the anthem of neo-fascist group the Proud Boys, prosecutors alleged.

Rittenhouse is now 18 but still too young to drink. However, he could consume alcohol in a bar under Wisconsin law because he was with his mother.

The judge ordered him not to have any contact with white supremacists after that episode.

Prosecutors wrote in their motion Wednesday that they learned Rittenhouse was no longer living at his Antioch address after the court mailed him a notice and it was returned as undeliverable on Jan. 28. Kenosha detectives traveled to the address on Tuesday and discovered another man had rented the apartment and had been living there since mid-December.

The prosecutors said in their motion that it’s unusual for any homicide defendant to be allowed to roam freely and the court needs to know where Rittenhouse is at all times. They did not say whether they knew where Rittenhouse currently resides, saying only that he has failed to provide the court with a new address.

“He posted no money so he has no financial stake in the bond,” they wrote. “He is already facing the most serious possible criminal charges and life in prison, so in comparison, potential future criminal penalties are insignificant.”

A woman who answered the phone at the office of Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, had no comment Wednesday.

Online court records indicated Richards filed a motion objecting to the prosecutors’ request. The listing did not include any details or provide access to the document.

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  1. Weird. Why was a notice sent to the defendant in the first place and not to his attorneys? That is the way things are handled once one has an attorney. Also, why did the prosecutor not contact defendant’s attorneys upon finding out that Kyle and his mother had moved? This never should have gotten to this point, suggesting that the prosecutor is playing games with the system for the purpose of putting Kyle in jail.

    • This prosecutor is dirty. How long before the prosecutor (or somebody in his office) gives up Rittenhouse’s address to the leftist mob.

      • As our beloved “president” said of the capitol protesters if they were of a different color they would not be treated this way. Right… if he were blm he would be received at the white house.

      • They are persecutors not prosecutors. This prosecution and others are to teach us not to defend ourselves against the communist party in office when they send their “brownshirts” onto the streets.

    • The defense attorneys contacted the prosecutors to update Rittenhouse’s address.
      He had been threatened at his residence, so he was moving somewhere safer. His attorneys insisted that his new address be kept confidential to prevent further threats and harassment. The prosecutors refused to cooperate in what was clearly an intentional Catch-22 setup

    • I heard Kyle was with his mom at a bar drinking with Proud Boys and celebrating. Apparently it’s legal if your guardian allows it.

  2. If Kyle’s mother was doing her job instead of cosplaying a soldier her son wouldn’t be in this predicament.

      • Word on the street is she was proud of her son. Burning those minority owned businesses as he was doing before attempting to molest Kyle.

        One 17 yo. One rifle. One magazine. Notice how the fascist antifa left Kenosha alone after that.

      • Not only was that dude a convicted child molester, he was a certified racist and white supremacist. Maybe an hour before he faded to room temperature he was caught on video saying “shoot me, n****er”. Antifa and BLM folks love themselves some racists, despite their purported cause.

    • I want to slap you just for your name. You’ve been here before, under a different name, and you say the same thing every time. Stop hiding.

      Also, what does that say about mothers who allow their kids to travel and burn down car dealerships? Were they also right wingers? You idiots just dig your own holes.

  3. as they made “OK” signs with their hands, a symbol used by white supremacists, according to prosecutors.

    Are we supposed to read this garbage with a straight face?

    • Trashy propaganda like this makes my blood pressure rise. If this happened in Idaho Kyle would be a local celebrity, not under threat of life in prison. Choose your state, choose your fate. Unfortunately Kyle didn’t yet have that opportunity.

    • The really disgusting thing about the claim that the ‘OK’ symbol being a white supremacist thing was that it was a 4Chan plank that the SPLC took seriously and that the media began reporting it without even bothering to fact check it.

      • This, Yes. It started as a prank.

        But since the majority of the MSM have about 5min of life experience collectively they believed it…like they do.

      • In my wife’s homeland it means the same thing as flipping the bird does here in the States. Learned that one almost the hard way, while trying to communicate with some construction workers while there on a project. Fortunately, they were nice guys and asked my wife to explain it to me.

    • Kyle was seen wearing pants. Do you know who else wore pants? Hitler, the Gestapo, AND the SS. It’s a dog whistle, people. Anyone wearing pants is a Nazi, antisemitic, racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-hating white supremacist.

  4. Why does it matter where he lives just so long as he shows up in court on the dates that he’s supposed to?

    I also hate to break it to the writer of this article but white people don’t flash hand signs unless they’re the kind of white people that sincerely believe that they are members of another race.

  5. The judge ordered him not to have any contact with white supremacists after that episode.

    What does White Supremacy have to do with his charges? He’s White and his attackers were White. There should be no racial angle to this at all.

    Five men at the bar also serenaded Rittenhouse with a song that has become the anthem of neo-fascist group the Proud Boys, prosecutors alleged.

    Instead they would have been well-advised to engage in a rousing rendition of “Kill the Boer.”

    • “…a song that has become the anthem of neo-fascist group the Proud Boys…”

      I didn’t know they had an anthem. I wonder what it is… I’m not exactly on board with the Proud Boys, but if they’ve got a song that pisses off the progtards, then I want to learn it and sing it loudly.

      • It’s probably the song from Disney’s Aladdin, “Proud of your boy.” Horrible song, my understanding is some radio personality was making fun of one of his staff’s son singing it at a talent show and that’s how the whole thing started.

        My comments on this subject didn’t post before shortly after the “Stand down, stand by” debate. I’m not sure why but I’m going to keep this vague. I recommend you look into the organization and draw your own conclusions. As usual, I’m pretty confident MSM got it wrong.

    • He’s white, his attackers were white, and almost everyone rioting or defending against the riot were white. I’m thinking most everyone who lives in the area are white, or perhaps the white ones are the only ones stupid enough to go out on the streets with their skateboards and “plastic bags” in an attempt to find someone to kill.

  6. Yeah totally Believe the post office not doing their job, Still waiting for my package that was shipped on the 25th of January(it’s 75 miles away).

    • What? The US Post Office not reliable? Why, they are iron clad 100% reliable. The news keeps telling me that they were responsible for the most secure election this country has ever had in it’s entire history.

      • Our mail carrier says the same thing, and with a straight face too! And then, he’ll tell you one or two stories that make you think, no wonder FedEx and UPS are so successful.

  7. Why the AP? Pure trash, everytime.

    No mention that the cops shooed him away initially.

    Proud Boys are neo fascist? What’s a neo fascist?

    “although others insist he escalated tensions by walking around the protest with a gun.”

    The protest was burning down and destroying parts of the city, typically considered a riot…

    In the sea of crazy, he was the one escalating tension not the nutzos rampaging around the city.

  8. What the eff is this kind of reporting?

    “Rittenhouse, who is white, fled to his home in Antioch” — what does his race have to do with anything?

    “posing for photos with two men as they made “OK” signs with their hands, a symbol used by white supremacists” — yeah, a symbol also used by politicians like Barack Obama and AOC. For Eff’s Sake.

    Also, when is this going to trial? Whatever happened to his right to speedy due process? Only for BLM and commies I guess.

    • Not to mention reasonable bail. 2 million dollars is not reasonable for the vast majority of the population including Kyle. IF a person is a flight risk, then I can see a case being made for no bail. Holding someone by demanding excessive bail is a violation of the 8th amendment, and is being done with increasingly disturbing frequency.

    • He will probably go to trial 3 days before a year is up. Gives a person time to fck it all up or kill your self worrying about it.

    • This is the type of reporting we can expect in regards to ANYONE using their rights to defend some thing or person from a BLM/Antifa riot:
      “Today, a WHITE male, obviously motivated by racial hatred of others, who used a horrible, scary, military grade ASSAULT RIFLE to coldly murder some mostly peaceful protestors who were attempting to persuade him to assume room temperature by peacefully kicking him and peacefully shoving their skateboards into his racist, hate-filled eyeballs, was caught red-handed in the company of some other white males who allegedly sang songs at a bar. Do you know who else sang songs?! The KKK! They were reported to also have had a meal after their singing. Do you know who else had an unhealthy proclivity to eating food at meals: NAZIS! Obviously this person is both a racially motivated serial killer and a terrorist. ”

      If they keep saying that white males are the biggest threat of violence while also perpetrating violence against us, what choice will we have?

  9. Interesting that they are viciously prosecuting Kyle for shooting an ANTIFA BLM rioter who got him in the head with a skateboard on the day of the funeral for the Capitol police officer who was killed by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.

    Hypocrisy much!

    • Turns out that the “hit with a fire extinguisher” story was BS.

      “According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.”

      • The source of that was CNN. Of course it’s not true.

        absolutely nothing about the “insurrection” is true. Same as their reporting’s on riots during 2020, and lack of coverage for ANTIFA rioting in Portland on inauguration day… They won’t even call it riots, but when Trump supporters show up to protest a fucked up election, as soon as their feet hit the grass it was a mob and a riot.

        Fuck the media, and the government.

        • Montana,

          The PJMedia article said the cause of death and autopsy had not been released. Did you have another source for that, or are you just speculating?

    • Sadly, that looks like the case. But it sorta makes sense. Most people would not have put themselves in that situation to begin with.

      Nevertheless, Zimmerman was (in my opinion) properly exonerated. Hopefully that trajectory continues here.

      • His life was also pretty much ruined. Hopefully this DOESN’T happen to Kyle.

        In addition to that, I listened to a podcast just today, where a man referenced the MURDER of Trevon Martin as the catalyst for the modern BLM movement, because of the injustice that happened to him. A large percentage of the population still genuinely believe an innocent kid was murdered for being black….

        What is very true in both cases, is neither of the defendants would have found themselves in the position they are in, had they not chosen to put themselves into a potentially volatile situation.

        • Honestly, this kid probably beats thr rap.

          50/50 he survives five years after that. The heat’s been ratcheted up to the point that someone will probably recognize him at some point and kill him.

        • So, what you’re saying is that everyone should choose safety of themselves over the Liberty of others? Sounds like the whole reason we’re in the situation. We’ve tolerated this whole bunch of screaming babies because nobody wanted to “get in trouble” for spanking them. It’s time to do what’s right whether it’s dangerous or not.

    • Zimmerman was a vigilante wanna be, still given the racist narrative of the case, justifiable self defense even if his dumbass did follow that poor future presidential candidate… all the same, Zimmerman is NOT Rittenhouse. They are looking for any reason to prosecute Rittenhouse. We all know what he did was legal. It’s 100% political.

    • It’s probably hard to stay out of the news when the media and the govt are following you around, laying traps, and labeling everything you do (even if legal) in the worst possible way and lying about everything they can.

    • So the public lynching by the media is now Kyle’s fault? Better pray the general population sees through the BS should you ever have to defend yourself from a mob of felons.

    • Why do I suspect his previous address was impossible to live at anymore, with woke (and stoned) intruders day and night and LE who could offer no assistance or protection. But who are instantly ready to arrest him again. Does this smell really bad, or am I just imagining it? To put that another way, I’m pretty sure he lived with his mother. Does he still live with his mother? If so, just STFU.

  10. I wish the “reporters” would say that police shot Jacob Blake as he was fleeing from police after being tazed. That’s what happened, isn’t it?

      • Last time I checked, you don’t get to walk away from police when, you have a warrant for sexual assault, disorderly conduct and trespassing. Oh and don’t forget stealing the keys to the car of the woman he had the warrant for sexual assault for. Then add in he fought with police while supposedly armed with a knife even putting one cop in a headlock during the struggle. (I can’t breathe anyone, or does that excuse only apply to criminals? ) Didn’t comply after being tazed, then attempted to reach into his car. Considering he just fought with police, even if he didn’t have the disputed knife, think he might have been going for a weapon then? Or how about attempt to drive off with the victim of his sexual assault kid in the car?

        • Call me a puss, but when a cop tells me to do something I do what they say, haven’t been shot yet.

        • And he was not “walking away”, did you not see the video? He had opened the door to a car (not his) and was reaching inside. “Walking away” is a pure LIE, now let’s see you own up to it. Shot him in the back is true, and we can all argue all day about justification for that, but “walking away” is simply not true.

      • Walked away? Did you watch the fucking video? Walked away… wow. Fuck you miner. Walked away… I can’t even with this social justice warrior fuck…

        • We’re in a thread talking about a youth who was literally running away from convicted felons attacking him. Miner has the world bass ackwards just like most on the left. Next he’s going to start telling us how males should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

        • they did shoot him in the back. It wasn’t the cleanest shoot in law enforcement history. This is not the clear cut case everybody thinks it is, in either direction.

        • BC, we’re looking at men competing in women’s sports all wrong. The bite in the ass is that boys/men who are not competitive in sports but seek the glory anyway, just naturally turn to competing against women, so that the only actual competition they’ll face is from other boys/men who have failed. Fine, if that is how we wish to establish a 2-tiered competition system for men with none for women, go for it. *BUT*! Why do those failed boys/men have to take harmful drugs, surgeries, and counseling simply to compete against little girls, just allow anyone to do it! Current system encourages drug abuse!

          Seriously, I love how those in favor of this crap claim these neuters need to have the opportunity to compete in sports according to the law (totally fair), but never think that they have forever been free to compete against other boys. “Yeah, but they won’t WIN every time!”

        • Don’t go reaching in your car after resisting arrest and you won’t get shot in the back. Especially since he admitted to grabbing a knife…

          Seriously, I’m all for the discussion of bad police shoots, but this was not one of them. This is a race-based politically motivated BLM front.

      • Miner’s delusion is showing. Since we have video available from different angles. According to Miner a guy that has been tazed and throwing punches at police ahould be able to get into a car with kids? Because you know, he just wanted to walk away.

        • “Here is the direction the Conventional Wisdom is drifting at present: Due to centuries of White Privilege, blacks from now on should enjoy the privilege of resisting arrest if they really don’t feel like being arrested.”

    • Nope only a bunch of intelligent individuals who can see through the left wing, liberal BS. Well all except for one retarded sun burnt chihuahua up here 👆

    • Trumpbillies? That sounds to redneck, Trumpista’s , now that sounds more like some kinda revolutionary inserctionist. And according to the news and the new White House that’s what anyone who voted for Trump is.
      Maximillian Hernadez, he was de best president we ever had, arriba reeba

      • “arriba reeba”

        She takes good care of herself but at her age I think she’s a bit old for me. Ya’ll are welcome to her.

        • Also, the redneck use of the word “ya’ll” suggests a better grasp of classical language than does the more “refined” use of “you all” often preferred by the educated folk speaking Modern English.

          Rednecks actually came up with a single word for second person plural in English. Something modern English has mostly replaced with contextual clues for the difference between the singular “you” (formerly thee) and the plural “you” (formerly the only usage of you).

          In doing this, rednecks returned to the usage of a specific word to demarcate the usage of plural vs. singular in the second person, a throwback to older forms of English, including Old English, and even back to Latin.

          So, maybe having it insinuated that one is a redneck isn’t a bad thing. In some ways they have a better grasp of proper written and spoken English than a edjumacated city slicker.

        • “…ya’ll…”

          Er, it’s actually spelled “y’all” and the more inclusive plural is “all y’all.”

        • Well I’ll be damned, I’ve been misplacing an apostrophe for years. Neat.

          Either way, the rest of the point still stands.

          And yes, Larry, “y’all” or as I misspelled it “ya’ll” most certainly is plural. It’s actually defined as the plural of “you” via a contraction of “you-all” and noted as the “Southern [English] 2nd person plural pronoun”.

          It replaces the plural “you” in Modern English due to the fact that “thee” is no longer the 2nd Person Singular.

        • Y’all is “you all,” meaning more than one person. People who say “ya’ll” to one person are almost always Yankees trying to mock Southerners, which can cost them a couple teeth.
          “All y’all” means every one of you, not just some of y’all. All y’all.
          I oughta know, y’all.

  11. They’re obviously just trying to stick it to him to make up for their nonsense “case”. That said, he needs to not give them the opportunity, so if he actually didn’t follow the bond conditions, he’s dumb.

    But this is the guy who was taking selfies with people in a bar with “Free as F$%@” on his t-shirt so I wouldn’t be surprised .

    • Yea, we should all just live scared and hide. He did nothing wrong. He deserves to be free as fuck and have a good time. He’s more of a patriot than 99.9% of Americans. I’m glad he’d not scared into a basement hiding it. You call it stupid, patriots call it active. I guess real patriots just vote and call it a day? meh, what do you care? you don’t even support gun rights lol. Fuck outta here clown.

      • I suspect changing addresses *IS* hiding, I’m betting 100 losers knock on that door every day, and as son as LE tells everybody where he lives NOW, they’ll be there by this evening, and police will not respond.

  12. Free Kyle…oh wait. He’s going for a jail cell. I was pretty stupid at that age. Stay out of jail Kyle😖

    • And it turns out I’m right! They offered to share their new address with the prosecutor and the prosecutor refused because he wasn’t allowed to expose it to the public.

        • “Rittenhouse attorneys say they tried to file the new address under seal in late November so it wouldn’t leak but were denied that request. E-mail exchange from that day seems to corroborate.”
          @OmarJimenez (CNN)

        • So they want to file under seal, fine. They need to petition the court for that, and show cause. If it’s denied, they don’t have the option of just moving and not registering the new address, they must comply with the court’s conditions. This episode leads me to believe Rittenhouse is not getting competent legal advice.

        • Yo, Dave that seems simplistic. The house where they lived is rented to someone else, are they then required to live in the yard? They submitted the new address, all threats of arrest are out the window.

        • Well, I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t tell you the all the details of procedure under that jurisdiction.


          I’m pretty sure it isn’t just “e-mail the prosecutor and ask to file under seal, if he says ‘no’, your duty to report is waived.”

        • It appears now that Rittenhouse has fired his lawyer, John Pierce. Assuming that he now proceeds to secure competent counsel, this is for the good.

          I suggest his first question for a prospective lawyer should be something along the lines of “If I’m accused of a crime, should I take legal advice from the police?” and he should hire a lawyer who immediately spits out his coffee.

  13. In the bar drinking with ma, Say what? Sounds pretty redneck trailer trashy to me, which is OK( smirk) but not on parole or probation .
    Well I’m an outlaw, on a steely horse I ride, and I’m wanted, wanted, dead or alive.

  14. Last month Rittenhouse was seen drinking at a bar in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, and posing for photos with two men as they made “OK” signs with their hands, a symbol used by white supremacists, according to prosecutors. Five men at the bar also serenaded Rittenhouse with a song that has become the anthem of neo-fascist group the Proud Boys, prosecutors alleged.

    Rittenhouse is now 18 but still too young to drink. However, he could consume alcohol in a bar under Wisconsin law because he was with his mother.

    You see, this is the kind of dishonest framing that destroys trust in the media. Notice they bury the fact he was there with family way down at the bottom. He was out in public with family, and friendly strangers approached him. What was he supposed to do, fight them? Leave without paying? You and I both know how those headlines would read.

    • No shit. What you want to bet he and his mom stopped in for a cheeseburger and a beer, and some admirers struck up a conversation. If I recognized him I would probably do the same, I think he handled himself better than I could have when I was 17. So we (the lying media) neglect to mention that they were dining, try to make it look enormously illegal and/or sleazy when it was absolutely nothing of the sort.

  15. There is a fascinating article about the status of Capitol police officers by Mike MacDaniel who often contributes to TTAG over at his website that is well worth reading.

    It seems that yet Capitol officers have committed suicide since January 6. This is absolutely bizarre. As Mr MacDaniel writes, officers who suicide do so because they have committed crimes and an arrest is pending.

    The death of Officer Sicknick is no longer so simple. It appears that he didn’t suffer blunt force trauma from being hit with a fire extinguisher. There now is no cause of death.

    Finally; the shooting of Ashley Babbitt remains mysterious. There has been no information released on who shot her. The video reveals that she was shot by a make who was wearing a suit, complete with cufflinks, rather than the uniform of a Capitol police officer. A suit alone might be consistant with a plainclothes security officer such as the House Seargent of Arms. However; cuff links are very formal and almost archaic. They would seem to be consistant with a member of Congress.

  16. If only prosecutors went after real criminals with such Ferver.
    If they actually prosecuted people for 18 U.S. Code § 922(g) & 924. Convicted Felons in possession of guns locked away mandatory for 10 years.

    Jails would be full until the politicians freed them because Covid and they needed the space to lock up people not wearing masks.

  17. It appears that the prosecutors are more concerned about persecuting Mr. Rittenhouse then taking the case to trial. Fortunately beating him up with the process because they know they won’t win in court it’s probably the only punishment they’re going to be able to dole out.

    • As good a reason as any. I cannot imagine any juror watching those videos and finding Kyle anything but not guilty, and it would take ALL TWELVE doing so to convict.

  18. “Prosecutors Move to Rearrest Kyle Rittenhouse”

    Good. Idiot kid only made matters worse. He had no business being away from his momma’s control that day. A truly lousy role model for supporters of the Second Amendment.

    • He isn’t a role model for most.

      Also shouldn’t be in jail for the rest of his life.

      Made matters worse? Ask the parts of Kenosha that didn’t burn to the ground afterwards.

      • Good point, Mike. Enuf, pretty stupid statement given that the riots , looting and burning had been going on for some time, and after Kyle showed up all the skateboard boys went elsewhere to play, no more problem. Just how did that make it worse?

  19. Patriot or not, aside from the merits of the article or lack thereof Mrs. Lincoln….
    I suggest not violating the terms of your bail in any country or legal system. Even if someone else paid for it and you don’t own any assets to forfeit. Been there, but never did that. Can’t fix stupid though. Try it sometime if in doubt.

  20. This was a setup. The Prosecutors are giving Kyle’s location to Leftist brownshirts who are actively hunting him down so they can kill him. The DA rejected any reasaonable possibility of having Kyle’s current address being sealed because they want the record to remain accessible to the public, and even said as much in a reply email to the family (thereby acknowledging that in fact the DA’s office KNEW where Kyle was…)

    If you knew that literally every violent commie in the country was looking for YOU so they could KILL YOU, would you obey their co-conspirator in public office in giving them your current location?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Since the day Kyle slotted three violent repeat-offender felons (one of whom was illegally armed with a Glock), Leftists both in and outside government have been trying to pay him back by taking his life, especially while he was in Wisconsin custody.

    The moral of this story is, when communists try to kill you and you have to kill them to stay alive, don’t cooperate the corrupt authorities…because they’re also communists in cahoots with these insurgents (or they are quislings who collaborate with them). This government is 100% illegitimate and we are ABSOLVED of any duty to obey it. Defend yourself, defend your family, and if WAR comes to your homestead, call in your friends and make those commies wish they were fighting mujihadeen instead.

  21. Really, couldn’t read past the race baiting article where “white” and “Black” are focal points. Yes, black is now capitalized but white isn’t…

  22. Kyle should get a Presidential Medal of Freedom and a ticker tape parade. He is a genuine American Hero. If you disagree, well you are scum.


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