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This image (from The Atlantic) shows a hostage being threatened with a Soviet made RPG-7. I’ve witnessed one being fired, and something tells me that should the RPG be fired the result would not only obliterate the hostage but also everyone else in the area. Also note that the photographers are perfectly placed for a face full of backblast, which doesn’t seem pleasurable. To cap it off, the RPG-7 has an acceleration primed impact fuse, so odds are good that the shooter would blow himself to bits at that range. In short, it seems more hazardous to the hostage taker than the hostage (as the hostage will DEFINITELY be dead, but a painful agony and slow death may be in store for everyone else too). For those wondering exactly how an RPG-7 works, make the jump for an extremely interesting video.

[h/t murphy11211]

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  1. this is so interesting, love the video ,what would be really intresting is a comparison with the ubiqutious rpg7 vs the “hashim” rpg32.

  2. Don’t Threaten Hostages with an RPG.

    Okay, I’ll threaten them with a Pauly Shore movie. If that doesn’t weaken their resolve, nothing will.

  3. Neat video. I remember a very vivid demonstration of the old 106mm (jeep mounted) recoilles rifle in boot camp. They stacked a pile of wooden ammo crates about 10 yards behind the launcher – the backblast reduced them to kindling spread over about 30-40 yards behind the 106. We were then VERY careful when we were loading or shooting the alledgedly “man-portable” 90mm RR in training.


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