The concept behind rule number four doesn’t seem to have made its way to the Chinese countryside. Click here to view the video.


  1. I think that is an old Type 65/74 37mm AAA cannon, which is a Chicom copy of a Soviet gun, which was more or less a copy of the the old WWII Bofors 40mm. Nice toy if you can get one. I hope they had a good backstop.

  2. HOREE SH*T–Rooks rike good stuff to me. 37mm ammo velly spensive but rots fun to shoot. Rook out birds. Hope to get sum Peking Duck–or at reast make next door neighbor duck. Rook out!

    • I was also thinking about them doing some duck hunting for dinner. I’m curious to know how those guys had access to such a gun. Maybe local reservists or just a holdover piece from years ago maybe.

  3. It’s actually used for cloud seeding (airburst silver iodide). It is pretty funny to listen to them whine on the video about how scared they are to fire it. Thanks for sounding like a racist MullahBob.


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