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As we noted earlier, Billy Johnson is raising money to produce a film, “Protecting Liberty,” via a Kickstarter campaign. Now, thanks to’s release of emails (links after the jump) between between Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s head honcho among other Hollywood heavyweights, it’s clear that a project like the one Billy is trying to complete is needed now more than ever. If you have some spare change rattling around in your couch or found a $20 bill in the dryer last week, you might want to send it his way. How many chances do you get to personally help counter the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex’s media messaging machine?


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  1. 1.9 million members? Are they counting the same 100 people 19,000 times?

    This is priceless:

    “… The organizers understand how these issues might be tricky for Sony and thus preclude us from hosting on the lot – I agree). Both Gabby and Mark Giffords, as well as the parents of one of the Sandy Hook victims would be in attendance. ARS is a political organization and they support candidates aligned with gun control policy (tricky for us because they challenge opponents who may be good for us on other issues)..”

    • Oh that’s rich. Sony can’t be too vocal about disarmament since pro-2A politicians and influencers help them out on other issues.

  2. I hope this documentary gets made. But really, after thirteen years of big-budget antiwar movies that went straight from the editing room to the back of the rack while Democrats lost more and more elections, I’m not too worried about Hollywood political propaganda.

    • That’s one side of the equation – only the left-wing choir is flocking to see the astroturf productions that advance their global-collectivist agenda. Not enough to pay to produce them, nor win any hearts and minds. At the same time, media conglomerates are doing a good job of shutting out productions with patriotic, libertarian and religious themes. American Sniper is a notable exception but, for example, Atlas Shrugged was in one movie theater in my area for a week and has never made it onto my local cable system.

      • that’s because Atlas Shrugged was a complete wreck of a movie. it was like watching Chuck Norris without any of the cool fight scenes. and why did it suck so hard? maybe because the whole lone wolf libertarian fuck-everybody-but-me thing just doesn’t translate into characters that are both believable and sympathetic. actually yeah, that’s exactly why, and not because it was shut out by your imagined liberal “collectivist” conspiracy. it wasn’t shut out at all—it was just too conceptually weak to make it up the idea ramp to where people actually wanted to see it, or even talk about it much.

  3. Done and done.

    Pissing off Hollyweird neo-libeal rejects is something I do very well.

    Also, for future reference, it’s actually “Hollyweird“. Get it? 😛

    • yeah i’m sure you’re just hitting nerves left and right all over the entertainment industry power structure from your dorky little “yay guns” libertarian circlejerk website. don’t hurt ’em, Hammer.

  4. It is a shame that only 578 so far are supporting this freedom fighter. I’m sure that out of millions of visitors on this site some can spare a $20 bill to help fund this project.
    Billy Johnson is one of the most eloquent speaker for freedom in this country.

  5. I just pledged $50. I would have adjusted my last $287 ammo purchase and $150 purchase of standard cap mags if I had known about this earlier.

    TTAG readers really should supports projects like this. Everyone here should do better than an anti gun cop from CA.

  6. I’m in for $25. He’s got a ways to go but I hope enough readers from here make the jump to a pledge!

  7. Kicked in $100 on Wednesday after I saw this come up over at John Richardson’s place, No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money. I’m sure Johnson will do a great job. As of a minute ago he’s at $38.8k, a mere 17% of the goal with 11 days to go. Let’s pick up the pace folks and spread the word.

  8. In for $25, really hoping this gets the funding needed, everyone post/share this wherever you can!

  9. I donated 50 but I’m telling you he is asking for too much. I don’t think he will reach it. It’s sick though that this won’t get funded but Anita Sarkeesian made over a hundred thousand with hers and still hasn’t delivered years later and still has support.

  10. I put off my next gun purchase and kicked in as much as I could. This guy is a great communicator and I’d love to see his work on a bigger-than-you-tube scale.

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