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If you like this kind of video, I recommend, my go-to source for weird, wild and wonderful YouTube gun vids. In this case, someone figured out that anything relatively large and mushy makes a reasonable suppressor.

Those who oppose the Hearing Protection Act may take no notice, but it’s certainly true that you can use a variety of items to hush a firearm’s distinctive crack, including a converted Maglite (seen on the Walking Dead). More proof, if proof be needed, that you can’t stop the signal. Ever.

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  1. What the hell is up with the intro?
    …low pov of dude looking downfield from tornado ravaged area
    …engine compartment, because…
    …dude talking to camera
    All while action music is playing.

    And then we get Nate “Shaggy is my cousin” Zoinks

  2. By the time your tax stamp clears, wouldn’t the fruit be pretty much converted to compst? And how do you engrave a serial number on a pineapple?

  3. Have to wonder what it does to accuracy? Also, how would you get a holster to carry the damn thing, much less attach it to the barrel?

    There is a very popular (in Russia) movie called “Brat” (Russian for brother) in which the protagonist creates a silencer from a 2-liter soda bottle filled with cotton batting in order to assassinate a gangster. Attached by some sort of tape to the barrel of a .22 revolver. I’m sure the Internet can/does provide many other ideas for improvised suppressors much more effective, if not more entertaining, than pineapples or potatoes.


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