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From the Second Amendment Foundation . . .

The Second Amendment Foundation is celebrating a victory in Pennsylvania involving a long-existing gun club in the Pittsburgh area, as a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has unanimously remanded the case back to the lower court for a second time. The case is known as Drummond v. Robinson Township.

At issue is an effort by officials in Robinson Township to write and enforce restrictive zoning laws against the 265-acre Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club, now operated by plaintiff William Drummond. SAF filed the legal action on his behalf. They are represented by veteran civil rights attorney Alan Gura, who argued both the Heller and the Second Amendment Foundation’s McDonald landmark U.S. Supreme Court case victories.

The Township has been at odds with the range since the early 1990s, and the range was even closed for about ten years until Drummond leased the property in 2017 with the intent to sell firearms and operate the shooting range. The Township amended its zoning rules and in 2018, Drummond and SAF filed suit. While the District court sided with the Township, the Appeals Court reversed and remanded. Drummond’s motion for a preliminary injunction did not receive a substantive ruling before the District Court dismissed his action, the so he appealed a second time.

“Assuming (Drummond’s) motion is renewed on remand,” wrote Circuit Judge Cheryl Ann Krause, “we trust the District Court will address it promptly.”

She was joined by Judges Kent A. Jordan and Luis Felipe Restrepo.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb is delighted that the Appeals Court “has ruled in our favor both times.” He is confident of a favorable ruling in the case on remand.

“By the time our victory in this case is finalized,” Gottlieb said, “it will add Second Amendment protection to gun clubs, gun stores and gun ranges because it provides for heightened levels of scrutiny for cases involving gun ranges.

“Anti-gunners have tried to push restrictive zoning on gun clubs, ranges and gun stores in an effort to use zoning laws to make sure gun ranges and stores cannot operate,” he observed. “It amounts to Second Amendment violations and business discrimination under color of law. That cannot be allowed.

“SAF will continue pursuing this and similar cases,” Gottlieb said, “because our mission is to win firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time.”

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  1. Goin on all over for years! Usually committed by idiots who move to a free state from a gun free state and demand you conform to their lifestyle!!

  2. The Circuit Court should order Marilyn J. Horan, United States District Judge, to serve as the berm. I mean, the Horan is certainly dense enough.

    • Now that’s evil, Ralph.

      I likes it! 😉

  3. A Plantation with a bias assumes they can dictate how others use their property. If others do not comply the plantation takes them to court. For obvious reasons the plantation had no choice but to ask a court to do their Bullying. Fortunately there was more than one court.

    • Attaching racism to everything causes the severity of the concern to diminish. Much like crying wolf. We understand its roots are dug in many places but constantly relating everything to something waters down and eventually causes a loss of meaning to the cause.

      Pittsburgh has been playing with fire for a while now and has caused many other states to believe that makes PA an anti gun state which is anyone from California is a molester and communist. While there are some dense sections of Pittsburgh that scream the loudest because they have money to throw around doesn’t mean it’s the voice of the majority.
      They are also in a bit of a bind as the city is on too small of a footprint to really be anything larger and if it tries to grow it has to do so into a very conservative area.

      This is what we see here, they have spilled over to the majority and the majority have spoken.

  4. Got a love the Second Amendment Foundation!
    They are filing a lot of lawsuits and winning a lot of them.
    Everyone reading this should send them $10-$20 to keep up the good work

    • In terms of effectiveness, the Second Amendment Foundation is punching far higher than its weight class.

      It sure would be nice if the NRA would take a hint from their strategy…

  5. Dear WanyeLP,

    This was your job. The SAF had to do it for you.

    From now on, you gotta’ pay for your suits and hookers out of your own pocket!


    Wonder if he heard me??? 🙂

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