GLOCK Carbine AR-15 patent
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OK, we’ve all been down this road before. How many snipe hunts have GLOCK fan bois been led down by internet trolls in the past? So we present this report of patents filed by GLOCK for an AR-ish carbine without comment, as posted by a German web site,

However, a quick search of patent filings indicates that this appears to be genuine.

Here’s an exploded view . . .

GLOCK carbine ar-15 rifle design patent

As they write (via Google translate) the patents describe a “firearm with gas-operated reloading”. . .

There are a dozen or so patents published in mid-April. They give very interesting, extremely detailed insights into the functional principle of the new GLOCK assault rifle. Definitive pictures and an overall concept are not yet public, but we have put some things together from the known information. We also contacted GLOCK directly. The demand went unanswered, but we do know that there are real weapons of this type. In the picture above you can see the carabiner, as it is called in the patents, disassembled by fields in a schematic sketch.

While the rifle superficially looks like an AR-type design, there are a number of significant differences, including the charging handle, significant among them are the bolt carrier and the adjustable gas system.

GLOCK carbine ar-15 rifle design patent

Here the barrel with bolt carrier (No. 28, in the previous picture as No. 18) and the gas pressure system. This is a “mid-stroke” system, as the displacement of the gas piston (18) should be between 20 and 30 mm. But where is the gas piston?

Here’s an exploded view of the gas system and bolt . . .

GLOCK carbine ar-15 rifle design patent

The full Spartanat report is here.

While the patent filings for a GLOCK carbine design certainly appear to be genuine, that, of course, doesn’t mean that we’ll see a production model any time soon. If ever.


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  1. Glock makes solid working pistols and Germany had issues with the G36, so perhaps Glock is looking for some .gov sales to spike up interest in the US LE and Civilian markets for some new products. They have covered about all there is to be had in the pistol market, pure speculation on my part…

    • Interesting how the barrel to receiver interface is a lot like the Steyr AUG…

  2. Intriguing, but they’ll need to sexy it up before I’d consider one.

    Then there’s our infamous CA “safe gun roster” which requires shell casing microstamping…geez…

      • I like the pistols and am an admitted Glock fanboi. But that carbine drawing looks horrible.

        Stick to the pistols, Glock. Don’t un-perfection things.

  3. Looks like a pretty simple AR18-type system. Already have scads of 5.56mm carbines but might be interested.

    • Why are they calling it an assault riffle in the article?? Surely that’s not what GLOCK is labeling it as …

  4. I’d call it quite a stretch to call this an “AR-ish” design. What do you mean, the magazine release is similar?

    • Any semi- automatic rifle with detachable magazines………weapon of war to the left.

      • Only if it has the dreaded pistol grip. It makes the bullets move ten times faster, doncha know. Without the dreaded pistol grip, it’s just a harmless ranch rifle like the Mini-14 that shoots rainbows out of the barrel, but put a pistol grip on it, and that exact same rifle becomes a baby-killing war weapon of mass destruction!

        The pistol grip, along with the “.30 caliber rounds per second clipazine” and the “shoulder-thing-that-goes-up” are what makes them so deadly. Ask any Democratic politician.

        • You forgot to mention a black finish. Any rifle with wooden furniture is Pappy’s ‘ol hunting rifle. Swap out for black polymer, and now you have something eviliscious in the 40-watt range…

  5. Well, I despise Glock and their cult like marketing operation since Day 1. Still, any maker of semi-auto pistols or rifles is missing the boat if not offering a carbine. That looks like an AR mag and general footprint, so it is in the right direction. About twenty years overdue of course.

    I’d sooner buy a Chi-Com anything than buy from the Cult of Gaston. As there have been endless rumors of a Glock rifle, carbine or the mythical Glock 1911 for years, if this carbine never arises from mere vapor and paper I’ll not be at all surprised or disappointed.

    • Considering the other contender for the original Austrian military contract was the Steyr GB which was a modernized “Volkspistole” gas-delayed blowback pistol, I would prefer the G17.

    • While I’m not a glock person and don’t own one, I’m actually a 1911 fan, I actually respect Glock’s marketing and success for political reasons. A big part of winning the overall war over gun rights is getting as many guns, particularly semi autos, into the hands of the people, and creating new gun owners.

      Glock has played an enormous role in that front, similar to how the popularity of the AR has. Glocks and ARs are in such “common use” there’s no way anyone can deny it. Millions of otherwise unarmed people are now armed because of glocks.

      The popularity of Glock also pushed all the other gun manufactures to produce similar style pistols which exploded the conceal carry market and made it more popular and easier for people to carry.

      Glock has had a big role in expanding gun culture, and culture eats politics for lunch. It doesn’t matter what the gun grabbers do at this point, they’ll never, ever, be rid of “high capacity” 9mm pistols and AR15s. There’s just too many of them and they’re too popular.

  6. If they had had any sense Glock would have created a 9 mm carbine years ago. They wouldn’t have been able to make them fast enough! And they take Glock mags!

    • Agreed.

      I would settle for ruger copying the keltec or maybe improving it a little.

      • I like KelTec but have to agree they have been a problematic gun maker. Interesting designs, some very reliable too. My P3AT despite all claims of being a jam and stovepipe maker has been trouble free.

        But heck yeah, Ruger could do KelTec in quantity far better than KelTec could ever hope to.

        Maybe KelTec should license designs and manufacturing to Ruger?

        Now that’d sell!!!

      • I almost bought one of those…was so close I could taste it. Now that I’ve seen 2020, I wish I would have.

        I’d have to see and hold it but a Glock carbine just might get me to own a Glock..

        • I have several Glocks and a 19 is my EDC, also took Armorers class.
          Glock would have to really, really hit the ball out of the park to beat out the Ruger PCC Take-Down. Second on the list would be High Point’s 1095. Glock producing a 223/5.56 carbine platform would be quite the hurdle as well considering what is available now in the market vs 20 years ago. A Glock 223/5.56 would have to be damn near perfect to make a dent in public’s eye IMO.
          If Glock came out with something truly innovative and was at a reasonable price-point they might have something..I kinda doubt they will.

    • Agree as well. A Glock PCC would fly off the shelves, even during a “slump” (if we ever see on of *those* again, LOL).

    • If you’re looking for a Nth generation plastic fantastic 9mm PCC that takes Glock mags look no further than the Extar EP9.
      Also doesn’t hurt that it’s a direct sale from manufacturer that went up in price a whopping $20 to $449 during COVID.

  7. to me the gas piston looks to be #8 working back into #7 from an annular gas ring #18

  8. 2020, when firearm production outstripped ammunition production.
    Bullets are manufacturing nightmare.

  9. If that fucker runs off of M&P magazines my life will be complete 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  10. What’s that got anything to do with a, “snipe hunt?” Do you mean, “SNARK hunt?” Look up snipe in the dictionary. It’s a small wading bird indigenous to Florida and other southern states, and “snipe hunting” is something I grew up doing.

    • The jokester term “snipe hunt” has been used since I was a kid. Simply a way to get a gullible friend to help you look for something that doesn’t exist. Always fun telling a newbie to the group you dropped a couple of silver quarters in that bush over there, but you’re tired of looking, and your buddy can keep one if he finds them for you… 😉

  11. But you can already buy a snap-on upper for your Glock (I forget which model) using the lower part of the pistol and just remove the slide.

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