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UPDATE: The Associated Press is now reporting that a French prosecutor has identified the attacker as a national of the United Arab Emirates, who entered France on January 26 on a tourist visa.

A machete-wielding terrorist learned today not to bring a machete to a gun fight. The goblin launched his attack at the Carousel de Louvre (a Paris shopping area adjacent to the famous museum). He was thwarted by a French soldier guarding the museum who responded with speed, decisiveness and ballistic aggression.

According to the French newspaper Le Monde, the man — equipped with two machetes — attacked a security patrol near the entrance to the museum on Friday at 9:45AM local time. He threw himself on a soldier, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

The soldier suffered a wound to the scalp. His brother-in-arms let loose five rounds, at least two of which appeared to hit home, stopping the attack.

Paris police chief Michel Cadot confirmed that the attacker was alive, in custody, seriously wounded. He had two backpacks on his person. Despite earlier concerns, no explosives were found.

No official word on motive at this time, although French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said it was “Obviously a terrorist attack.” The anti-terrorist section of the Paris prosecutor’s office took over the investigation.

The soldiers appear to have been patrolling the Louvre as part of Operation Sentinel, a large French security operation involving 10,000 soldiers. It ed launched after the Islamic terrorist attack on the offices of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, and then resumed after the Islamic terrorist attack on the Paris concert in October 2015 that left over one hundred people dead.

According to a 2016 article in the Washington Post, the soldiers deployed in the operation are protecting significant landmarks, as well as synagogues, Jewish schools and “certain mosques after an increase in Islamophobic incidents.”

The commitment in French firepower to this operation is rather high: “[f]or the first time since the end of the Cold War, the number of French army soldiers actively deployed in metropolitan France roughly equals that of overseas operations.”

There’s not much to add to the story beyond the fact that (if you somehow didn’t already know it) there’s no such thing as condition white anymore. If you’re a law-abiding citizen who owns a gun and knows how to fight with it, carry it wherever you may legally do so.

Oh, and no Indiana Jones clip here. This one just felt more appropriate. Aux armes, citoyens.

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  1. Well that’s special. Feeling “safe” in a police er “state of emergency”. So why wasn’t that lunatic Puerto Rican airport murderer boy charged with terrorism?!?

  2. I will be getting a permit as soon as I turn 21. Hopefully there will be campus carry in time for my senior year of college. Im never in condition white unless I’m in my dorm room with the door locked. I carry pepper spray and a knife with me everywhere because that’s the best I can legally do.

    • “I will be getting a permit as soon as I turn 21. . . .”

      That’s because your stupid POS neighbors who needed a job (a/k/a: your “government”) hate you, and don’t trust you.

      There’s too much personal benefit they are usurping from this some where. Check it out, and make sure your don’t reward their bad behavior.

    • Nate,

      Assuming that you are young, strong, and fast, you should be in pretty good shape with respect to spree killers or terrorists even without a firearm. Unless they are right on top of you, you should be able to escape without any trouble. And if you are stuck in a room at the end of a hallway with no alternative exits, you still have a decent chance if you grab improvised melee weapons (chairs, stools, etc.) and wait at the doorway into your room … especially if there are two or three others who can assist and you place obstacles in the doorway and into your room.

      I would think that you are at far greater risk of injury/death from a mugger, a gang of punks, or a disgruntled party-goer. Do whatever you can to reduce your exposure to such types.

      • He already carries a blade. Ambush at the door, yes. Chair or improvised weapon, no. Use the blade. A few hours of basic instruction on this is more than sufficient. If said blade is not suitable for such work, replace it with one that is.

    • Kudos, Nate from the land of townships. You really “get it.” Let us know when you get your permit so we can celebrate together.

  3. ““[f]or the first time since the end of the Cold War, the number of French army soldiers actively deployed in metropolitan France roughly equals that of overseas operations.””

    We’re all adults…you can say the word “seige” – we know what it is.

  4. Took two rounds and still breathing.


    Next time, maybe use a proper expanding hunting bullet designed to kill quickly and humanely.

    • You can’t interrogate a corpse. Even if he is a lone wolf with no connections to a group, it’s worth figuring him out. Understand your enemy.

      • Most of us understand the enemy just fine.
        We know the facebook pages, we know the countries, we know the soldiers who are willing to die for their “god.”
        When we recognize these soldiers, we kill them. Why? Because we already know who they are.

        • Do you know WHERE they are? Do you know WHAT they have planned? Would you like to find that out?

          Jesus, some people are thick.

        • “Do you know WHERE they are? Do you know WHAT they have planned? Would you like to find that out?

          Jesus, some people are thick.”

          I know what they look like. I know where they come from.
          I know to be on guard. I trust Trump to vet them before they get here, unlike the last president we had.
          We are at war. We need to remember that. Whether it’s declared or not, a lot of people have declared war on us, so I consider us to be at war with them.
          You’re right, some people are thick.

        • A lone nutball with no gun likely has no real contact with ISIS or any other organized group, otherwise they would have sent him better equipped for mayhem.

          Their only role is to validate his paranoid hatred and inspire him to kill. Even if he did receive marching orders from them, there isn’t much chance they would tell him where the big dogs hang out, what they are planning or have planned.

          They aren’t stupid.

        • “I trust Trump to vet them before they get here, unlike the last president we had”
          I must be a little more paranoid. I don’t trust anyone in the government to do anything competent even if I think they are on my side.

          “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'” – Ronald Reagan

        • Well put! As someone with some knowledge gleaned from similar experience, albeit MANY years ago, and some experts on the matter, I contend that you have the correct take on the issue. The situation is not conducive to potential “information gathering” thoughts. The job at hand is to end the problem, quickly, as safely as possible, with as little harm to bystanders as possible. That is the ONLY set of concerns at the time. While I understand the necessity of interrogation and the avenues necessary to obtain information, it is not a lead pipe certainty that it will work as desired. Lone attackers, and even small teams, do not generally have access to “big picture” information and usually have only “need to know” information about what they are instructed to do. Think about it! How much useful deep information did any Private, thru Captain actually know beyond what they were specifically ordered to do during D-Day? No one is given a script prior to any battle or assault. The people on the scene have priority decision making process on site because the slightest pause or lapse causes death in that situation. People who have never faced these situations, or similar ones, believe they have the answers because they just SEEM intellectually, emotionally, and “logically” right. (a misuse of logic. Any manner of warfare is, by any logical standards, illogical, however necessary it may be) Too many inputs by people, not accustomed to war, give input to things they have no knowledge of. Were the armed services left alone to do their job, the result would be far shorter conflicts, far fewer deaths, and significantly clearer victories. I’ve deviated somewhat here but the upshot is that this clown wanted to kill people, create fear and hopelessness, and return to his “god”! Stopping him as swiftly and completely as possible is the mission here, and the men on site did that admirably!

        • Maybe not the Maquisards (assuming any are still alive after all these years). Seems like the French are about the most arrogant, and yet at the same time the most cowardly, nation around – quick to start a fight, but just as quick to back out and leave someone else to clean up the mess (which is more or less how we ended up in Vietnam – which used to be called “French Indo-China”). And so “PC” that, from what I hear, people aren’t even allowed to wear crosses openly in public – after all, it might offend the resident muzzies (as if they actually need a reason to commit acts of terrorism and random violence…). And grabby? When the wreck of La Salle’s ship “La Belle” was found in Matagordo Bay, Texas, where she has lain for over 300 years, the frogs immediately claimed it as “theirs” (never mind the fact that the French government that “La Belle” sailed under ceased to exist when King Louis lost his head…); same goes for another lost (and still not positively found and identified) La Salle ship, “La Griffon”, which was actually built in North America and disappeared somewhere in the upper Great Lakes. As soon as an American diver claimed to have found a piece of the wreck a few years ago, the Frogs jumped in and screamed “OURS!”. So no, I don’t have a whole lot of respect for the French as a nation, though there may be a few individuals I could respect (though I haven’t met them).

      • I know it’s a long shot but if you’re ever in France ? ? and have the opportunity, go kick a member of the GIGN or the FFL in the nuts and then report back to us….

        PS, please include before and after pictures of your face. Thank you.

        • Rich K. The French were quick to start a fight and just as quick to back out and let someone else clean up the mess ? You are referring to Vietnam and the U.S. mission to liberate the south from the creeping menace of communism ?

          How did that turn out ?

          From a wiki article “Vietnam remains one of the world’s four remaining one-party socialist states officially espousing communism.”

          In other words the communists won the war, absorbed South Vietnam and accomplished all their goals …..and are still in power at this very moment….because the U.S. Government BACKED OUT.

        • Just remember that La Legion Etrangere is made up mostly of NON FRENCH SOLDIERS led by French officers.

          As for Vietnam, I never said we SUCCEEDED. I just said the Frogs backed out of the region and left us to clean up the mess, first as “observers” and “military advisors”, then as active participants. Between the public opinion going against the war (and just remember that quite of those anti-war protesters…got older – I won’t say “grew up”, because they never did – and are now the same liberal politicians and activists that have been slowly ruining our country over the decades since the fall of Saigon), and the powers-that-were being chicken-hearted about possibly getting into WWIII if China and maybe even Russia got involved (okay, China was already partly involved, so I should say MORE involved), of course we backed out. And ever since then, nobody in the government has been willing to totally commit to a war against our enemies and stomp them into the ground. Hopefully Trump will change that…

        • Rich K…

          A.) I’m a Trump supporter.

          B.) France is indeed a left wing hell hole but there exists Marine Le Pen and the National Front so France is by no means politically / culturally unified.

          C.) Using non-natives to supplement one’s military is a legitimate tactic. Imperial Rome used foreign auxiliaries by the tens of thousands and also used the promise of citizenship as an incentive. For centuries Rome’s military was virtually unstoppable. Defeat was the exception, not the rule.

          Just making an attempt at balance ( as I perceive it ), not trolling.

        • “Using non-natives to supplement one’s military is a legitimate tactic. Imperial Rome used foreign “auxiliaries” by the tens of thousands and also used the promise of citizenship as an incentive. For centuries Rome’s military was virtually unstoppable. Defeat was the exception, not the rule.”

          Right up to the time when those non-natives revolted and used the Romans’ own tactics, weapons, and a superior knowledge of local terrain, then the courage having nothing left to lose gives you, to take down the whole Empire.
          The Great Wall of China was ‘breached’ the same way; locals were given control of guarding the wall, with some Chinese barracks spread out to help, but the locals didn’t have any problems with letting the “barbarians” in to trade and visit relatives. Eventually, the wall was useless, because the locals had no vested interest in guarding it like the Chinese did.

        • The use of foreign auxiliary forces by the romans is far more nuisanced then has been alluded to. The Romans were a martial society that put a premium on military service during the republican years and even after that emperors were generally expected to have military service as a pre condition before for the job( at least during the early empire).
          Furthermore the Romans were rather inclusive in their society, extending citizenship to most peoples that the concurred regardless of religion or culture ( with the notable exclusion of the Carthaginians and the Jews). And most argue that at the end of the empire, the Romans use of mercenary troops was their undoing. The point being broad generalizations about ancient cultures that existed for millennia generally don’t apply.

        • PDW: “”….so “no” to Trump’s wall ?”

          There’s a difference: We aren’t going to use Mexicans to patrol the wall.
          The Romans and Chinese used locals to patrol their wall/border, with a few regulars to oversee the locals.
          See the difference?

        • Joe in San Antonio, not really going to disagree with any your points. Foreign influences, mostly Germanic ( e.g., Arminius an ethnic Cherusci raised as a Roman, trained in the Roman military and who at age 25 with assistance of his ethnic kinsmen later slaughtered three legions plus their auxiliaries in AD 9 ) were a constant thorn in the side of Imperial Rome. Later, even the leaders of Roman society were no longer exclusively Mediterranean but many were Germanic.

          As for the downfall of large empires, none exist in perpetuity and all eventually fall for various reasons. Perhaps multiculturalism and inclusivity is the enemy of all empires. Who knew ?

  5. With all these cops around and armed, how the hell did the looney lay steel on somebody’s head? Guy should have been dropped as soon as he pulled the machete.

      • Exactly. The American left (the ones who decry any kind of violence, even defensive violence) ain’t got NOTHING on France. Not only is that mentality FAR more prevelant, it’s also even more severe. And given the general hostility in France toward guns and those who wield them, you’d better make DAMN sure you cover your own ass, even if you’re a soldier or armed cop. No preemptive anything.

        • The American progtards idolize and model the frog marxists. No higher form of life a the center of their universe.

    • Larry in TX,

      It doesn’t surprise me at all. Consider an average observer who has absolutely no idea that a person is reaching into a bag to pull out a machete. I’ll bet it would take at least 2 seconds for the observer’s brain to actually register the fact that the object in that person’s hand is a machete. Next, the observer would struggle for at least 2 more seconds trying to rationalize why that person is holding a machete. Finally, after the observer finally comes to terms with the fact that the person holding the machete is going to harm someone, it would take still another 1 or 2 seconds to act in self-defense. Thus, from the time that the attacker pulls out the machete until the observer/defender acts to defend themselves, 5 seconds could have easily ticked away. Needless to say, 5 seconds is plenty of time to close the distance on someone and whack them in head at least once.

  6. Sounds like either attempted suicide-by-cop (or soldier, in this case), or a really, really dumb wannabe terrorist. Paris is packed cheek-to-jowl with unarmed potential victims, and he attacks two armed soldiers with a machete? He really didn’t set himself up for success, did he?

    • In a way, it makes sense.
      Attack those who matter, make a name for yourself.
      This particular soldier for allah probably wanted/expected to be killed. All those virgins were calling his name.

      • Of course, nobody bothered to tell him that those “72 virgins” were all dried-up old parochial-school nuns, all of them armed with rulers and MEAN attitudes! 😀

  7. Bogus photo, everybody knows all cops are 60 lbs overweight.

    – Just venting, I have to do a physical for the Coast Guard -Merchant Marnier every year and can’t be overweight ,bad vision, high BP, ect.ect .ect. or they will fail me and I can’t work. That’s right folks, fail and YOU can’t WORK. I feel that there should be HIGH standards for LEO’s as well. Now I’m not sayin run uphill with an 80 pack for 8 miles. Just watch everytime you see cops on the news,

    • Depends on the department, around here our cops are pretty fit and are also expected to pass a fitness test yearly

  8. See, this is exactly why the value of banning refugees approaches zero as a counterterrorism strategy. Tourist visas are much, much easier to get because you’re not staying somewhere permanently and taking years to vet each tourist would drastically cut volume and destroy businesses that rely on them. Once they’re here as a tourist or student, they can just hop into the nearest U-Haul by a crowded street. The terrorist will always get through.

    • 100,000 visas were just cancelled by Executive Order.

      And I believe that the US should as a matter of policy favor Central and South American migrants over North African ones. Our cultures are much more similar than they are different. I believe we should build a yuge wall with beautiful gates that we can open and let lots of people in LEGALLY. Documented, taxpaying, auto insurance purchasing legal.

  9. I call shenanigans. The Aloha-Snackbar attacks are a myth and do not happen in “developed countries.” EX-PotUS Barry Hussain said so, and he has never lied, never had a divisionist agenda, never favored one race over the others despite their crimes, and had the most crystal clear administration in the flipping universe.

    HAHAHA! Sorry, almost busted a gut trying not to laugh while typing that. 😀

  10. It’s not clear if the person who stopped this Koran-reader was a cop or a soldier. Since the Mohammedan dupe took 5 bullets, my guess is it was a cop armed with a SIG, PAMAS, or HK in 9mm. If the shooter were a soldier, he’d probably have used a FAMAS in 5.56, and five rounds of that caliber would have left the jihadi in the presence of his virgins.

  11. ABC sez 4 bullet holes needed plugging. More proof of the ineffectiveness of 223/556 round or were they just not using the right 223/556 round?


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