Paper that Published NY Pistol Permit Holder Info Hires Armed Guards

We reported a few days ago about the Journal News and their publication of the full name and address of every licensed handgun owner in Westchester County. The Journal News was unrepentant, believing that it was acting in the best interest of the public to make that information available. The County Clerk for Putnam Country disagrees, and apparently the level of hate mail flowing into the newsroom has prompted the company to protect themselves a la the New York Times with armed guards . . .

From Politico:

According to the Clarkstown Police report, filed today, Journal News editor Caryn McBride had “previously reported a large amount of negative correspondence in response to the media outlet’s publication of local gun permit holders.” McBride shared one email with the police officer from “an unknown subject who wondered what McBride would get in her email now.” The officer told McBride the email did not constitute an offense.

The Rockland County Times, a Journal News competitor, led its exclusive report citing the juxtaposition of targeting gun ownership while hiring armed guards.

So let me get this straight.

Even after an individual goes through the proper channels, submits to a rigorous background check, and has been found by the government to be an upstanding citizen of the state of New York, they are still considered a threat to the community by the Journal News because they choose to protect themselves by owning legally purchased firearms?

But the Journal News isn’t a threat to the community for wanting the exact same protection?


  1. avatar Al in KY says:

    I think the repeated attempts to get police protection from “threats” that are not threats is hilarious.

    And cowardly.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      actually, it is payback. They outed a number of LEO’s and retired LEO’s. You don’t think the po-po bleeds blue?? This is a very subtle way of getting back at the newspaper for hurting their brothers and letting the crooks know who/where they are. What will be even funnier is if/when the newspaper’s offices are vandalized/damaged in an “attack”, the police say it was a harmless prank or they start to harrass the armed guards and start demanding their carry paperwork on a daily basis.

    2. avatar Derek says:

      Probably just wanting to acquire it officially so they can say they had to protect themselves from the dangerous, impulsive, gun nuts that are threatening them…

  2. avatar Rob says:

    Wait a minute…won’t adding more guns to the situation make life more dangerous???

  3. avatar Greg says:

    Once again, some are more equal than others.

    1. avatar gringito says:

      That´s it!

    2. avatar jbarr says:

      “We the sheeple” are not supposed to have guns, only those who want to control the sheeple.

  4. Ahhh, the hypocritical irony of it all 😛

  5. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    hey, the security company is RGA Security.

    Richard G. Ayoob, President
    Lee Ayoob, Vice President
    Adele Ayoob, Secretary Treasurer

    That last name sounds familiar, huh?

    1. avatar 16V says:

      So much irony one must keep it away from magnets.

    2. avatar dirk diggler says:

      I pray Massad’s family is not involved here. Making money is good, but there is principle and brand name. I wouldn’t want my successful brand associated here

      1. avatar Nelson says:

        Actually even if it turns out it’s our favorite Lebanese American gun instructor’s family, I personally don’t mind; it’ll be like ACLU lawyers defending neo-Nazis to make the point that while they do not agree with the content of their free speech, they’ll defend the fundamental Constitutional principles that protect their right to make such distasteful speech.

        Who knows, perhaps they’ll learn a lesson from all this. Also, considering how deliberate, calm and articulate Mas has always been, perhaps in between, if the bitch has the courtesy of conversing with her “help”-staff, he can actually enlighten her on the principles of natural right of self-defense.

        LOL. No high hopes though.

      2. avatar Lemming says:

        Why? No, seriously, why?

        Sure, I’m having a schadenfreude moment, but they do have a right to a defense, and it mighjt as well be a quality one. If it turns out they’re paying money to someone active on the pro-2a community, even better!

      3. avatar Paul W says:

        Dirk: are you kidding? That’d mean these numbnuts are paying very good money to someone who actively supports 2A! That’s all sorts of awesome

        1. avatar dirk diggler says:

          No. Not kidding. Just because you own a business does not compell you to offer a service. If no security business assisted them, how special would that be?

        2. avatar dirk diggler says:

          No. Not kidding. Just because you own a business does not compell you to offer a service to someone (assuming non-protected class reasons). If no security business assisted them, how special would that be?

    3. avatar Lemming says:

      Here’s Richard Ayoob’s FB page!/richard.ayoob/info

      If accurate he graduated from HS in Brooklyn in 1956. I _think_ Massad Ayoob was an 8 year old somewhere in New England at that time so I’m guessing any relationship is a distant one.

  6. avatar Loyd says:

    Guns are bad, mkay!? (Until you’re begging for them)

  7. avatar ChuckN says:

    The real question is will any staff at the Journal News
    seek to obtain permits to arm themselves?

    1. avatar Ropingdown says:

      It seems they preemptively applied. According to a local paper the original author of the Journal News story was Dwight Worley, registered to possess a .357 magnum revolver. I haven’t a clue whether he included his own residence in the listing. I’d also note that causing a threat to others and then bringing out their own gunmen is the equivalent of punching someone in the nose and then pulling a gun when they fight back: That surely is a criminal use of a gun in my jurisdiction. Typical. Much of the press and anti-defense politicians are routinely both aggressive and bullying and consequently fearful. No wonder they fear others with guns: They assume everyone has the same psychology they do.

      1. avatar APBTFan says:

        I don’t believe he included himself but other blogs have remedied the situation posting his address complete with a nice google street view of his residence.

  8. avatar Buzzlefutt says:

    What were they expecting to happen?
    Were they expecting to be celebrated as heroes?
    Was it hope that it might make everyone withdraw their linceses and give up their right?
    Were they thinking that they might be shot and then can become martyrs for their cause?

    It was a lousy gesture on their part. People will treat them with disgust and contempt. They abused the trust of their neighbors and put them in danger just to conduct a stunt.

    They also gave additional reason for us to not allow licensing.

  9. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    Gee…didn’t see this comming….asshats

  10. avatar Aharon says:

    The local community had better hope that the armed guards are better shots than Bloomberg’s NYC police.

  11. avatar Nelson says:

    Now, ask that c*nt if she’s willing to publish the names and address, and what guns her newly hired security detail are carrying.

    That’s how you know that bitch was full of shit.

    Hilarious how elitist monkeys never delude that they’re hypocritically arrogant. Well, if they did know how to self-reflect, they wouldn’t be neurotic sociopathic nerd lunatics now, would they? Rhetorical, but y’all get the gist.

    They’ve declared war against Constitutionalists… but most of them aren’t armed, intellectually, figuratively, or literally. LOLOLOLOL

  12. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Heard at an editorial meeting at the Journal News:

    “Hey, I have an idea. Let’s piss-off everybody in the neighboring counties who have guns!! Eh? Huh? Whaddya’ think? Huh?

  13. avatar personfromtheinterwebs says:

    Didn’t someone post the addresses of all the journalists?

  14. avatar Don says:

    Anti-self-defense newspaper hires ARMED PROTECTION in response the intellectually measured and non-threatening negative feedback they got over an irresponsible article…

    … because only people who can afford to hire servants to hold their guns for them should be allowed to use them for protection.

    1. avatar IdahoPete says:

      Yeah, sort of like people who hate hunting and hunters but eat meat they buy from the supermarket.

      “Hey, WE don’t own any of those nasty guns.” Hypocritical POS.

  15. avatar jwm says:

    This is the caliber of our opposition?

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      Yep. That’s them.

      Back in the 90’s, some papers did similar antics – but with more assurance that gun owners couldn’t respond as they have here.

      Isn’t this Internet thingie wonderful?

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    Writing letters is great, but why write the Journal News? I’m sure their publisher and editor doesn’t give a sh!t. Write to their advertisers instead. The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is requesting our help.

    1. avatar dirk diggler says:


    2. avatar dirk diggler says:

      Brilliant move.

  17. avatar jim says:

    Funniest thing since Ted Kennedy’s private security guard got busted on the floor of the Senate with a handgun, a submachine gun, and 200 rounds of ammo. Just because the peasants don’t need protection… I’m different because I am important!

    1. avatar wabiker says:

      I remember that!

  18. avatar rich b says:

    I hope the security co. charges them an arm,leg and some other private parts for their services.serves them right.and, they better not publicize the security companys employees addresses.

    1. avatar David-p says:

      +1000. To the point that they have to tell their employees it would be cheaper for them to go and get handgun permits.

  19. avatar Frank Williams says:

    I wonder if any of the armed guards’ names (or their family members’ names) appear on the list the paper published?

  20. avatar RockThisTown says:

    Does this mean they’ll now put themselves on the published list? Or does just hiring someone with a gun provide ‘being-protected-with-a-gun’ anonymity? If so, I hereby hire myself to protect me with a gun. Therefore, I won’t be on the list.

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” H.L. Mencken

  21. avatar Ike says:

    How many active and retired police officers, FBI agents, Secret Service agents, ATF agents and other addresses have now been exposed to risk by this stupid act by the newspaper? Not to mention security guards and gun collectors. Did any of these newspaper clowns think it through before publishing the map? How many of their own employees were exposed?

    Oh, my! They might get less than full support from law enforcement…… “A burglary? Vandalism? A threat? We’ll drop by in an hour or so….”.

    1. I read that the list includes undercover cops as well, granted it doesn’t state that they are cops, but about a third of the list are cops.

  22. avatar ThomasR says:

    I don’t understand, don’t they have a sign out front saying thier building is a gun free zone?

    If it’s good enough for our schools, it should be good enough for them.

  23. avatar JustAJ says:

    Let us not forget, this is hte name and address of anyone who “has a permit”. That does not mean “has a gun” since a permit to own is required prior to actual ownership. Not that I’m OK with this at all, of course. Just pointing out that this is way worse, since targets are painted on the backs (houses) of not just gun owners who are able to defend themselves, but prospective gun owners who not yet availed themselves of the right.

  24. avatar Gregg says:

    You just don’t need guns for protection. Until you need protection.

  25. avatar Ike says:

    Author of the original article exposing addresses of firearm permit holders, Dwight R. Worley. Mr. Worley owns a S&W .357 but withheld his own name and address from his list of gun owners. Does this smell of hypocrisy?

    Dwight R. Worley
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
    (718) 527-0832
    Tax Watch Reporter at the Journal News/

    “Journal News reporter Dwight R. Worley owns a Smith & Wesson 686 .357 Magnum and has had a residence permit in New York City for that weapon since February 2011.”

  26. avatar Lance says:

    They hate guns so much they hire armed security. News people are dumber than a rock!

  27. avatar Silver says:

    It takes a special kind of evil mind to willingly put one’s self and family in peril for the sake of oppressing and threatening law-abiding citizens.

    This is what our complacent modern society has bred: people who know they can threaten and trample others without any repercussion. I hope they’re soon bluntly reminded that evil deeds sometimes beget consequences.

  28. avatar APBTFan says:

    Pure unadulterated publicity stunt.

    What better way to further paint gun owners in a bad light than claim they’re so violent you need armed protection from them.

  29. avatar woodekt says:

    PLEASE pass that co$t on to your customers.

  30. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    well according to fox news this has really backfired on theses asshats they are loosing subcribers left and right and soon to loose there sponsers….anyone what to buy a news paper company….cheap….lol

  31. avatar O.E says:

    And you don’t think that paper receives hate mail and death threat from convicted felons that have had their details & crime made public record outside of court records before?

    They don’t call the papers muck rakers for some abstract reason, and digging is not a clean pass time.

  32. avatar Joe says:

    Didn’t think this completely through, did they?

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