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The NRA is reporting that an important gun law reform will be coming up for a vote this week. From

(T)he Pennsylvania Legislature returns from its summer break, and the NRA has learned that the state House of Representatives may be considering a vote on House Bill 2011 as early as…Monday.  This critical firearms preemption legislation is needed to strengthen and provide consistency in Pennsylvania’s firearm and ammunition laws throughout the state. To date, nearly fifty municipalities have enacted illegal local gun control ordinances including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Reading and the state capital of Harrisburg. Enough is enough.

I wrote about the law back in March.  There are very good reasons to pass this law. It’s popular with the legislature, and the anti-rights types hate it because it provides needed limits on government power. Local tyranny is still tyranny.

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  1. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen. Who would have thought we would need to do all this or have our rights slowly and methodically taken away.

    • Philadelphia is the only city that has any special restrictions written into the state laws. You are required to have a LTCF to open carry in the city.

    • It’s only cities of the first class, which is defined as having more than 1,000,000 residents. There is only one first class city, philadelphia.

        • As a resident of PA, I don’t consider Philly part of PA. Hell I don’t even consider it part of planet Earth.

        • “As a resident of PA, I don’t consider Philly part of PA.”

          That is how I feel about dallas (lower case intentional). In fact, most of the time I refer to the whole county as “Not Texas”

  2. Another great article, Dean. Keep up the good work.
    Good luck, PA 2A rights believers. Write and call your state reps and senators…

  3. In West Virginia, we just had the preemption law passed in the spring session. It was SB 317 and it brought all of WV under the same State codes and eliminated the ordinance from 4 cities that had written their own gun laws.

  4. From what I have heard something similar is going on in North Las Vegas. Concealed carry laws there are different than Nevada law and even Las Vegas proper ordinances. But the local powers that be are thumbing their noses at everyone and saying they will do as they please because of gang activity. Their laws may eventually be questioned and overturned IF anyone with power or money decides to challenge them. Until then, they will continue to do at they please. Rule of thumb is to avoid North Las Vegas if you are in that area from what I understand.

    • I learned only just today that Nevada, even at the state level, is a little squirrelly with their concealed carry laws. For example, their list of reciprocity states is very short and excludes some large states like Texas and Florida. It’s also just now been made shorter by two states for removing Louisiana and West Virginia licenses from the reciprocity list. And yet, they recognize Illinois licenses. Go figure.

      • Some of it is due to money, pure and simple. They remove AZ recently because they were mad Nevadians(?) were coming down to AZ and taking CCW classes, and registration because it was cheaper in AZ than NV apparently.

  5. I just looked at the Bill again, there are 85 sponsors. The house has 197 members. So we need 14 others to vote for it.

  6. I live in Philly. Planning on moving out of the county soon. Took me 3 months to get a LTC! crazy! At least it’s better than NJ where I grew up.

  7. Good luck, Pennsylvania!

    The Demanding Moms keep shilling for non-binding policies in restaurants, and – slowly but surely – we’re winning where it matters.

  8. People have been pushing this for years, and it never gets done. PA just doesn’t have much appetite for increasing firearms freedoms right now (though, at least PA hasn’t had much appetite for gun control at the State level, either).

    Regardless, this is probably the last chance for a while. People are so pissed at Corbett over his handling of the Penn State thing that even some GOP I know are willing to shoot themselves in the foot by voting against him. Pair a Dem Governor with our Bloomberg-owned, barking moonbat AG who has been quietly chewing away at carry reciprocity and there is potential for more trouble. At the very least, no bills that enhance firearms freedom will be signed, and I don’t see it easy getting overrides when we can barely pass anything now.

    So, I expect we go from fighting for progress to fighting to maintain what we have.

    • Sad to see that, since I travel to PA frequently for family and friends. I envision a possibility of losing my right to carry there if they start messing around with reprocity laws (again).

  9. Now, if you could only get them to recognize Utah’s non-resident carry permit’ (again) or better yet, accept any other state’s CCL regardless of a reciprocity agreement …that would be great!

  10. I’d like them to vote on House Bill 1317.

    “The Alloway amendment would prevent public and private employers from establishing, maintaining or enforcing a policy to prohibit employees who are concealed carry license holders from storing a handgun secured in their motor vehicle parked at their workplace.”

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