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Once I became a gun owner and received the training I needed to carry and use it responsibly, mine eyes were opened to the bi-polar attitude Hollywood has regarding guns. Perfectly willing to exploit guns in movies and on TV for ratings, most of Hollyweird has this love-hate thang goin’, where they despise and deplore guns in real life. Apparently, in their book the only good gun is a blank gun.

But something interesting’s happening lately. A growing number of celebs are beginning to find their voices, speaking out as Conservatives, and…wait for it…pro-gun advocates. I thought it might be interesting to scour the web for lists of current denizens of MovieTown and see which ones are willing to be identified as gun-friendly. (Note: Charlton Heston would be at the head of the list, but we’re talking here only about the living.) Here’s a partial list . . .

  • Donald P. Bellisario – producer/director
  • Ned Beatty – actor
  • Josh Brolin – actor
  • Dave Butz – former Washington Redskins All-Pro athlete
  • Candace Cameron – actress
  • Robert Carradine – actor
  • Joanna Cassidy – actress
  • Carol Connors – composer
  • Christian Conrad – actor
  • Robert Conrad – actor
  • Jesse D’Angelo – actor/musician
  • James Darren – actor
  • Kim Delaney – actress
  • Leslie Easterbrook – actress
  • Erik Estrada – actor
  • John Fasano – screenwriter
  • Tom Selleck – actor
  • Ted Nugent – musician
  • Tim Abell – actor
  • Jay Bernstein – executive producer
  • Kelly Bovino – actor
  • Ruth Buzzi – actor
  • Stephen Cannell – producer
  • Mark Carlton – actor
  • Robert Carradine – actor/producer
  • Lee Debroux – actor
  • Johnny Di Santi – actor
  • Michael Dudikoff – actor
  • Leslie Easterbrook – actor
  • Richard Edlund – Academy Award-winning special effects wizard
  • Dennis Farina – actor
  • Lou Ferrigno – body-builder/actor
  • Dennis Franz – actor
  • Robert Fuller – actor
  • John Clark Gable – actor
  • Richard Gilliland – actor
  • Erin Gray – actor
  • Michael Gregory – actor,
  • Vincent Guastaferro – actor
  • Richard C. Hacker – screenwriter
  • Tom Hallick – actor
  • Frasier Heston – actor
  • Richard Hissong – cinematographer
  • Lee Horsley – actor
  • Steve Kanaly – actor
  • Patrick Kilpatrick – actor
  • T.J. Klay – musician
  • Martin Kove – actor
  • Ed LaPorta – production design
  • John Laughlin – actor
  • John Phillip Law – actor
  • Thyme Lewis – actor,
  • Anne Lockhart – actor
  • Heather Lowe – actor
  • A.C. Lyles – actor/producer
  • Joe Mantegna – Emmy and Tony award-winning actor
  • Ron Masak – actor
  • Jerry Mathers – actor
  • John Milius – director/writer
  • D.W. Moffitt – actor
  • Roger E. Mosley – actor
  • Charles Napier – actor
  • Paul Pape – actor, producer
  • Jim Parish – actor
  • Roy “Dusty” Rogers, jr. – musician
  • Francine Sama – musician/actor
  • Debralee Scott – actor
  • Peter Sherakyo – actor/ armorer
  • Jim Starr – athlete/actor
  • Frank Stallone – musician/actor
  • Chuck Stapel – custom knife maker
  • John Strong – actor
  • James Swan – writer/actor
  • Marshall Teague – actor
  • Lindy Teague – model
  • Gary Wood – actor

Wow. The list is a lot longer than I’d have expected. And it’s far from complete. Okay – here’s the deal. If you know of someone left off the list (or someone who doesn’t belong) write us. And let’s see where this goes.

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  1. Whether or not a particular person is pro or anti gun, I wish we could get a few more of them to agree that Rule 3 is a good idea.

  2. Here are a few more:

    Rick Schroder, actor

    Bo Derek (honorary Green Beret!), actor

    Gary Sinise, actor

    Jon Voight, actor

    Bruce Willis, actor

    Kelsey Grammer, actor

    Angie Harmon, actor

    Jerry Bruckheimer, director/producer

    John Ratzenberger, actor

    Kid Rock, musician

    Chuck Norris, bad actor

    Gerald McRaney, actor

    • Hey, Chuck used to be a bad actor, but he's worked hard and improved to the point where I'd now call him a mediocre actor.

  3. Why does that young lady have her finger on the trigger and the muzzle pointed towards Denise Richards on the second floor?

    • Most likely for the same reason Robert DeNiro and Lindsay Lohan displayed similar poor gun safety in their posters for "Machete": The lovely Ms. Hathaway has probably never handled a gun that wasn't first "cleared" by a gun wrangler. Ergo, her first instinct when picking up a weapon is to place her finger on the trigger.

  4. I read articles that said Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Angelina Joile and Brad Pitt were gun owners also.

  5. Ben Affleck

    William F. Buckley

    Bill Cosby

    Robert De Niro

    Don Imus

    Harvey Keitel

    Ray Kelly

    Ronald Lauder

    Jennifer Lopez

    Barbara Mandrell

    Irlene Mandrell

    Louise Mandrell

    Tommy Mottola

    Shaquille O'Neal

    Sean Penn

    Joan Rivers

    Laurence Rockefeller

    Kurt Russell

    Steve Scott

    Tom Selleck

    Barry Slotnick

    Steven Spielberg

    Sylvester Stallone

    Howard Stern

    Arthur Ochs "Punch" Sulzberger Sr.

    Donald Trump Sr.

    Donald Trump Jr.

    Steven Tyler

    And, more than 100 pro-gun gay and bisexual celebrities at:


    • Ben Affleck? Robert DiNero? Don Imus? Sean Penn? et. al.? They might own personal firearms, but I think that hardly qualifies any of them as "pro-gun advocates." Quite to the contrary, what is good for them is not what they believe is good for the unwashed masses. You see, they are okay. The rest of us are not to be trusted.

      Do we not have to be discriminating with this list to separate celebs that happen to own guns from those who champion gun rights? If not, I have a few more names for the list: Robert Blake, O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector.

  6. I have to agree with Bill. Merely owning a gun isn't enough to make someone "pro gun." After all, no less than Dianne Feinstein had one of CA's exceedingly rare CCW permits back in the 80's, and occasionally, at least, packed a piece.

    Not to mention that Bubba Clinton, the NRA's bete noire, took quite public hunting trips with his trusty shotgun to the marshlands of Arkansas.

    Honestly, there's always a hint of desperation in these kinds of "lists." As if gun owners are pimply geeks stretching to find any association they can with the "cool kids" of Hollywood.

  7. Just curious. Is actor/producer David Carradine listed twice because he owns / carries two guns?

  8. A lot of Hollywood celebrities who were anti-gun, would call up Charlton Heston on the sly, and ask him where they could go purchase a gun. This usually happened after their home was burglarized, or they feared they might become a target of a criminal.

  9. Aren’t Don Johnson and Johnny Depp also? I swear I read something about Depp owning a sub machine gun or something.

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