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I’m driving back from the range with Chris and Joe after a VERY successful media day at the range –seriously, better than SHOT. Anyway, we saw this guy cruising down the road and decided to almost cause an accident to take a picture. While Portland is the land where the dream of the 90s is still alive, the surrounding state is gun ownership bliss. More when we’ve recovered from our hangover…

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  1. The thing I love about Oregon is that there are plenty of hippies who shoot, and those that don’t are disinclined to give you static about it. The worst I generally get from Oregon hippies is “cool man, it’s not my thing but that’s cool.” Compared to California hippies who see no irony in fervently hoping that the government will step in and tell you what you can and can’t do, Oregon hippies are where it’s at.

    • While our liberals actually act like real liberals, for some strange reason that doesn’t translate to their representatives. Where the likes of Prozanski and Burdick have yet to meet an anti-gun bill they don’t immediately fall in love with.

      • And don’t forget our new Congress critter Suzanne Bonamici, who was previously a state representative. She’s right down there with Prozanski and Burdick.

  2. Oh boy! Some one with a big, expensive looking gun painted on his truck! When hes not around it, I’ma break the window in and see if theres anything cool in there I can steal and go sell!

  3. Oregon has a weird reputation for no real reason. Portland may be loud and annoying, but we still have better gun laws than Texas.

      • Unfortunately none. Only an issue for nonresidents (and we still issue permits to nonresidents); resident permits cost less and take less time than Texas permits, we can carry in more places, and open carry is legal (that’s a big one).

        We can also carry switchblades and balisongs.

        • And that’s why this non-resident will not travel there and try to avoid spending money there. To me it’s no different than CA, NY, NJ, HI, RI, MA, ME, MD or IL.

          No guns, no money.

        • “… and open carry is legal” In theory, I guess . I wouldn’t test it in any of the metro areas unless you got lots of spare dough to blow on a lawyer. The cops will often find some excuse to arrest you. The following link has a video that reports on one of TTAG writer Chris Dumm’s former clients in Vancouver, WA:

          Those charges were eventually dismissed, but the case persisted in the system for a long time.

          Even the best scenario will probably go down like this:

          As you can see from the second video, the young-buck cop knows open carry is legal but feels compelled to do something anyway. He isn’t entirely sure how to deal with the situation, and he eventually resorts to asking his patrol buddy how to proceed. His buddy senses that they are getting baited into committing some sort of civil rights violation, and wisely tells young buck to cut bait.

    • “Dan A says:

      July 15, 2012 at 22:42

      Oregon has a weird reputation for no real reason. Portland may be loud and annoying, but we still have better gun laws than Texas.”

      No offense Dan but Oregon has a weird reputation for good reason. I have never had seen so many hicks, hippies and down right drugged up lunatics in my life. I lived in the Medford area and I will tell you that we only met two folks in that whole time that seemed all there in the head and actually grounded. Other than that the place really reminded me of Central California. Loads of crime and petty break ins. Gangs were also a big issue. Not something you think of when you first think of Oregon. We didn’t at least.

      • No offense taken. The reputation I’m referring to is the “dirty, pot smoking, tree hugging hippie” that most seem to associate us with–your garden variety hicks and drug addicts exist everywhere. I’m sorry Medford sucked so much for you.

        • I’m not sure if I saw a dirty, pot-smoking, tree-hugging hippy. That would have been a nice change. I hope they are out there. That would be a step up in my opinion. All we saw were angry drug users and lunatics. But obviously all are not like that and thank God for those folk. Someone is keeping the place together. We just didn’t meet any.

        • I figured something was up when we looked at the crime stats and saw that rape was three times the number of the city we came from with 10 times the people. Hated the place.

  4. My buddies and I make it a point to take a “hippy” shooting when ever we can. Actually handling and firing a gun in a safe environment dispels a lot of myths.

  5. I’ve got family spread out all over Oregon and Idaho. From my experience, most of the liberals are located in the Portland, Salem, Eugene corridor. And even then, they’re mostly not the terrible kind of liberals. Same with Idaho where I currently live, our elected Democrates are pretty conservative.

    Man…I need to become a TTAG field reporter or something, I’d have made a 6 hour drive to Bend. 🙂

  6. Before I moved to Portland, people described the city culture to me as “liberals with guns”. Thankfully, most of the liberals here are usually far more open minded, thoughtful, and tolerant than most of the PC extremists (calling themselves liberal) who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. BTW, not all hippies are pacifists. Some own plenty of semi-auto tactical weapons, shotguns, handguns, big mean dogs, and carry sharp knives to protect their um ‘medical marijuana’ crops.


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