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When it comes to guns, the word “ghost” doesn’t just apply to aperture sights, or even to California State Senator Kevin de Leon making a fool of himself. It now is also being used to describe what was done to anti-gun Marxist sympathizer, wife beater and failed “action hero” Sean Penn by his ex-main squeeze, actress Charlize Theron . . .

“Charlize is reported to have ended the relationship by ‘ghosting’ Sean, aka disappearing from his life without a word,” Daily Mail reported. “A source told Us Weekly:’ Charlize wasn’t responding to his calls and texts. She just cut it off.’”

Gee, that’s too bad, especially since Penn made such a big deal of giving up his 65 guns to please Charlize, pledging to have them melted down into a sculpture. Still, it’s probably easier on all concerned to transfer them (through an FFL with background checks?) than to leave them in your car for street criminals to steal.

Besides, if you’re a guy who has “Hitleresque bodyguards,” you don’t need an impossible-to-get-for-the-masses concealed carry permit. And who better to call guns “cowardly killing machines” than a wife beater with a baseball bat?

How Penn was able to keep his guns (or his bats!) after that — what with the Lautenberg confiscation diktat on the books and his fellow citizen disarmament zealots screaming “domestic violence” every chance they get to strip us of our rights without due process — is still somewhat of a mystery. Also unclear is why someone admittedly stumping for “a gun-less society” would make a movie called “The Gunman,” where he gets to show everybody what an “action hero” he is. Or he would have, had anybody actually gone to see it.

Think about how pathetic it is for a man to give up his guns because his demanding girlfriend (who has no aversion to making money off them herself) wants him to. Whatever happened to accepting your partner for who they are? Talk about being whipped.

So with the incentive to fawn and please Charlize gone — now that she’s given up the “ghost” — will Penn go out and buy more guns? If for no other reason than to rebel against someone he abased himself for, and it still wasn’t enough?

Another noteworthy inconsistency to note: Look at all the photos on the bottom of the Mail article of Charlize puffing away on a cigarette. Penn is also a cigarette smoker, who said he quit, and then was seen breaking French law “by lighting up twice during a press conference.” And get this: He quit smoking for Charlize.

It’s relevant not only as an insight into his constancy of commitment and self-control, but also because, per the CDC (the same group that wanted to see guns “dirty, deadly and banned” along the lines of cigarettes):

Cigarette smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year. Cigarette smoking is estimated to cause the following:

  • More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)

  • 278,544 deaths annually among men (including deaths from secondhand smoke)

  • 201,773 deaths annually among women (including deaths from secondhand smoke)

Look, if you smoke and enjoy it, I’m not judging you. If I knew and cared about you, I’d prefer you give up cigarettes, but ultimately, ain’t none of us gettin’ out alive anyway, and whatever gets you through the day is your business.

I’m merely pointing out Penn’s and Theron’s priorities seem a bit curious, to say the least. Considering the political sympathies of so many of Hollywood’s lottery winners, that isn’t really all that surprising.

The question now is, how does rebounding Sean’s new lady friend really feel about guns?

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    • I would consider doing a lot of stupid things for a night with Charlize – giving up my guns isn’t one of them. Besides, here in Nevada there are a lot of women just as hot as Char (pun-get it?) for rent by the hour/night (legally) a lot cheaper and they don’t ask you to give up anything but your cash.

      • I’d go with JerI Ryan. Hotter than Charlize, more intelligent and you gain a shooting partnet.

    • Pretty much. Who makes a movie called “The Gunman” and has Penn starring in it? Seriously, who’s your target audience here?

  1. Another wannbe bad ass…..I really hate guys like this …..if you dislike weapons ok I can understand that……don’t force you opinion on other people……now if you are one of these guys who works real hard to force your opinion on other people when it comes to guns then you go out and make a movie and you are a hit man or killer of some type makes this guy and ass…….so the bottom line is I hate guns unless the money is right.

  2. Why does anyone give a steaming pile of horse manure what Sean Penn, Charlize or any Hollywierd actor thinks or does? Why does someone working in an occupation where they pretend to be someone else make them an authority or some kind of role model ? Answer: It doesn’t .

    • Because these are the same people used to promote gun control to the idiot masses in this country.

  3. Penn is the perfect epitome of a douche-bag. I thought this asshole left long ago for Venezuela.

  4. Hahahahahahahaha! Now poor Sean has no guns to fill his hands, not the metal type nor the boobies type.

    I hope the sex was good while it lasted.


  5. If guys have a gun to compensate for having a small winkie, what is Mr. Penn trying to prove with his collection of 65? Maybe it’s no wonder that Charlize gave lil’ Sean the bum’s rush.

  6. Yawn. Who cares? Can’t we just let TMZ and the other celebrity-sucking bottom feeders worry about what these Hollywood assholes do?

    • +1. Anyone with the poor judgement to spend one date, much less plan a family with an obvious jerk like Sean Penn is not someone I am interested in reading about. Guns or no guns.

      Still, I understand the need to continually point out and mock the stoopid on the Left, when it comes to 2A rights.
      As Andrew Breitbart famously taught, to change the politics, first you change the culture.

      Exposing the idiocy of Hollyweirdo’s who imagine we all might care what they think, is part of that, I suppose,
      so thanks again for your work, Mr Codrea, and to RF for giving him another platform here at TTAG.

  7. Wow-is that a record for red words??? Just another do as I say not as I do-do…karma is a bitch and then she “ghosts” your ugly azz…

  8. Serious question here:

    How in the HELL is he not a prohibited person considering his MANY violence convictions for assaulting people (mostly paparazzi apparently) at the drop of a hat?

      • “How in the HELL is he not a prohibited person considering his MANY violence convictions for assaulting people (mostly paparazzi apparently) at the drop of a hat?”

        Because some animals are more equal than others?

  9. That was a hell of an article. I still feel a little dizy.

    And Colors is my favorite movie, I can’t help it.

    FU Pacman!

    • I LOVED Colors when I was a kid. Robert Duvall is still one of my favorite actors because of it.

  10. More rich white people who keep their private armed security and take everyone else guns away. No changes here historically.

  11. To be fair, I think most of us would give almost anything for Charlise Theron. I mean, I am willing to give up an organ or two. Not sure about the guns however.
    I have very briefly(like 2 minutes) met Penn. He is two feet tall, with coked out eyes, and orange skin. I am not so sure he should actually own guns. Especially after the torturing Madonna thing.

    • Umm, no. I was with a woman Former Marine that makes Charlize Theron look like a second hand reject at a blind man’s party.

      But after we get together, after she said my weapons collection was not a problem, she goes on Ball collecting hunt and demands I give up the guns, or I give up her guns, if you get my drift.

      So I gave up her guns, (really great guns!!) ….and other stuff.

      But it really wasn’t about the guns, it was about control. Which we all already know.

  12. Wait, Sean Penn is an actor? I just thought he was famous because he hangs around with hot chicks and sometimes beats them up.

  13. I find it extremely amusing that one “offended one” is screwed by another “offended one”. They really do eat their own.

  14. I knew this would be the inevitable ending, but I have to admit it happened a bit sooner than I would have guessed. Never, ever give up any of your possessions for a woman. The fact she asks just proves she’s a succubus.

    Almost makes me feel sorry for the guy.

  15. He can pledge or say whatever he wants – I never believed for one second he actually sold or “melted down” a single firearm.

  16. Back in the 80s Sean Penn was in a People magazine article about the California wildfires that burned down hundreds of celebrities homes. He was living in a camper on the homesite to protect it from looters. He posed with a UZI standing in front of his camper, and the gist of the article was how Sean Penn was so brave and tough he was protecting his own property. Never could find this picture of him posing with the UZI anywhere since reading that article, its like it was scrubbed after he decided to become anti gun to fit the leftist Hollywood narrative.

  17. well common sense would dictate that he appeased her with dubious efforts. meaning he said he quit smoking, and didn’t, said he got rid of the guns, most likely didn’t and she found out about it and she can’t have a man that thinks for himself so she vacated. pretty simple.

  18. Actors literally live in a world of make-believe. Why would anyone pay the least attention to what any one of them has to say about anything?

  19. He’s a millionaire. He can have another 65 guns in his safe by the end of this weekend.

    Hell, if it’d raise 1.4 million for charity. I’d let some artist melt down my guns for a sculpture.

    Well, except for the Noble 12ga and Beretta OverUnder my father bequeathed to me.

    Or the Marlin .22 my parents bought me when I was 8.

    Or the Dan Wesson .357 my parents bought me when I was 13.

    Or my first purchase, Winchester Defender… hrm, I’ve always been partial to the Norinco SKS I bought in ’93 for $125. Man.. I.. I really love my CZs can’t give those up. Every time I fire one it’s like cracking walnuts on a stripper’s ass.

    Ok, I believe in charity. I can give up my sig p250.

    For charity.

  20. A peculiar phenomenon occurs to people whose day job is to pretend to be other people. In the end (or quite soon, for some) they simply forget who they were in the first place.

    If they socialize with like minded people (we laugh to think these folk might actually have their own mind) any sense of mental independence gets eroded further. When the opinions of others (blow hard movie producers and similar schlock slingers) become more important that their own principals, it is very little effort to totally adopt the mindset of those idiots. Particularly if your next pay check is dependent on it. Remember that they’re all part of the media machine, largely Democrat in values (?). The (?) is my guffaw to think any Democrat has any value other than their own self advancement.

    So the feeble minded folk of the entertainment industry are among the first to be coopted into the anti gun message, whatever their prior personal beliefs. Compare what they do onscreen to what they say offscreen, and the barking hypocracy shines. And to think Ms Theron hails from South Africa, where being constantly armed is essential to survival!

    I don’t think Mensa will be asking either of them to join anytime soon.

  21. Let’s not forget that his son, by whomever, was caught on video calling a reporter the infamous “n” word. Wonder where he got the idea that was ok.

  22. Guys give up many things for their women. I know I have, and I know many other guys who have. Why not give Penn a break here. Hopefully he gets back into his 2nd Amendment sports!

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