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Watching VICE NEWS’ international vox populi Do We Need Stricter Gun Control? one question dominates. What’s the point (other than wondering why two ostensibly Israeli citizens speak with a New Zealand accent)? I reckon VICE NEWS was trying to show their journalistic objectivity. In fact, their anti-gun bias is so deeply ingrained they probably don’t realize that the final product of their selective editing process is horribly lopsided . . .

One out of eighteen interviewees was pro gun rights. Eight were anti. Nine were neutral.

Bottom line: this is anti-gun agitprop masquerading as journalism. I worry about anyone who can’t see that, from the producers of this piece to VICE’s wet-behind-the-ears audience, who share the news org’s anti-gun prejudice because they can’t be bothered not to.

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  1. At least the like-to-dislike ratio is correct. The vast majority of viewers and commentors (including myself naturally) were at least mostly pro-liberty, too.

    What goes on in Europe has nothing to do with how we exercise and legislate our rights here in the U.S. The thoroughly uninformed opinions of those that do not live here are totally irrelevant.

  2. Yeah let’s go talk to ALL liberals and see what they think about guns. I’m sure we’ll get unbiased opinions! EXPLETIVE DELETED

  3. I saw this on GunWire and after multiple attempts finally found the “article”. I didn’t waste my time watching a bunch of foreigners degrade my rights, I really don’t care what they think. Just like they shouldn’t care what we think about their domestic policies. Until law abiding Amiricans start going abroad and shooting people (read oxymoron). What they should complain about is the US military bases strewed about the globe like the Empire in Star Wars. But alas, I’m in a minority there.

  4. Well, I honestly expected a lot of foreigners to say “Guns are satan and Americans are paranoid rednecks”, so at least I was pleasantly surprised on that end.

    • Coming from the standpoint of the initial question “Guns in the US vs. the rest of the World” it wasn’t bad at all. We probably are the only country that has such a right in our constitution and other countries just wouldn’t understand.

  5. @ 36 sec…that joker grew up in italy and says only cops and mafiosos had guns……does he not realize the same thing would happen here. only criminals will be armed if you ban guns.

    • As the article says, these kids are wet behind the ears. and we all know the old saying “Today’s progressive, one world hippies are tomorrow’s “bitter that the government keeps taking more of their paycheck”, self defense appreciating republicans.”

      • Except that during that transitional period, those who eventually do stop drinking the cool-aid and see the actual cause and effect the so called ‘progressive’ agenda has on our nation have already voted all of us further and further into government subjugation.

        The best we can do is keep fighting the anti’s false narrative at every turn, and initiate rights protecting political and judicial battles.

    • Exactly. And I was only waiting that they will include a North Korean perspective after the Russian one.

    • When I was living in Japan it was even worse than that! The COPS didn’t have guns, the only people who did were the Yakuza, organized crime. And the cops left them alone, too! They concealed, but were not concerned about concealing well.

  6. I don’t see why people out of US should have any say in making American gun politics. I wouldn’t like anyone from other countries telling me what the laws in the Czech Republic should be.

    But most importantly, this discussion is totally out of place in US context. Before getting into “should there be more gun control in US”, these people need to be frank about the context of their question. They need to ask “SHOULD THE 2A BE REPEALED” first before getting into “what kind of gun control should replace it”.

    • I wouldn’t like anyone from other countries telling me what the laws in the Czech Republic should be.

      Well, then, allow me to be that rude Yankee jerk and tell you that you should repeal all gun restrictions there. 😀

      More seriously, my thanks to your countrymen for providing the world such excellent CZ guns.

      • Well, I know what you mean. On the other hand, we have managed keeping guns out of the hands of petty criminals and lunatics while making them accessible to law abiding citizens. Our licensing process is more streamlined and straightforward than CC licenses in most of the US (bar the states with constitutional carry). We don’t really have any vocal anti-gun movement, even the discussion after the past week’s largest shooting in peacetime history (Uherský Brod) has remained quite based. All who want guns and don’t have criminal/misdemeanor record or mental history do have them and can carry them basically anywhere (no gun free zones apart from courthouses – and there you can leave it with the armed guards upon entry for safe keeping). If you ask me, the gun control in my country works (despite the inevitable rotten apple case now and there). But that doesn’t mean that I would think it should be translated elsewhere, be it UK or US.

        • What are some of the details of gun control in your country? Is their training you have to take? If so, how much? Are there limits on how many guns you can own? Are their limits on magazine size, gun types, stuff like that? Is registration involved?

        • Dick, here is all of it:

          There is no requirement for training, but you need to pass a test, which is next to impossible without some training. I’d say you need 2 weekends of learning for the written test and 2 hours with instructor for the practical test. Some may need significantly less, some significantly more.

          There is no limit on the number of firearms. Only safe keeping requirements are tougher when you have 2/10/20+ guns. No limits on firearm types (apart from full-auto, which is may issue – semi-auto is shall issue), no limits on magazines.

          Yes, registration is obligatory.

    • The premise is that if you’re doing something one way, and every single person out there is doing it differently, then you might want to stop and ask yourself why there is a difference, and why you’re in the minority.

      • Czechoslovakia was the only democratic country in the Central Europe in the late 1930s, surrounded by dictatorships and totalitarian states. Armed to teeth. We bowed to the British and French pressure and let German, Polish and Hungarian combined forces in without fighting back, got completely disarmed. 360.000 people were murdered (80.000 of them Jewish) in the few years after it.

        Often, the fact that everyone else is different doesn’t mean you are the one doing it wrong.

  7. I think that if foreigners don’t “get” our Second Amendment (and the concept of rights NOT given by a monarch or authority), then they should STFU and stay home.

    Also, the kid (most of those interviewed looked too young to drink in most states) who grew up in Italy summed up the need for more guns rather nicely without even realizing it.

  8. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Doesn’t everyone get their news from hipster millennial douchebags?

  9. This is nothing more than an appeal to “join the crowd” where the producers portray “the crowd” (the world) as being anti-gun.

    It reflects high school level skills to approaching apparent problems. In the real world grown-ups approach apparent problems with tested principles and facts.

  10. Maybe they should ask someone other than people that live in cities. Their opinions on 2A are exactly what one would expect from people who are accustomed to the idea of having most of their lives micro-managed by bureaucracy and government.

    The 2A issue is largely urban vs. rural, and this is fact not often discussed. Even many rural Europeans own firearms, though you’d be hard pressed to even convince their urban counterparts that this is legally possible. I’ve seen it.

  11. Most antis believe in the right to self defense and that a gun may be needed in that event. Then the argument for gun control follows the “but”.
    I refuse to even discuss self defense in regard to the 2nd Amendment. I fast track straight to this:
    “All citizens have the right to bear arms equal to those used by the government in order to maintain a free society but the pants pissing Liberals can’t handle the responsibility.”

  12. Lets talk to hip urban youth in gun control meccas, half of which are outside of the US/don’t live in the US, and ask them what they think about gun control! Surely they will not be biased!

    Cherry picking is an understatement.

  13. A kid from “Worchester” (Worcester correct spelling) Massachusetts speaking of gun ranges in Russia?

  14. The comments on YT from the antis are hysterical.
    They refuse to accept any fact that doesn’t support the agenda.
    One dumb blonde repeats the big lie that most of the illegal guns in Mexico come the the US. All guns in Mexico not in the hands of the government and bigger than a .22 cal are illegal in Mexico. And the result was predictable. The government there is among the most corrupt in the world as is nearly every country that has disarmed their citizens.
    And don’t ever remind them that the counties in the US that voted for Gore in 2000 had an average murder rate >13 while the counties that voted for Bush had a murder rate <3.

  15. It should be understood that almost all of broadcast news and those news “outlets” that are considered “mainstream” write, report and make news for each other’s consumption. It’s laughable watching these people do what they do, they promote themselves and their outlets as “professional” & “unbiased”, yet they are totally the opposite. They are not “the press” that they like to claim they are….they are echo chambers and megaphones. Their “business” is covered by the First Amendment and they will never let you forget it…while they are promoting the utter destruction of the rest of the document that confirms their ‘right’. These people are sheltered, obtuse and cowardly for the most part….they are merely actors on the world’s biggest stage playing to an audience of like minds & personalities. The rare exceptions who “make the scene” are usually vilified and shouted down when they dare speak the real truth that voids or exposes the lies of the “mainstream”.
    In other words, we know they’re mostly full of shit and those of us who don’t fall for it know where to get the correct information OR know the sources that haven’t been bought and paid for by the usual suspects.

  16. “If you take a heavy stance [on gun control] you lose 50% of the people you want to vote for you.”

    I think that’s the intent, kid, that’s the whole intent.

  17. “In general, owning a gun in your house in Russia is illegal” – plain wrong, by the way.

    • Yeah, this is BS being passed off as fact. I got attacked for asking if people who made comments in the video did any research before on guns. Some guy put up some BS comment that I needed to do research so I wrote him a research paper. He had nothing after that except he didn’t agree with me on some points and believes fewer guns lowers availability. I didn’t even get into the community gun aspects from talking to guys in NYPD and other New York towns. One turd hides a gun somewhere and he and his buddies grab it when they need to commit a crime. sounds like they have problems getting lots of guns but they still have enough to commit meyhem.

  18. By the way, it’s interesting that the Indian girl in the video is pro-gun. It’s something that I’ve noticed before, quite a few of my Indian coworkers (who are recent immigrants in most cases) tend to be neutral-to-positive about the whole notion of individual gun ownership, which is not something that I’ve expected.

  19. Vice panders to the lowest common denominator progtard audience…

    by selectively choosing then editing responses that fit the demo age group preferences and bias.
    All for clicks, to trade it up the chain….VICE is all about the benjamins.

    At least the wannabe anarko-race-riot agitators on youtube dont pretend to be “news” reporters, like VICE.

  20. Oh come now, Farago: how could you possibly attach “journalism” with VICE ‘news’ in the same sentence??

    They’re as much a ‘news’/’journalism’ outfit as Faux’News’/CIA-NN/MSDNC aren’t unofficial ‘official’ state organ.

    VICE, while does indeed do some very interesting coverages, but as far as geopolitics go, where nuanced and complex parsing are needed, they’re just more pop-cultural MSDNC with millennial trendie hipster douchebags & baggettes in tats who carry US State Dept line, if you’ve ever seen their skewed ‘coverage’ of the entire Russo-Ukraine affair. There’s a reason why they have such easy access to conflict zones, and it ain’t ’cause they have a great international network of ‘fixers’ who can get them into such areas, efficiently.

    They’re like BuzzFeed … with slightly more ‘credibility.’

    And on guns, how the hell can any millennial mixed-socks wearing, ‘ironic/irreverent-cool/nonchalance for nonchalant sakes’-T-shirt donning, hipster trendies whose idea of guns are almost entirely formulated in the fictitious world of video games, TV/Films/MSM ‘news’… ALL scripted by mostly of the same ideological ilk, be anything other than simply reflect their inner native socially engineered, culturally indoctrinated hoplophobic confirmation bias??

    It’s like watch those BuzzFeed’s ‘takes anti-gunners to the range’ type vids. It’s for and by the same demographic.

    It’s like the popworld is drowning with these emasculated trendies run amok. they’re everywhere… ubiquitous… like some post root-canal pain you can’t get rid of, except worse: they talk, and they on TV, news, films, blogs, OMG OMG!


  21. Ui already did my fighting in the video. The part I found hilarious was the guy saying Massachusetts strict gun permit system works. Ummm no it doesnt. Not with a 1998 miser rate of 1.8 per 100k to a current 2.8. A majority of the guns they can trace are coming from MA itself and not from outside of the state. That kid might want to do some research.

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