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The video above is NRA Commentator Dana Loesch’s second video attacking The New York Times, in no uncertain terms. (Click here to watch her opening salvo.) Like most NRA TV videos, Loesch’s lashing out at The Gray Lady has failed to garner many YouTube views. But The Times seems certainly to be paying attention . . .

Yesterday, the so-called newspaper of record published a piece riffing on the NRA’s firearms museum. In his editorial The N.R.A. Says, Go Ahead, Make My FantasyFrancis X. Clines warms up his vitriol by taking the museum to task for glamorizing guns in its Hollywood-themed exhibit.

There are thousands of ingenious, gleaming rifles and handguns in displays about America’s gun-rich history of colonialism, immigration, expansionism and vigilante justice. But it is the gallery devoted to Hollywood and its guns and good-guy shooters that best illustrates the power of fantasy now driving the modern gun rights debate.

I don’t think Mr. Clines is a big fan of guns; he couldn’t resist adding “vigilante justice” to his description of our country’s firearms history. As opposed to, say, “defense against tyranny’ (which would include the NRA’s military rifles and firearms used by African Americans’ for armed self-defense against racist attack).

Mr. Clines has bigger fish to fry . . .

The N.R.A.’s latest priority is rooted in its ultimate fantasy that society will be safer if ordinary Americans are allowed to routinely pack a pistol. The organization is pushing Congress to pass a national concealed-carry reciprocity law to make it easier for people with state concealed-gun permits to carry their firearms nationwide.

This is part of the campaign to make gun possession ubiquitous among ordinary citizens. All states permit some concealed carry, but under vastly different safety controls. That is why opponents wisely fear that national reciprocity is a ploy to sell more guns and undermine stronger local and state gun controls.

I don’t think the word “stronger” means what Mr. Clines wants it to mean. The word he’s [not] looking for is “unconstitutional.”

Anyway, fake news! While Mr. Clines preamble “all states permit some concealed carry” skates over New Jersey and New York City’s de facto ban on concealed carry for ordinary citizens, Hawaii hasn’t issued a concealed carry permit in seventeen years. 

The N.R.A. headquarters here keeps up a fresh drumbeat for the reciprocity legislation underway in Congress, 30 minutes away from the gun museum, with more than 160 co-sponsors signed up. President Trump, who supports the idea, is scheduled to address the association’s annual leadership forum on Friday in Atlanta. Both sides in the gun debate are keyed up for something John Wayne-like from the president.

Could The Times be any more disconnected from “flyover” America? So much so they reject the deeply American values that John Wayne embodied. The actor who once pronounced “All I’m for is the liberty of the individual.” Whatever Mr. Clines and The New York Times stands for, it isn’t that.

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  1. “Could The Times be any more disconnected from “flyover” America?”

    Sure they can. In fact, I think you just double dog dared them to…

  2. Like Ms. Loesch, but she’s wasting her time. The NYT is on its way out in a hurry. NYC population is waning, the paper just got thru a really dry campaign season between an ~in-contested Hillary, and a fake-news taxidermist Trump. The paper is now heading into a $$$ nuclear winter with the ~ mid-term election campaigns ~1yr out.

    Say goodbye to the NYT, let it blow away, don’t get any of that sh_t on you.

    Have the piano cat play it out to a little “Miami 2017”, and they can keep lib Joel too.

  3. After the coverage of Trump, I quit believing 99% of mainstream media. I had quit decades ago allowing myself to be told how and what to think, but the election was the clincher. It became crystal clear what was going on and the depth to which these organizations would DIVE to. The NY Times, CNN and most of the rest are nothing but liars and untrustworthy. I sincerely hope they sink into an abyss of non-existence.

    • Was all over many of the ‘hot’ parts of Iraq, at a peak time in the unpleasantness some years back. NEVER saw, nor ran into anyone who had seen anyone from the mid-stream media there.

      If you’re going to “write-this-war” from inside the wire in the green zone it better be about how great the KBR chow hall was, mfs.

  4. I would point out two things about the NYT.

    First, it’s run, written and edited by a bunch of people who all think they’re the smartest people in any room they happen to Grace with their presence.

    Secondly, the people who are the NYT live in a bubble. I remember hearing Chris Wallace of Fox voice surprise during the GOP convention that Ohio allowed people were allowed to carry guns. He didn’t seem to be against it or afraid of it but he simply wasn’t aware it was a thing that people do.. As he pointed out later on, perhaps that’s because he’s been in DC for decades and has become accustomed to D.C.’s gun regulations.

  5. This is the very reason I have not joined the NRA. I am very pro second amendment. This women is a EXPLETIVE DELETED. The New York Times is a great publication. You need to stop your bullshit. Get us all onboard, and work for gun rights for all people. Learn to read EXPLETIVE DELETED.

    • We know how to read…. And, we recognize the lies and propaganda spewed by the NYT on a daily basis… They should be sued for deceptive business practices…. They portray and tout themselves as objective; but they are nothing more than a biased “opinion publication”….. Same as any other left (or right) wing propaganda publication.

    • “I am very pro second amendment.” Oh, really now? Please, tell me more!

      On second thought, don’t waste my time. (I couldn’t care less about your time.)

      “The New York Times is a great publication.” If lies, half truths, smear campaigns, left-wing bias, and pushing an unconstitutional agenda all fit your definition of “great”, then yeah, you’re absolutely right! Moron…

      In closing, Bob from Chitcago… once you mentioned where you’re from, it told us all we needed to know about you.

  6. Wow, is there a ton of psychological trickery going on in the NYT piece.

    “The N.R.A.’s latest priority is rooted in its ultimate fantasy that society will be safer if ordinary Americans are allowed to routinely pack a pistol.”

    Uhhhhhh…we already are allowed and lots of us do so, routinely. (Not valid in NY, CA, DC, etc.)

    “This is part of the campaign to make gun possession ubiquitous among ordinary citizens.”

    So…am I therefore extraordinary? I never viewed myself as being special, but thanks…though I doubt that was the writers intent.

    Stick it up the NYT’s smug ass, Dana!

    • Ain’t it funny how the 1st Amend. Rights freedom of the press aholes (only granted such as a means to protect the citizenry of the U.S. FROM government) attack the means of the 2nd Amendment right, when ALL RIGHTS recited in the Bill of Rights are freedoms FROM government, so IT TAKES AN ARMED SOCIETY TO DEFEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF FREE SPEECH and of the press.

      • Exactly these people who so depend on freedom of press are too ignorant and short sighted too see the damage they are doing to themselves.

        Every argument used against the second can be applied to the first, of any other for that matter. And if the second is gone, god forbid, there will be no one left to defend the first and it shall follow shortly after. Governments don’t like citizens who disagree with them and can’t fight back

  7. They should change their name from the NRA to the National Association Lobbying for Muted Gun Rights. She seems smart, too bad she isn’t working for USCCA.

  8. There was a time, a few generations ago, when outhouses were ubiquitous and toilet paper was not. Back then, the niche now served by Scott, Charmin and the like was performed by neatly cut rectangles of The New York Times, hung on the outhouse wall by a cup hook for easy access.

    There are some who believe, as I do, that cleansing one’s nether regions remains the best and highest use for the Newspaper of Rectum Record.

    • The funny part is that back when it was used like TP it was more readable and honest. Back then if they got the facts wrong, it was more likely to be an honest mistake rather than the deliberate lies they tell now.

      • Back then, they used real ink, not that soybean-based crapola they use now that never fully dries and *smears* when wiped on something.

        (As a sick and twisted kid, I *loved* sniffing the methanol off of freshly-mimeographed pop-quizzes in school…)

  9. I love the Duke, if he was still around he’d have no problem giving a guy like this a swift fist to that babbling trap for being stupid

    I think the Duke also said “Life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid.” Can’t imagine this guy has an easy life

    Individual liberty is paramount to a healthy low crime society. Too bad some people reject that fact for something that makes them feel better.

  10. I agree…
    Folks of the NYT ilk do live in a bubble.
    They do believe that they are the smartest people in any given room.
    And they all belong to the same political party…
    Azzholes Spewing Stupid Habiltually Antagonistic Treasonous Statements

    Y’all know where the door is.
    Don’t let it hit ya in the ass on the way out.

  11. “This is part of the campaign to make gun possession ubiquitous among ordinary citizens.”

    Owning/carrying a gun is a personal choice and a voluntary act. No one can make you if you don’t want to.

    That is actually the NYT’s greatest fear — that “ordinary citizens” will make decisions that the elite arbiters of all that is pure and good have not given them permission to make. Good heavens, what if the unwashed masses realize they shouldn’t have to ask permission at all? Then where would we be?


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