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With the introduction of their WWII Victory Series of ammo, everything old is new. (Endorsement deal for Peter Allen?) Winchester’s new line of old ammo is loaded to WWII specs, available in .30-06, .30 Carbine, .45 ACP and even 12 gauge brass shells.

An authentic WWII M1 Garand is the best way to try the new old Winchester Victory Series. If it’s good enough to be called the “greatest battle implement ever devised” it’s good enough for me. And so it was, during SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range. PING!

The Winchester Victory Series is all squared away: military grade cardboard, military-style wood box telling a military story. Militarily.

The Victory Series’ full brass cased 12 gauge ammo is of particular interest; I wonder if it alleviates the reliability issues plaguing some mag fed shotguns. If so, it will do so at a cost. A penny less than $25, to be precise.

Production will be not-so-strictly-limited. The Winchester rep hinted that if the Victory Series ammo is a victory for Winchester they might continue production. For less information go to Winchester’s website.


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  1. Five bucks a round for all brass in 12?

    If reloading, how many times can you top re-crimp brass 12 ga? The brass only gonna handle so many re-foldings…

  2. I just read the other day an article over at American Rifleman about the American WWI 12ga trench guns (and why it’s impossible to find any photos of their use in combat). Anyway, the all brass shells were used because the alternative at the time was paper shells that didn’t hold up so well in the rain soaked trenches. The bean counters screamed holy hell over them though. I’d be curious what the cost is 100 years later.

    • We were still getting paper shells in the commercial market when I hunted as a kid. They had issues of getting damp and then swelling. You had to take extra care with them.

      Plastic shells were a big improvement. Brass worked. But the only all brass shells I saw as a kid were buckshot. And they were pricey.

  3. Smart, especially since CMP announced on TFB they are getting those Philippine Garands in this week. Mil spec 30-06 will be in high demand.

  4. I’d be nice if we could buy them at 1940s prices. Ha. All in all if they sale them at Walmart I’m definitely picking up a box of them 12s, who could resist…..@ jwm. Is it just me , it seemed them paper shells hit harder?

    • ‘I’d be nice if we could buy them at 1940s prices.’

      Adjusted for inflation they’re probably cheaper now.

      • Guv. I can’t speak to the 1940s. But I can remember when a 50 round box of .22lr was less than .50 cents. .38 special was 3.50 a box.

        A new savage stevens single shot shotgun could be had for about 30 bucks. I bought a new 1894 Winchester .30-30 for 89 bucks. At a Sears store. Practically every hardware store sold guns and or ammo.

        • JWM – I’m a snot-nosed whipper-snapper, and I remember .22lr in 25-round packs for quarter at the Western Auto right next to the register in the early 70’s…

    • Ironic. They seemed to kick harder. But I was a lot younger and not as padded then.

      But the newer ammo seems to throw better patterns.

  5. “The Victory Series’ full brass cased 12 gauge ammo is of particular interest; I wonder if it alleviates the reliability issues plaguing some mag fed shotguns.”

    I would think *perhaps*, when fresh, shiny and ‘slippery’.

    Once you’ve handled them a bit, the inevitable corrosion build-up may make them more ‘draggy’ than plastic shells.

    T&E a case and let us know… 🙂

    • Wasn’t a victory over stupidity, as your comment shows.
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        • Your ignorance of historic fact is appalling. There were far more communists than Jews; communists hated Jews as much as the Nazis and you. To make up such slipshod historical fiction, or to soak it up without questioning it, shows willful ignorance or intentional bigotry.

          To publicize your ignorance and/or deceit as you have done makes one question everything else you say. Obviously that is not important to you.

      • I can’t help but notice the overall lack of outrage over blatantly racist posts in TTAG’s comments section. While I’m encouraged to see a few people put this old and hateful man in his place (in a disturbingly civil manner), there is virtually no outrage or challenge directed his way overall. An outright Nazi who thinks he has found a good spot to spew this vile crap unimpeded, all while taking a runny dump in the proverbial punch bowl that is the image of the American gun owner. Denounce this clown, and realize just how loud your silence can be when blind hatred rears it’s head. If not, be a man and own your predjudices- stand by your convictions. Either way, don’t be a coward. One simply cannot be neutral.

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        • I don’t make threats over the internet, or in real life. I said I’d like to, but that is neither practical nor legal, and certainly doesn’t help anything. I was wrong to say it. That said, I just don’t understand people like you… Racists often remind me a petulant child throwing a tantrum, screaming about how unfair their life is, and that everyone is conspiring against them. It’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. You are no more than the Anglo-equivalent of an ISIS keyboard commando. Apologies again for that “cave your skull in” comment ; )

  6. The all-brass 12-ga buckshot shells sound interesting for my Win 97 riot gun and my replica Win 1887 shotgun, or if I get a modern steel hammer double – the price doesn’t seem outrageous. They can be reloaded and crimped, but reloaders must remember two things: If you used black powder, be sure to wash the shell immediately after de-priming it – black powder fouling will over time leach the zinc out of the brass, leaving you with a defective hull. Also, remember to anneal the brass at the shell mouth – crimping will work-harden the brass and it will eventually split – annealing softens it. For reloaders and nostalgia fans, brass shell empties in several gauges can be obtained from Buffalo Arms – prices seem fair for something that with care will last forever. Additionally, paper, roll-crimp 2-1/2″ 12-ga shells can be had for about $15/box from RST Ltd – they would be reloadable with the right equipment from an antique store or with a roll-crimp die from one of the modern reloader companies.

  7. Remington did a run of 12 ga. full-length brass shotgun shells in a tin box a few years back as a Ducks Unlimited commemorative. I doubt many of them actually got fired and most of them (like my box) went into the safe or sitting in a display cabinet. Something tells me that these Winchester versions will enjoy/suffer a similar fate. There’s a tin of the Remingtons on GunBroker now with a starting asking price of $125. Not necessarily a gettin’ price though. I’ll probably pick up a few boxes for the novelty of it all. And, why no pics of the actual shotgun shells?


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