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The problem with typical AR-15 triggers: there’s a “one size fits all” mentality. If your hand is a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller than the average bear, you have to alter your grip to get the proper trigger finger positioning. Even then, it might not fit perfectly. Timney Triggers decided to make that situation a little bit better . . .

Note: Timney’s Fully Adjustable AR-15 Competition Trigger is not for sale yet. (We’ll review it ASAP). But the basic concept is fundamentally sound.

Instead of moving the hand to fit the trigger, Timney makes its Fully Adjustable AR-15 Competition Trigger move to fit the hand. Longer fingers can adjust the trigger forward, the opposite for smaller hands. The mechanism works the same as you’d see on Tubb rifles: the blade is detachable, and there’s a screw on the top that pinches the blade together to apply pressure and keep it in place with friction.

Not only does the trigger move, but it also can be swapped out. Whether you prefer the rugged stippled trigger blade or one of the more interesting looking precision shoes, you can select whatever you want and place it perfectly on the gun. The shoe can even be canted to one side for those who are a little cattywampus on their pull.

Timney’s Fully Adjustable AR-15 Competition Trigger is still in beta testing, but I think the design is a winner. It adds yet another dimension of modularity to a rifle that already sets the standard. Stay tuned for a full review when it comes out.

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  1. Sounds neat and all, if you’re of a skill that can use it.

    Me, I think I’d do better spending the money on training and ammo. As it is, I’m pretty sure I’m what’s limiting my rifle’s accuracy…


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