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TANDEMKROSS is well-known for souping up popular rimfire pistols and rifles with cool looking, functional parts. In fact, TTAG’s loaner SW22 Victory is sporting the entire TANDEMKROSS package as I type (review pending). In a press release sent yesterday, I was surprised to see TK branching out into the centerfire world with a Halo Charging Ring and Accelerator Thumb Ledge for GLOCKs. While we’ve enjoyed the Halo on the SW22 quite a bit, I’m not sure how it’ll be received in the GLOCK world. The Thumb Ledge, though, is an awesome touch that’s especially at home in competition shooting. TK’s press release follows . . .

Announcing: “halo” Charging Ring for Glock® Pistols by TANDEMKROSS

• Unique and stylish pull ring design
• Does not need to be removed to disassemble the firearm
• Makes charging easy for all users, both right- and left-handed

Glock® pistols are favorites among firearms competitors and weekend plinkers alike, but charging a Glock® can be a challenge for new shooters, junior shooters or competitors who need to clear a jam quickly and easily.

The “halo” Charging Ring for Glock® pistols is the newest in our popular line of pull ring charging handles. It features a smooth, curved ring for improved leverage and easy charging for all users – whether right- or left-handed. The ambidextrous design also works with a holster.

The “halo” Charging Ring is an ideal upgrade for competition shooters who may need to charge the pistol or clear a jam quickly. For junior shooters, senior shooters or anyone with smaller hands, overcoming the strong hammer spring can also be a challenge. Made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the “halo” Charging Ring for Glock® pistols improves grip and boosts leverage, making it easier to pull back on the bolt without impacting the pistol’s action. The “halo” Charging Ring for Glock® pistols is available in black.

Supported devices:

• G17 GEN4
• G22 GEN4
• G23 GEN4
• G26 GEN 4
• G27 GEN 4
• G30S
• G35 GEN4
• G36
• G41 GEN4 MOS .45

Regular Retail Price:$44.99
Launch Price: $39.99

The Glock® thumbrest is designed to offer an improved two-handed grip on the pistol for right-handed shooters, positioning the user’s non-dominant thumb forward to grip and control. The thumb ledge can also help reduce gun malfunctions caused by the thumb interfering with the pistol’s slide.

• Positions your thumb forward for improved grip & control
• Precision machined from aluminum for long-lasting durability
• Easy installation – no modifications to your Glock is required

Glock® pistols are popular among competition shooters in speed shooting sports. But even a good competition gun can be improved. Stop struggling with gun malfunctions and get a better grip on your Glock® pistol during competition with the new TANDEMKROSS “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for Glock® pistols, an easy upgrade to make your firearm great!

Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and Class 3 hard coat anodized for long-lasting durability, the “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge for Glock® installs in minutes, with no special tools needed and without any permanent modifications to the firearm.

Upgrade your Glock® today with the “Accelerator” Thumb Ledge!

The Competition Thumb Ledge fits the following Glock® models:

• Glock, Standard Model G17/G20/G21/G22/G24/G31/G37
• Glock Competition G34/G35
• Glock Long Slide G17L/ Mid 2002

Regular Retail Price:$69.99
On sale: $59.99

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    • “Glock® pistols are popular among competition shooters in speed shooting sports”. OPEN GUN, did you notice the RMR cut on the top of the slide.

      • Why that’s true the gear is now being sold to fools that grip tape up a stippled carry gun that has a magwell and extended mag with a compensator out front. USPSA has like 25k member and the numbers are smaller when you look at who shoot in the open division and smaller yet when you look at who is shooting Glocks in the open division. This is bargain priced gear that, while telling us it’s being sold for competition, is much more likely to end up mounted on a gun that’s owned by a non-shooting ninja.

        The “halo” ring actually shows some promise for recreation shooters with dexterity and arthritis issues.

  1. What in the actual shit is this!?!!?!!!?! First off will that even work with any holster out there or am I supposed to modify my gear? Secondly in all of my 14 years of near daily carrying a Glock and showing more than a few new shooters how to do the basics I have yet to find any one who actually has any use for this! Third (and currently last) I’m missing most of my right index, one of the guys I know has three finger on his strong hand and two on his weak side… yeah neither of us need this expensive peice of watery feces.

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