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The NFA skirting Tac-14 is a hit! So much so that Remington’s having another go. The newest member of the F-off ATF club: the Tac-14 DM, as in detachable magazine.

With a six round magazine, a Raptor pistol grip and Magpul M-Lok fore-end the Remington Model 870 Tac-14 DM is well equipped right out of the box. The 14-inch barrel has a fixed choke, topped with a fix bead sight. (A rail for mounting a red dot would have been a welcome feature, aiming a shotgun is a lot harder without a stock.)

Why buy a Remington 870 Tac-14 DM or Mossberg’s inevitable Shockwave competitor? Because you can. And because they’re cool.

In a real world home defense situation I’d want a stock on a shotgun. I can see the Tac-14 DM being a fun range toy. Yes but — at an MSRP of $559 it’s an expensive range toy.

The Remington booth at SHOT Show was massive. They had a really cool timed simulator to let visitors test how fast they can change a magazine and unload a fresh one at a target. I unfortunately did not have enough time to give it a try. I guess I will have to contact my FFL and get a TAC-14 DM and try with live ammo. Stay tuned.

Remington 870 Pump Action TAC-14 DM Specifications

Order No. or UPC: 81348

Average Weight: 6 pounds

Gauge/Bore: 12 gauge

Mag. Capacity: 6

Barrel Length: 14 inches

Barrel Type: Fixed Cylinder Bore Choke

Sights: Single Bead

Stock Finish: Matte Blue

Stock Material: Synthetic

Receiver Finish: Matte Blue

Overall Length: 26.3



Take the Remington 870 DM Tac-14 off your wishlist and put it into your armory for its home-defense capability. Much more powerful than a handgun, the pump-action shotgun, sku 81348, has a Magpul forend for fast reloading. If you’re not a pump shotgun fan, the V3 Tac-13 (83392) uses a semi auto VersaMax action. Neither gun requires a tax stamp as an NFA item. They certainly might look odd to shooters who are used to seeing shotshell-firearms with recoil pads. But these short shotguns likely have spurred development in other shorty firearms, such as the bolt-action Model 700 CP pistol.



The Remington booth at SHOT Show was massive. They had a really cool timed simulator to let visitors test how fast they can change a magazine and unload a fresh one at a target. I unfortunately did not have enough time to give it a try. I guess I will have to get a TAC-14 DM and try with live ammo. Stay tuned.

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  1. So, 3 weeks after you buy your new, craptastic, Remington the company goes tits up and you’re left twisting in the breeze for service issues.

    • ‘…and you’re left twisting in the breeze for service issues.’

      In other words, same as always for Rem ington. When they recalled the trigger for my 700VTR it took 8 weeks just to send me the damn box to send it back. Which I never used because the day after I filled out the form for the recall I figured screw it and bought a Tim ney online. 2 days later it arrived and an hour or so later it was installed. God knows how long it would have taken to get the rifle back. But if anybody wants a Reming ton Xmark pro trigger on the cheap I’ve got one.

    • I’ve always liked the 870 over the 500/590. The action feels more solid on the Remingtons. Mossbergs feel loose and rickety. Not a problem, just an aesthetic thing.

      But I like my Shockwave over the TAC-14. First of all, mag capacity is one more round. Secondly, these things belong in a scabbard and the Shockwave slips in and out easier. The guards on the TAC’s Magpul fore end look like they might snag. I like the strap and the corn cob grip on the Shockwave. More old school. More badass. Just seems like it belongs on a Depression-era shotty. And the strap is a bit safer, if nothing else.

      And because it belongs in a scabbard, I would never load it up with a bunch of stuff that sticks out in all directions – side saddle, rails, lights, removable mag, etc. Maybe just a compact laser and that’s it.

  2. Why describe it as “NFA skirting”?

    It’s not skirting or evading or sidestepping, it’s not a workaround, and it’s not exploiting a loophole.
    It is very precisely in compliance with the letter of the law.
    There is nothing more legally remarkable about this product, than about any other firearm on the market.

    When you invent a “we got away with something!” angle just for titillation, you provide aid and comfort to those enemies who wish to enforce non-existent laws against law-abiding citizens.

    • You mean like bump fire stocks (which were previously unregulated by the ATF)? Let’s see what happens when somebody shoots up a casino with a Shockwave.

    • These actually exist solely at the whim of the ATF. All they would have to do is declare that they have no sporting purpose and they would become destructive devices, like they did with the Armsel Striker/Cobray Street Sweeper.

  3. What’s that you say? Remington is filing for bankruptcy? Why, with quality firearms such as this, I simply can’t believe it!

    Alternatively for those who suffer from a difficulty understanding sarcasm;

    If you had to distill all the reasons Remington is about to go belly-up into one massively pointless turd sandwich, it would look a lot like a PGO box-fed pump-action shotgun…

  4. These are cute guns and all but why add the Chance for another Fail point by Creating, adding, or converting to a Box Magazine feed.

    I own a VEPR 12 with a Box and Tube Feed Remington. If I run out of Spare Boxes I have to reload.
    If I ever get in a position that I need to Reload all my Boxes I would rather just keep feeding the Tube.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my VEPR but having to Carry the Extra Boxes is not really more convenient at all.

    BUT Yeah I guess if I am IN that Major Fight I want a Quick Release and Slam gun.
    BUT once I run out of Boxes I Will switch to my Tube Pump and just reload as I go.

    Just Saying.

  5. New from Remington? What, are they having a fire sale? This isn’t really the time to promote new products, just before they padlock the doors.

  6. I’m always impressed with the innovation that the guys at Shockwave Technologies have. That Raptor Grip of theirs is simply amazing. And figuring out that NFA “loophole”=sheer genius.

  7. Interested in a firearm purchase of this caliber I have a long Remington 870 but this one looks like I could possibly add to my collection seems like it would be a little easier to handle for my wife please let me know if facility close to me where I can get this item.


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