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OSS is a company that has been doing some innovative stuff with silencer technology. Instead of a traditional baffle design, they use a “turbine” concept which slows down and cools the expanding gasses without the blowback and increased cycle rate of a traditional can. The latest addition to their lineup is the HX MAG, a silencer rated up to .338 Lapua that’s lighter and shorter than anything they have produced prior. That’s pretty cool, I don’t care who you are.

Here’s their press release:

Built with OSS’s patented Flow-Through technology, the HX MAG is an integrated flush mount suppressor and is full-auto rated. Shorter, lighter, cleaner and quieter, the HX MAG is 8.37” long, weighs 25 ounces and delivers “hearing safe” sound reduction – including select .338 rifles.

The HX MAG is constructed with stainless steel, cobalt and titanium, and mounts with OSS’s STS-Muzzle Brake – a suppressor mount and fully functioning muzzle brake that self-tightens during fire.

MSRP: a hefty $1,595. There are some situations where this kind of technology makes all kinds of sense, specifically on full auto guns and finicky gas guns. For the average shooter, though, the added benefits might not be worth the cost, but it’s great to see legitimately new technology emerging in an otherwise relatively static field.

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    • The company’s youtube video from 2014 has some information too. The video is called OSS Suppressors.
      I have bee waiting (2+ years now) to see how they shake out for others before I spend on one myself.

  1. Doesn’t look that more expensive than the .308 version. Is there a reason one would buy the .308 version over this?

  2. 25 Ounces??!!! For anything other than a .338, thats a lot of beef.

    This can may make sense as a .338 magnum can, but it doesn’t really make sense anywhere else.

  3. It is a lot of jack for sure. I have one of their early cans and to run it alongside standard units is pretty amazing. Noise reduction seems the same to the naked ear, but without all of fouling and junk blowing back in your face (I am talking about AR style rifles). It’s amazing how much cleaner the gun stays. My left handed son won’t even shoot an AR with my standard cans, he only likes the OSS since he gets a bigger dose of the blow back being on that side of the rifle.


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