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NcSTAR is an optics-focused brand for those on a budget. For shooters looking for something a tad higher on the features and quality scale and have a couple more simoleons in their pockets, they’ve launched VISM. And the brand is making far more than red dots and lasers. For example . . .

The ORYX Tactical Boot Line.

NIJ certified armor plates.

CCW purses and GoPro mounts for Pic rails, M-LOK, etc.

And, yes, some red dots. This one has a solar panel on top.

So does their new SPD Micro Solar Reflex Sight.

The SPD Solar FlipDot employs a flip-up lens.

And the original FlipDot fits on a pistol.

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  1. I actually like that concept. Granting that Nc Star may not be my optic of choice to place on a gun for potentially serious usage, but I could see that flip-up might be handy on a hunting pistol. A flap-covered field holster would easily protect the sight from mung, rain, snow, or other debris, and the sight could be flipped up as part of the draw stroke. Heck, a holster might even have a widget to engage the sight and flip it up as the cover is opened.

    I wonder if the sight flippage also turns the optic one? If so, another bonus.

  2. I’ve been against the red dots on pistols because they add size to something that’s meant to be as small as possible, but if companies start making flip up RMR red dots… I will gladly buy them because they don’t add much size to the pistols when laid down.

    My only concern is how will they hold up to .45 ACP or 10mm Auto recoil?

      • I know a number of people who used their LER scopes on various rifles. They didn’t last very long or hold their zero very well.

        I spent the extra money (actually several times what a NCStar scope cost) on a Leupold M8 Scout Scope. That scope held its zero with several thousand full power 8mm Mauser rounds and was only removed when the S&K mount worked loose. The scope was recently installed on my Ruger Scout. My son likes the scope and it is shooting right where the scope was last zeroed over a decade ago.


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