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Despite what the songs say, living in California ain’t always easy, let alone dreamy. Especially for a gun owner. Thankfully some firearm manufacturers are willing to engineer creative solutions so their products can be owned and enjoyed within the borders of The Golden State. Count KRISS USA among them, as they re-enter the CA market with a new version of the Vector CRB in all four available calibers (10mm included). KRISS’ press release follows . . .

KRISS USA Reintroduces the California Compliant Vector CRB
KRISS® Vector pistol caliber carbines available for California as featureless rifles

April 17, 2017 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, innovators of the Super V Recoil Mitigation System, is announcing the re-release of California Compliant KRISS® Vector GEN II firearms. These updated models will be available in all calibers and colors, and shipping to California dealers starting in April 2017, with an MSRP of $1,599.00.

The 2017 California Compliant KRISS® Vector CRB features a fixed DEFIANCE® DS150 stock, giving the rifle an overall length of 36.5”, as well as a Kydex® grip wrap barrier. The California version of the Vector CRB is loaded through a ten round capacity GLOCK® magazine. Also included, for California models only, the KRISS® Picatinny Rail Cover Short (SKU: KVA-RCBL00S) and the KRISS® Picatinny Hand Stop (SKU: KVA-FGBL00) will be preinstalled factory accessories.

Twenty California compliant KRISS® Vector CRBs will be available through five color and four caliber options. Color options include Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Combat Grey, and Alpine White. Caliber options include 9mm, .45ACP, 10mm and 40S&W.

For more information about the California compliant KRISS® Vector CRB visit the KRISS USA website at

KRISS USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of small arms, training replicas, and accessories for commercial, military, and law enforcement users worldwide. KRISS USA is part of a group of companies that focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the firearms industry, enabling more efficient solutions and corresponding to the 21st century security requirements.

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  1. I’m happy to see that they’ve made these deadly killing machines more safe by adding that plastic paddle behind the evil pistol grip. Countless lives will be saved for sure!

      • If you ever take that cut-off version out in public, your felony is likely to be discovered.

        The real danger of all these ridiculous workarounds is not having the po pop coming door to door for checks, but that taking said bastardized gun out in public now becomes much more risky.

  2. We’re rapidly approaching the point to where if something merely is a firearm, then it is not California-compliant.

  3. Let’s see. 1600 bucks for the gun. 160 for taxes. 25 for dros. For a repurposed Borchardt with a 10 round mag limit.

    How will I ever be able to pass on it.

  4. Not going to lie, I’ve sometimes considered buying one to SBR and suppress. Just for giggles.

    Every time that thought comes up though I find a way to get more giggles at the same price point and I forget about the Vector for a while.

  5. California is a communist/fascist state. The second amendment is not about hunting. Nor is it about collecting the latest in high tech weaponry. Ronny Barrett has refused to sell his rifles to New York State, California and other state governments. Ronny Barrett is a moral capitalist.

    Why is any gun maker selling resigned guns that meet the California governments approval? I believe Karl Marx said in effect, “When we hang the last capitalist we will hang him with the rope he made.” You can substitute the word “shoot” for the word hang and “gun” for the word rope. The only way to change what is happening in California is to stop supporting the government of California. I know of at least one gun range that has refused to serve California state police. The range owner gave up a lot of money to be a moral capitalist.

    The Montgomery bus boycott lasted 12 months. And many other businesses were also boycotted by black people. Blacks and whites both suffered financially. But in the long run blacks won freedom. What are the people of the gun willing to give up, temporally, to win their freedom???

    • Not gunna Lie: I live in California, I hate the gun laws, but my fucking god I can’t take this comment srsly dude.


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