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Kahr Arms specializes in single-stack carry guns that are simple and skinny. They’re usually pretty reliable and accurate, too, with nice smooth triggers. New to their lineup is the S9 and ST9, two DAO, striker-fired carry guns in slightly different sizes. Kahr’s press release follows . . .

Kahr® Introduces Two 9mm Models From the New “S” Series

Greeley, PA – At the 146th NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta last month, Kahr Arms presented the latest edition to their extensive product line-up. The first two pistols in the new “S” Series were unveiled with two 9mm pistols – the S9093 and the ST9093. The new “S” Series features a redesigned magazine base and grip, a limited lifetime warranty, and ships with two magazines.

The S9093 model features a 3.6” barrel with conventional rifling, an overall length of 5.9”, and a height of 4.5”. This pistol is similar to the CW9093, but this new “S” Series model has the added features of white 3-dot sights, front serrations on the slide, an accessory rail, and an ID tag on the grip. Capacity is 7+1 and the pistol is shipped with two 7-round magazines. MSRP is $477.

Also new in the “S” Series is the ST9093. This pistol features a 4” barrel, has an overall length of 6.5” and a height of 5.08”. Like the S9093, it too has white 3-dot sights, front serrations on the slide, an accessory rail, and an ID tag on the grip. Capacity is 8+1 and the pistol is shipped with two 8-round magazines. MSRP is $456.

Both pistols operate with a trigger cocking DAO, “Safe-Cam” Action, lock breech with “Browning-type” recoil lug and a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. The frame is black polymer with a matte stainless steel slide.

For more information about these two new models and all of Kahr’s 100% made in the USA products, please go to or check with your local firearm dealer.

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    • Putting an S after a product name only works on an iPhone. Adding it to a Kahr does nothing for me. But adding an SF to a Glock, well no thats a whole nother kettle of fish.

    • It is. As the article even states, its basically a CW series with front serrations, different (better?) sights, and an accessory “rail”. Oh, also different magazine base, though its not clear if the new design mag is compatible with the CW series.

  1. WTF is that ID tag on the grip? Google spit out dozens of stories on RFID chips and other nonsense when I searched “handgun ID tag on grip”. Kahr…what you be doing?

    • Probably just a metal plate, but it sure does look awful on an otherwise good looking pistol.

    • One is a CW9, and the other is a CT9 with a rail. SNs use to be where the rail is, so they had to move it. Not much extra material on the side of the frame under the the slide so I guess the lower part of the grip was the best place.

  2. Two models that the difference is .4″ of barrel length and one round capacity. Strange.

    • You see them for crazy cheep on occasion. Probably because the CT9 is a little too long and high for carry. You can always cut down the grip.

  3. Much like buying a ticket to a Tom Cruise movie is funding Scientology, some portion of the MSRP of a Kahr finds it’s way to the Sun Moon Foundation an ultimately to the Unification Church, err, Family Federation for Worlds Peace and Unification or some such verbal diarrhea..

    Both of which actively plant their cultists in government jobs. Not to mention have a long history of brainwashing and tax evasion. Dad did a stint in club fed for getting caught one too many times, the son is next.

    • Sort of like when you buy a Cross Bread holster or any other number of products from fundie christian organizations, and a portion of that goes to their fundie christian causes?

      Who then plant their cultists in the government such as William Casey under Reagan?

      Hey, I am on your side – in that I don’t want any religion taking a foot hold in my government – but ALL of them are dangerous, especially the christian ones. Not just the ones that aren’t as popular.

      • Completely agree, but there are two important differences – one, there is no “Christian Church” organization sending them on deep-cover assignment to undermine the government in favor of their beliefs, two, most importantly, Christians, on the whole, are pretty benign/socially acceptable.

        As Chris notes below.

        • “there is no “Christian Church” organization sending them on deep-cover assignment to undermine the government in favor of their beliefs, two, most importantly, Christians, on the whole, are pretty benign/socially acceptable.”

          I disagree, we just accept christian influence in our government as normal. However, just as the Casey example there are many many more fundie Christians overtly or covertly influencing our government and our laws based upon their supernatural belief systems.

          Chris’s note mentions enslaving and beheading, but there isn’t examples of Unification Church or Scientology beheading or enslaving people either so it’s a straw man argument.

          Christians have been pretty fucking dangerous throughout history, no different than any of the other religions, but they have a particularly brutal record when you compare then to Scientologists or Unification Church.

        • I disagree, we just accept christian influence in our government as normal. However, just as the Casey example there are many many more fundie Christians overtly or covertly influencing our government and our laws based upon their supernatural belief systems.

          Maybe 30-40 years ago, I would have agreed with that point. I don’t really see the validity anymore. Other than the occasional anti-abortion nonsense, what do they have dominion over? Seriously, give me some examples.Secular humanism has driven them out of our bedroom for the most part, and that was their last point of incursion. Yeah, our leaders still pay some homage to a deity despite their lack of belief, but so did The Founders (save for John Jay). Sure, there’s the (statistically) odd flat earther/creationist/idiot who believes we’ve only been here 6000 years, but not even the Catholic Church believes that crap anymore.

          I’m completely with you that Christianity/The RCC has been historically very dangerous, especially for those of us who don’t believe in magical sky-daddies who are too concerned about the outcome of a highschool football game to solve world hunger. Or do science, whatever.

          I’m just saying that Christians, on the aggregate, really aren’t the droids we should be worried about.

          Oh yeah, Moonies and Scientology whack-a-doos have an established history of brainwashing their “followers”. not to mention murdering them when they step out of line. Even today.

    • Meh.The Moonies were also always vehemently anti-Communist and even backed Richard Nixon.

      Rather buy a Kahr than a Canik. Justin Moon’s company has no ties to the family business.

      • That’s some very old info Jean-Claude about separation, (and was never really true anyway). Where do you think he got the cash as a fresh Harvard grad to buy Auto-Ordnance?

        “Justin” has been chairman of the Tongil group (aka the business arm of the Moonies) for over 10 years now. Re-read my post and you’ll understand the money flow.

        • Come get me when Kahr supports anti-gun politicians and negotiates legal carve outs for their company to the detriment of gun owners and dealers of their home state.

          Wait,no—-when NY passed the SAFE Act, Kahr moved to Pennsylvania.

          Better a Kahr than a Springfield. Or a Canik.

        • “Better a Kahr than a Springfield. Or a Canik.”

          No argument from me at all. I’m merely pointing out what one supports when they purchase a Kahr. One should be aware of what one is buying (and supporting) when one buys, that’s my whole purpose.

          Just know.

  4. I like Kahr, especially the CM/PM9 series. Problem is, the grip, for me, just destroys my thumb right at the base. It rubs and rubs during shooting.

    • Try a bike inner-tube over the grip. Slimmer then Pachmayr and you can trim and fit it how you want.

  5. I have a Kahr CM9 carry pistol and use a Desantis sticky pocket holster when I’m in cargo shorts. It’s a handful and the grip is ..I dunno, but I didn’t like it so covered it in skateboard tape in a stylish manner. I think I’ll look for these two new ones next time I’m in gun store.

  6. Kahr teased their “Gen 2” pistols for two and a half years. The main selling point was a trigger pull that was just as smooth as the current guns, but with a 30% shorter reset. They also showed a TP9 with a ported and compensated barrel and a mount for a red dot. After the announcement of the S series, all mention of the Gen 2 was scrubbed from Kahr’s website.

    It seems the TP series has also been discontinued. No room in the market for expensive single stack DAO pistols, apparently.

    Kahr is to the point where they are not longer innovating. The S series is a bit of a letdown, as I think the things they’ve changed are pretty useless. Forward cocking serrations and a rail? On a thin, light concealed carry pistol? Not necessary. If one wants to add a laser to a Kahr, those options are already available from Lasermax AND Crimson Trace.

    But the S series is better than what Kahr’s “new offerings” have been lately. Cerakote of different colors(likely offered because it’s cheaper than finishing the stainless), rubber grip sleeves, and now a Kryptek patterned frame. Yep,Kryptek ON A CONCEALED CARRY PISTOL.

    I predict eventually Kahr will primarily focus on the C and S pistols, will discontinue the P series, and produce a scant few K, MK, and T pistols out of nostalgia.

    • The reason they don’t “innovate” is that their pistols are pretty much perfect for what they are. the K9 came out in 96. Other than a polymer lower and reducing the machining to bring down costs, what else can they do? Setting up the TP for competition is kind of dumb and for general target shooting the steel T9 exists. As for the “short reset” I might agree with you, but I have had no desire to do that on mine. My CZ 75 Shadow has a crazy short reset system, so I know the difference reset can give you.

      I do carry a K9 as well as a CW9. How well the carry system I’m using handles the weight determines what I carry. I have no desire to get a P9

      • I was looking forward to the Gen 2, as everyone who handled it raved about the new trigger. I love my Kahrs BUT I think a shorter reset could only be a good thing for quicker shooting. Not that I don’t like the trigger now, but I think it tends to turn off shooters who’ve only ever shot Glock-like triggers. If you watch any reviews of Kahrs, people who didn’t spend time shooting revolvers always have the “the reset is too long” complaint.

        Maybe they will bring the Gen 2 trigger out in the future. I’m sure they spent plenty of money researching and developing it,and companies don’t like to lose money on things.

        The T9 is my Unicorn pistol. I would love to have one, but they’re pretty expensive new,and the chances of finding one on the used market are pretty slim. I did like the looks of the TP9 Gen 2 Kahr had on their website, but I admit it was a very limited market. Not many people are going to spend $1200 on a comped, ported, and optic mounted 8 round 9mm. I guess if I find a CT9 for rock bottom price I can always have the slide milled for an optic mount myself.

        Kahr is probably my favorite maker. I EDC a P9, own a K9 and CW380, and am waiting for my CM9 to arrive at my LGS. What would I like to see from them, in a perfect world? A double stack 9mm on the CM9 frame. That would be perfect. It would be thin and give the Kel-Tec PF11 competition as the smallest double stack 9mm on the market.

  7. I never liked shooting Kahrs for some reason but there is no denying they make a good pistol. I know people who have carried them for years with no issue.

  8. I like the sights I have, and the rail is not something I want or really need. Forward serrations aren’t going to get me to change either. Short for saying I am happy with my CW9 and won’t “upgrade” anytime soon.

  9. Took them too long to understand that rail was necessary, especially for the larger models. XD-S had it for 5 years now.

    • I don’t understand the need for a rail on such a thin pistol. It would seem to me that any light is going to be wider than the pistol itself.

    • WTF is the point of a rail on a gun whose major selling point is slimness, lightweight, and ease of concealability? Crimson trace already makes slick low-profile laser sights for them if you want that. If you plan on throwing a big-ass light on the end of it, then for same weight/width you can get a a gun with a lot more capacity thats easier to shoot. To me its kinda like offering a corvette with an off-road suspension option. I mean sure, it does add some capability to the corvette platform… but at that point just get a truck?

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