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While Hogue is best known for its handgun and rifle grips — rubber overmolded, exotic wood, G-10, and the like — they also make very nice rifle stocks, forends, trigger guards, a whole line of knives, and, you guessed it, gun bags. And, now, gun bags in flat dark earth. Hogue’s press release follows . . .


Henderson, NV – Hogue Incorporated is proud to announce the expansion of their line of pistol and rifle bags
with their new Flat Dark Earth models. Hogue products are built on the reputation of offering the finest quality
in the industry and their gear bags are certainly no exception.

Every model of Hogue Gear bags has been painstakingly designed by Hogue’s engineers and field tested to
guarantee the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from Hogue products. Not satisfied with simply
importing another manufacturer’s product with their brand attached to it, Hogue has opted to create their own
textile division. Every Hogue Gear bag is manufactured from materials made in the USA and assembled in
their own facilities under the direct supervision and quality control of the Hogue family.

The Hogue Gear single rifle bags are available in four different lengths while the double rifle bags offer three. A
50 caliber bag is also available. All styles are also available in black and OD green. Each model sports an
exterior constructed from heavy duty nylon, two outside pockets, bar tack and cross stitching at all critical
stress points, internal adjustable magazine pouches, dense foam internal padding, a quilted non-tear brown
suede polyester internal lining and large heavy duty YKK zippers. With strategically designed reinforced
handles, these bags are built to withstand the ruggedness of the sport.

The pistol bags are available in three sizes to accommodate the most popular standard handguns. Built with
the same quality materials as the rifle bags, the handgun bags are also available with a removable magazine
insert to store additional magazines. With their heavy duty Velcro pockets and 100% cotton internal quilted
lining, these gun bags will impress even the most demanding consumer.

Hogue Gear rifle bags start with an MSRP at $134.95 while the pistol bag MSRP begins at $19.95. Hogue is
celebrating fifty years of quality manufacturing in their family-owned and operated facilities under the
direct supervision of the Hogue family. Hogue, Inc. supports local dealers and encourages customers to
purchase Hogue products locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or
visit to find a Hogue dealer near you.

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  1. But not available in California, because even though they’re identical in construction and operation to models currently on the “not unsafe” roster, they’re a different color.

    • Actually there’s an exemption to the Roster for non-safety-related changes (colors, sights, grips, etc) to already-approved guns that allows new model numbers to be added without doing the testing over or meeting any new requirements enacted since the original approval. It isn’t automatic, though, and a manufacturer basically has to petition for the exemption and certify no mechanical changes have been made and whatnot. Not sure if most manufacturers don’t realize this exemption exists or they’re lazy or what though, as I rarely hear of it being used!

      The last time I recall was in March from Kahr when they added night sight, carbon fiber look, and burnt bronze cerakote versions of the CM9. See here:

  2. I know I am the minority on this, I would LOVE to find a soft case pistol bag, like above that will fit and protect my T/C Contender.

    The guys who have massive scoped revolvers also know the problem, the pistol cases are waaaaay to little and the AR cases are too big and tall. The custom route costs more than I want to pay as well…

    • many companies make custom foam you can add or modify yourself to a hard plastic case. get a knock off case from harbor freight and add kaizan foam to it.

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