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Simultaneously cool, unique, and eye-wateringly expensive, Trinity Nevada’s new PiRho slide for the SIG P320 features a compensator machined directly into the barrel, which is in turn seamlessly integrated into the design of the slide. Without a doubt this is a very slick design, but it comes at a price. Have a number in mind? Okay . . .


It’s $1,645. Or about the price of three GLOCK 19s.

Honestly it’s not an entirely crazy price point considering all of what’s involved here and the fact that it’s a complete, ready-to-shoot slide with sights and optics cut, etc. But . . . dayum.

If you’re on a budget, Trinity Nevada’s GLOCK slides are only $1,445 to $1,495.


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  1. It’s ugly as shit…..Looks as though it’s the first piece of bar stock a non skilled machinist ever cut!

    • I once saw a gold and black stripe Desert Eagle. People do dumb stuff to perfectly good guns and Deagls too.

    • While I don’t care for it either, your bar stock and non-skilled machinist comment is about the most asinine thing I’ve ever read on here.

      • LOL!! I understand how you thought his machinist comment was out of line. However, I was that unskilled machinist that chewed up a piece of bar stock. And it did look something akin to that in appearance. I have to say while out of context it does have slight bearing on the truth LOL!

  2. $1,645? I’ll take four. And a couple of those $1,495 Nevada slides too. And silver bullets. Gotta have silver bullets. And a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. And the M134 minigun from “Predator.” And any other stoopid things you can think of.

  3. Please forgive my ignorance here. When it comes to pistols and revolvers I usually think from a self defence and/or hunting aspect. On the other hand I have entered a few Action Shooting International contests and have done well with off the shelf pistols never placing less than 3rd. I am curious who buys this sort of thing? Is it just a collector / fancier or is it some guy who really needs a God gun for race gun competitions etc? The price is considerable however not out of reach. I just wonder who would use it and for what?

    • Anybody who competes in the open division of USPSA wont bat a eye at that price. Their used to paying $2500 to $5000 for a STI or Tanfoglio to compete in that division.

      • So it isn’t a product built for the rank and file shooter like the greater population of gun owners, to include myself. If I follow your reply it is for the high end competitor and the price appears to be a bargain from that standpoint. I am a hog hunter and varmint exterminator, I have dogs that are plug-ugly, not show dog quality in looks. A guy like me wants a dog to catch or bey the hog or one who will go into the raccoon den and kill every mother son and daughter of them. Hunters like me don’t care about looks we care about what that dog can do reliably. I gather the same goes for top end shooting competitors. I gather if one is not at the higher level of competition (novice-everyday user) this is a product not for them. Lastly, and any opinion that the novice-everyday user has about this product is just that an opinions and nothing more. And not really worthy of a reaction from those at the elite level. Thanks for your reply. :o)

        • This assembly replaces about $350 of factory parts. Maybe it has a better extractor, striker, etc., but the article offers no evidence to support such a conclusion. Unlike some other pistols requiring aftermarket parts for reliability, SIG factory parts are known for quality already.

          I have no doubt a comp is necessary for that level of competition, but this isn’t an elaborate, multi-chambered racegun comp. Cosmetics aside, it’s much more comparable to screw-on units worth $50-150 if ordered separately.

          The balance (nearly $1200) simply subsidizes the self-indulgence of someone who’s decided (against all evidence to the contrary) that he’s an “artist”, while simultaneously adding friction on the draw, stress risers, bulk, and extra entry / binding points for crud.

          • Well since, I am just an ignorant country boy, and like I, said pistols and revolvers are for self defense and hunting when it comes to my needs. therefore, I am rather appreciative of all of the information that, I am gleaning from this conversation. Thank you!

        • JEEZE, Loughsun, good for you!

          I, on the other hand, do some bird hunting with a purebred shorthair, hunt other American big game and even tree rats to eat; shoot trap, skeet, handguns and rifles competitively once-in-a-while, and reload something like 30 metallic calibers and 4 gages of shot shells. I also like finer things when I can come up with them, engraved and inlayed firearms among those things.

          It shouldn’t be a reason for you to hate, or put down people like me.

          That was (originally) what made the US a unique country- march to your own drummer. Freedom to choose where you want to live (if you can afford it), who you want to associate with, whether you subscribe to some sort of religious group (or not), what you want t eat, basically how you want to live. It shouldn’t matter a damn to you what someone else does so long as it is not illegal and doesn’t in some manner hurt you or damage you financially. I’d probably have a couple strikes against me in your opinion because I don’t drive a Ram hemi pickup…

          Still, I hope you and I can agree to both worship the same Creator.

          I don’t see anyone around here putting you down for your opinions. Live as you like, although I’d rather not have a junk yard adjacent to my own back yard if I can avoid it.

          So you don’t like something- BFD. No one would even suggest you buy it. Take another pull from that jug and relax- K?

    • doesn’t look like a competition slide to me. It looks like it makes a flush fit to the slide which is critical if you want a compensator on your carry gun (both for drawability, and not limiting your holster options.)
      I did that to my stock P320c for under $300, and I uprgaded to a full length wilson combat grip along the way. It doesn’t have the TIN coating or all the crazy serrations, chamfers, bevels, that said this doesnt look as good as any Norsso Slide(in design, or machinework), and I could add that for about $700 (including swapping internals, adding sights.)
      And I still considered it….. but I will pick up the $1000 limited editition icarus precision grips first, because they are prettier 😛

  4. Perfect demonstration of the difference between “effort” and “value added”. Was that intentional? Is this a reductio ad absurdum for “cuz I can” custom garishness?

  5. Hmmm…..I do not buy Sigs because I cannot justify the cost delta between a Sig and a Ruger. My gun uses are strictly for practice and defense. That being said, for competition, this seems easily justifiable, and it has a cool, funky steam-punk appearance.

  6. If you have the money to part with and are inclined, by all means.

    The rest of us in the lower socioeconomic class will have to make do with what we have and or can afford.

    • You can’t be competitive in the USPSA Open Division with the original slide (which has no compensator). This slide is obviously marketed toward somebody who bought a Sig p320 X5 Legion (and is competing in the Limited/Limited 10 division) and now they was to step up to the Open division.

      • TommyGNR thank you for your insightful comments and for even taking the effort to inform the ignorant and cheap asses on this site that feel the need to comment on what they don’t understand and thereby show their ignorance and cheap assedness.

      • But you also can’t be competitive in open division with a p320 shooting minor PF, and even if this slide assembly could handle major power factor, this comp would not be effective enough to make it competitive with the $8k open 2011s. And a slide mounted dot also is a no-go in Open. So this is definitely marketed to the tactical crowd. It’s like STI (now Staccato) selling similar featured pistols that have no real competitive home. There’s more money to be made from the tactical crowd.
        It took a ton of skill to mate the barrel/comp up with the slide like they have done and have it all gapped appropriately. So the rest of the machining on the slide that looks rough and matte I’m going to assume was an aesthetic decision. Shiny isn’t tactical, so another clue to the intended market.

        • “slide mounted dot also is a no-go in Open”. Sure you can. You can do just about anything you want in USPSA Open division.

        • You seem too well-informed to be a TTAG commenter. Are you sure you’re in the right place?

          That said, one minor correction. There are two places you can use 9mm 2011s to good effect: IDPA ESP/CO and 3gun. (Last I checked, the Stacattos aren’t IDPA ESP/CO legal due the 4.4″ heavy barrel, but I’m sure other people make 2011 that are.) Not sure I’d buy a 9mm 2011 just for those two things, but it’s a conceivably a good place for them.

      • Being a competitive target shooter in a number of disciplines over the years, you will be amazed how much people will spend to get that extra edge over others.

  7. No accounting for taste. Not my cup of tea. Different strokes for different folks.

    Some folks have more money than sense. God Bless ’em. God Bless America.

  8. That’s pretty cool. Definitely piggy. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the artsy side of the gun culture and relax a little.

    • I do not know what I wrote that should have elicited that sort of a reply from you? Please read my post again. I apologize for any misunderstanding. I didn’t mean to put anyone down. I have expressed my ignorance and my appreciation for dogs that were considered ugly and overpriced yet worth every penny to me because of their performance over aesthetics. And I never made any insulting remarks in my statements, I do not know how or why I have received such a response. Please read what, I wrote again. I think that you have totally misread it.

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