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At SHOT Show this year, TBAC was showing off their new .45 cal pistol silencer, the FLY 45. Though designed with .45 ACP use in mind, this lightweight, modular silencer is rated for some .45-70, 308 WIN, and .223/300 BLK use.

The FLY 45 is a modular suppressor with a full length (including booster) of 8.85 inches and a short configuration (with booster) of 6.6 inches.

With booster included, it weighs just 8.15 ounces in short configuration and 10.47 ounces in long configuration. With the just the bare HUB rear end, it weighs only 5 ounces in the short configuration!

That’s an extremely lightweight silencer! It achieves this with an all-titanium construction except for the 17-4 stainless steel piston.

MSRP is $1,290 so you’re gonna have to pay to play here, but given the vast caliber ratings and full-auto ratings (see for full information on barrel length restrictions, caliber ratings, and much more) plus the extremely light weight, the FLY 45 is most definitely a can to consider.


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  1. I’ve used a few suppressors, government and private, but I’ve never bought one. First two comments mentioned the cost. I didn’t think it sounds unreasonable for a well made piece of gear. Just curious, what’s average cost? I have started thinking about it.

    • Hey Gadsen, for me it’s 1300 plus another 200 for a stamp plus another 200 or more to cut back / move front sight / reblue… this fun sure adds up fast, especially for a rifle that gets fired maybe 25 times a year. Sure would be nice to leave the ear plugs in my pocket on deer and pig hunts though.

      • Pb, thanks. Familiar with the tax stamp. And I know cool shit costs. Ask my ex-wife. If I buy one it will be. tasked to a handgun in .45 ACP. Just curious what is average for one piece of skin in the game.

    • A good 45 cal pistol silencer can be a decent all around 9mm, 45, pistol and PCC can, plus some can do limited rifle like this one, especially for 300BLK.

      I think $500-700 is pretty average for a few decent options, though those would be mostly steel, steel aluminum hybrids, maybe a titanium tube. Probably at least 2oz more than this TBAC. Some modular, some not. I was comparing Rugged Obsidian in features so short config was around 10oz, long was 12.

      The TBAC gets you some extra rifle use and some less weight, plus HUB rear end, but definitely a higher price for the Ti.

      Personally I would probably pay more for a lighter rifle suppressor, save a little for a pistol silencer. Now if you were thinking of something for a dedicated PCC or subgun host maybe lighter would be more important? Though I don’t love the styling as much if this is going on a classic gun like an MP5, too swirly.

  2. The cost includes losing your dignity asking for a permission slip to possess one after you paid and jumped through Big Brother’s 4473 hoop like a silly circus animal. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. Just an observation,
    We do everything we can to reduce the barrel length, to lighten the firearm, talk about cost, then put on a suppressor that kinda defeats all that?
    I got a pair of Walker’s electronic ears for like $40.
    Again, just an observation.

  4. Maybe Travis or J Dub or Jeremy can chime in – how effective would something sized for 45 be on a rifle like , say 204 or 223 ?
    Admit that I’m not very well versed in can theory.

    • A standard .45 acp load is sub-sonic, while the rifle rounds you mentioned are supersonic, with all the noise that entails…

  5. You get what you pay for. Thunder Beast is TopNotch stuff. In shortened mode, it’s like a Surefire, not that quiet, a super quiet flash hider, but tough as cut nails for full auto and such use. If you’re shoot supersonic, how quiet does it need to be unless you’re a sniper. People need to get more educated about these things: complaining about what stuff costs vs. benefits. If you’re suppressing, you WILL spend some loot. Trust me on that one. One thing manufacturers need to get going is using a ” your choice of barrel thread” muzzle brake ( a-la-Q Cherry Bomb) and making the base cap of the cans generic to THAT thread. That way ANY or ALL of your rifles can mate to your one-and-only can by having the same external thread brake on each gun. Simple-er.

  6. Dan0 hit the nail on the head with his comment. My only consideration is quietness. I already have the Gemtech Tundra 9mm, and the Dead Air Mask HD in .22. This can will be exclusive to the 45 Compact Tactical from HK. The only problem I’m having so far is the Rugged Obsidian 45 is available at a $200 discounted price but only in Flat Dark Earth. Can that be PVD heat treated to a different color, preferably black?


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