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I love new guns! Yet somehow I’m only now learning about the PX9 as the Gen 2 flavor is being released. The Turkish-made PX9-G2 looks pretty darn feature-rich, especially given its MSRP of just $379.95. TTAG will get our hands on one for a full review soon. In the meantime, the press release from importer SDS Imports follows:

Knoxville TN – SDS Imports, a leader in quality imported firearm products, announced the much-anticipated release of the PX9-G2 pistol. Designed to replace the highly successful PX9, the PX9-G2 offers a host of upgrades to meet the needs of today’s shooters.

Building on the reliable design of the Gen 1, the PX9-G2’s 9mm hammer forged barrel and slide come standard with a polymer frame, adjustable sights and forward slide serrations. The PX9-G2 makes use of industry-standard accessories, such as S&W M&P 2.0-style sight dovetails and Sig P226 magazines.

The PX9-G2 features a light rail, ambidextrous safeties and magazine release. The PX9-G2 can be customized to fit any shooter with interchangeable side panels and backstraps which allow 27 different grip configurations, and users have the option of using the removeable magazine well.

The SDS PX9-G2 ships with two (2) 18 round magazines, cleaning kit, holster and owner’s manual in a lockable hard case.

SDS executive David Fillers stated that “We’ve worked closely with Tisas, the manufacturer of the PX9’s, to develop the G2 version for the US market, and look forward to continuing this partnership and building on the success of the original PX9”.

For more information on the PX9-G2 and other SDS products, contact your dealer or distributor, or visit .

*S&W and M&P are registered trademarks of Smith & Wesson
*Sig P226 is a registered trademark of Sig Sauer


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    • Looks like a Springfield. If they were working with Tisas for an upgraded US version they should have ditched the manual safety on this “glock.” Canik took the Walther P99 concept and made it an affordable series of guns for self defense and competition, I guess Tisas is importing a similar take on Springfield? Nice that it takes P226 mags. There are lots of “glocks” out there, you can even build your own from parts, doesn’t look like much stands out on this.

  1. It looks like the Turks tried to steal something from every manufacturer.
    Another imported Turkish pistol that a whopping ONE year warranty.
    The grip looks very long and the whole thing looks cheap.
    Hard pass, SDS Imports is known for it’s clones of 1911s and Beretta’s.
    They have a very fake review of their high dollar 1911 on YouTube.
    Been there, done that and still waiting for parts for an imported 1911.
    Metric system nonsense or as they say “proprietary”.

  2. Why is everybody bagging on Turkish guns? I have a few and they are are well made. I have a Sars K2 45 in stainless that is really a quality built and very straight shooter. It actually is built better than some of my S&W’s. Maybe there are a few bad Turk arms but many of their manufacturers have been around well over 120 years.

    • I guess that’s a great $300 clone of a CZ?
      The problem is they are usually jamomatics.
      Reliability and finish are the two main problems that people complain about.
      I doubt there is any S&W that isn’t built better then some Turkish junk.
      Did you buy your S&Ws as a PDs trade ins that were originally PD trade ins?
      Maybe you are confusing S&W with Hi-Point.
      Both S&W and Hi-Point have lifetime warranties.
      The SAR K2 45 does not. You don’t even know the manufacturer of your gun.
      Buy a couple of Hi Points and sell the SAR K2 45 to some sucker.
      Always have a reliable gun, don’t go cheap on something important.
      Plus a 3lb gun? Good luck on carrying that.

  3. Tisas makes some pretty good firearms. I confess I’ve ogled their Beretta Cheetah clone (the “Fatih”) a time or two. If it weren’t for their government (read: Erdogan) , I’d probably buy several Turkish pistols, and a buttload of Turkish shotguns.

    • Rookie, why look at a Tisas Cheetah when original Beretta Cheetahs are under $400?

    • Right now you aren’t going to find a decent used Beretta Cheetah 84FS for $600.
      The ones on Gun Broker are pretty beat up at $600
      I have turned down $800 for mine but it’s pristine.
      Anyway my problem with Tisas Fatih B380 is it’s B series 84, not a FS.
      Looking at a review on YouTube my biggest problem with the Tisa is
      there is a bunch of play in the slide where the barrel goes through.
      There is seriously like 1/4″ larger hole then the barrel.
      With a Beretta you don’t have that and you get the 84FS trigger guard.
      My 84FS is 25 years old and the finish is great.
      The Tisa finish looks flat.
      If you are bent on having a 84, know that is really isn’t much smaller then a G19.
      The reason I kept mine is because it’s art from Italy and has fired every round.
      Literally every round it was ever fed over 25 years.
      There are very few guns that anyone has that hasn’t had some issue with.
      Like a stovepipe, FTF or FTE.
      My 84FS shot 400 rounds of surplus ammo 2 years ago w/o one issue.
      That ammo was Spanish military ammo marked 1983. 36 years old when shot.
      When things calm down you might find a Beretta 84FS for around $600 new.
      You will have it in your hand while you are paying for it with the other one.
      They are 100% reliable ART but not of any real use nowadays. You won’t sell it.
      If you do you’ll regret it.

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