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My boss at the day job is going to be heartbroken. He thought that he was the first person to think of doing an AR-10 based 12-gauge shotgun, but apparently Rhino Arms has beaten him to the punch. Their new AR-10 based shotgun is a “hot swappable” upper receiver, meaning all you need to do is change the upper and slap in a new magazine and you’re running 12 gauge roounds. No fiddling with recoil springs, no messing with internal parts — nothing.


They’re planning on selling the gun in a package, with a drag bag containing one AR-10 upper, one 12 gauge upper, one magazine each and a lower, so the end user can choose which ammo they want to run that day. All they need is a 9mm upper and you can run 3-gun with just one gun.

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  1. Cool concept, but you think they would have picked a buttstock other than a MagPul PRS. Maybe a Troy Battle Axe?

  2. TFW new gun. Hope no bugs and not $$$$$

    What is the average price of rhinos other products? More in line with larue or more in line with dpms?

  3. I don’t know exactly how it differs from an AR-10, but there’s a gun called the AR-12 shotgun that’s been around for years now. It looks like an AR-10, at least.

    • I think you’re thinking of the Akdal MKA-1919, a Turkish-made shotgun that’s an AR-shaped shell over a sporting shotgun. It’s… not the best shotgun out there.

      • Actually the Gen 2 MKA 1919’s have been getting A LOT of good reviews… mostly because they’re reliable even with birdshot.

        • The Natmil BR-99 is supposedly more reliable out-of-box. It can handle both low and high brass w/o modification.

          Creative Arms is working on something that they call the ARK, which combines aspects of the AR and AK, and is planned to be released in a number of different calibers (rifle and scattergun).

  4. All you have to do is swap the upper. Yep. That’s all. Just 70% of the weapon is changed, that’s all.

    • For those who like to spend $300 + on high-end triggers I guess it’s a bigger deal.

      Also, for those of us unable to buy new AR lowers for legal reasons, it’s nice to see new uppers get released that we can use. Of course, turning an AR-10 into a banned shotty would also be illegal.

  5. Nice. Hopefully I can add one to my collection when I move out of my current anti-gun location(California).

  6. So is it safe to assume that the Intrepid Tactical Solutions 12 gauge upper with proprietary ammunition is pretty much dead in the water now? Because if this uses normal shells then this would easily destroy any form of anything that Intrepid could come up with.

  7. If the price stays cheaper and it stays reliable, could it replace the finicky Saiga 12 for 3 gun? I know a lot of forums keep saying they wish and American company would come up with a mag fed shotgun that works.

        • Yup, yup and yup. Anything and everything I put in it, it eats without issue.

          Edit: Should mention a good portion of its diet so far has been shitty Walmart shells.

  8. So if I had an AR10 and bought this upper would I need to register the lower as an sbr and an sbs if i wanted to chop the barrel or would I be able to get away with one or the other provided I didn’t have any short barreled uppers for the unregistered caliber?

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