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Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) released the Phoenix 9mm pistol at NRAAM this year. It’s a straight blowback AR-style gun with a non-reciprocating, forward-mounted side charging handle on its monolithic upper receiver and a vertical Picatinny rail at the rear.

Magazines are unique to the Phoenix and hold 35 rounds.

Mag release and safety are fully ambidextrous, and the charging handle can be swapped from left to right side.

The charging handle folds flat so it’s out of the way.

It flips up easily for use.

With an M1913 Picatinny rail at rear, there are plenty of compatible pistol brace, pistol support, and shoulder stock (SBR laws would apply) options.


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  1. The democrats are working so hard to get our firearms that need to get over it 😡
    I know that all the “mass “ shooting’s are horrendous but they still have laws and they don’t enforce them
    I live in Nys and they are still working to get the guns away from law abiding citizens and they need to take a look and see what is wrong with a broken system

    • … pees pants, voices outrage digitally, likes, shares, mails in extra ballots for liberals, places second order for bulk Gun Sense Now!™ placards from Giffords Retail Outlet (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and certified cheque only), makes monthly donation to fellow Mothers Wanting Some Action, adjusts outer face diaper, sits back and thumbs through Vanity Fair for latest protest locations…

  2. How much is it and how much are the mags?

    Nothing wrong in my opinion with having unique mags but if you do, make them cheap. People will buy more of them and other guns will adopt them. There’s no reason a stamped piece of metal based on 100 year old tech should be 30-50$. Sell them off at just enough to make a profit.

    Also it’s straight blowback. There’s no reason it should be 1,600$. I have no clue what it costs mind you, I’ve just noticed in the PCC world things are outrageously priced and has kept me from buying one out of principal. When ARs and AR mags are 400-600$ and 10-20$ for quality mags there’s no reason to pay out the ass for these things.

    BUT, people do foolishly pay exorbitant prices for delayed roller blowback guns so I get why a lot of these companies price high. There’s nothing inherently expensive or special about producing delayed roller blowback, (invented in the last crushing days of the Reich and designed to be mass produced fast and easy) but damn are people willing to fork out serious cash for them.

    • Just realized there’s a link to the price so my bad, but it’s just as I suspected. 16-1,700$.

      Hard pass.

  3. Proprietary mags for a 9mm “subgun” just screams “we don’t care about our customers, give us your money,” to me.

    (I’m talking about the Sig MPX here… And this thing)

  4. Someone please explain why that won’t be deemed an SBR when the new BATF pistol brace interpretation takes effect in a few weeks?

    • Hopefully, there will be a stay on that pistol brace interpretation. In the meantime, various organizations are going to keep the ATF busy in court. So they won’t have time to enforce their ridiculous no.

  5. My only comment.WHY? For POSER PUSSIES and RAMBO WANNAGES that’s why.! Of no practical use whatsoever to a professiional. not a subbie and too bloody awkward for a effective handgun. Could scare the kiddie-winks though I suppose. Maybe sell a few to the ARMED TEACHER SQUAD to wave around in their sex education classes. [ this is my BIG weenie replacement Whoo whoo! ] As if!

    Now I’m sounding as idiotic as the gun freaks who usually fill thses pages!


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