New from Kel Tec: SU-16 in 300 BLK

OK, now I’m just doing this to annoy Todd (who threatened me bodily harm if I posted any more 300 BLK articles). Kel Tec, they of the unobtainable shotguns and rifles, are making their SU-16 rifle chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. Prices will be about the same, provided you can find one. And you know you won’t be able to. Also, before you ask, yes, the barrel is threaded for a suppressor.


  1. avatar Crazed Java says:

    Cool. So they are making a rifle I already can’t find in a different caliber. That sure will be handy to have a choice between which one I still can’t find.

    The SU-16C’s were ghosts before the panic buying. I’m not even sure they exist. I have only seen pictures on the Internet so far.

    1. avatar dom says:

      Really, what is the point of new Kel-Tec products? The KSG has been out for a couple years and cant be found. Even the long in the tooth Sub2000s are difficult. Kel-Tec needs a manufacturing partner.

    2. avatar Dutch says:

      I have a SU-16C. It’s never cycled properly, even after I’ve sent it back to Kel-Tec twice to be fixed. I’ve been extremely frustrated with their customer ‘service’.

    3. avatar AJD says:

      I have one, its a good camp gun & 100% reliable with brass ammo but they’re only rated for 10k rounds. The 300 BLK would probably only be rated for 8k, if they actually released them…

      1. avatar Don says:

        Had the same problem with mine. Stove pipes all the time. I installed a BCM AR15 Sopmod extractor upgrade (everything but the gas rings) and now it runs like a champ….amazing difference. You could probably install the BCM spring upgrade only and still get results. Just adding that rubber oring to the extractor spring makes a big difference.

    4. avatar Rokurota says:

      Had an SU-16c. I loved it. 100% reliable with brass and steel. Name me another 6 lb. 5.56 semi-auto “assault rifle” that takes STANAG mags and I’ll buy it. Of course, I did sell it to get a legit AR-15, so what do I know?

    5. avatar epwrangler says:

      I have had an su16c for sever AL years after I tracked one down. Love it. The boys get upset when I clean their ARss with it. Yup you can shoot it folded and unfold it with a G 30 round mag in it. Cool gun.

  2. avatar Robert K. Tompsett says:

    Why can’t we buy one?

    1. avatar Jim R says:

      There’s nothing stopping you from buying one. If you can find one.

  3. avatar JoshinGA says:

    I saw a SU-16 once…It was already sold and waiting for its owner to pick it up. Guess this will be another phantom that only really exists on the internet.

  4. avatar Adam says:

    My one local GS had a GunBroker auction for a KSG and it was $1695 and going as of yesterday in bids. lol

  5. avatar Derek says:

    Seriously? An SU-16 in 300BLK but they can’t give us a SUB 2K in 10mm/.357 SIG/ .45 ACP?

    Also, in the same vein as Crazed Java; Vance Shooter Supply is the highest volume gun dealer in central Ohio. I had an RFB on special order there for 14 months before I cancelled and bought an LAR-8 instead, I was first in line the the entire time. A buddy of mine that has worked there for a few years now says that he’s seen a grand total of one of those. ever. I’m also about %50 sure that the KSG is actually an internet hoax created by Oleg Volk as I’ve never even heard of someone having one other than him.

    I’d be a lot more excited if they were announcing that they were adding on to their factory or taking on a mfg partner.

    1. avatar matt says:

      There are 357 Sig conversions for the S2K, they use a special tungsten bolt.

  6. avatar KD says:

    Since these guns don’t actually exist – we can dream up all sorts of stuff.

    How about the PLR-16 in 300 BLK? PLR-300? Add the stock adapter and and get your SBR stamp. Make that a folding stock – talk about an el cheapo version of a Honey Badger!

    I did buy an SU-16A off Gunbroker mid 2012 for a very reasonable price. It’s been modded with the pistol grip/collapsible stock adapter and a folding stock hinge.

    BTW, since Firearmageddon started, I’ve watched the PLR-16 climb to 4 figure prices on Gunbroker – Sigh! I missed one early fall on Gunbroker for $450 new – Double sigh!

    1. avatar Nathan says:

      I had one in my hands at a gun show in August and instead spent the cash on my Kahr CW9… I think it was $425. Oh how times change.

  7. avatar 1919a6 says:

    kel tec long guns carried by bigfoot only

  8. avatar Human Being says:

    I hereby threaten Todd with bodily harm (beating with a wet noodle) unless Nick posts more 300 Blackout content.

    (Yes, really – I enjoy reading news about that chambering.)

  9. avatar Fitz19d says:

    I was fortunate enough to see a KSG in person off another gun owner I was buying a bag. Had I forget the name some compensator on it and the aimpoint on it like in some photo’s. Felt super nice, I left crying that I”ll never find one.

  10. avatar chewcudda says:

    I have one…
    thought about selling it.
    not so much now.
    might be willing to trade for ruger mini 14
    need a gun for killing beavers and river otters.
    damn good for both.

  11. avatar jwm says:

    Kel Tec has a SU16 version that is california legal. I looked one over at an lgs and decided I didn’t like it. It appeared flimsy and didn’t look like it would hold up to much use.

    As we are limited to 10 round mags and I already have an SKS I passed on it. The only people I know that own Kel Tecs have their pistols and none of them are happy with their guns.

  12. avatar Casey T says:

    Kel Tec is the worst type of gun manufacturer. They come up with some of the most innovative designs but they can’t produce enough of them.

    1. avatar custom7 says:

      No there are definitely worse. At least keltec got their innovation down. I’d rather have that than just crappy across the board lol

  13. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Hey Kel-tec, new product is nice, but howsabout actually supplying EXISTING product first?! Where’s my Glock 19 SUB2k? Can’t find them ANYWHERE..

    1. avatar Buuurr says:

      hah! A minute behind you. Bah!

  14. avatar Buuurr says:

    Awesome! Now if only someone could pass on the innovative idea of manufacturing guns instead of designing new ones. Hell, I’m still waiting on my Sub 2000 in 9 mm.

  15. avatar JWhite says:

    Puke… I hate KelTec. I’ve shot the SU16 (here in cali) and it’s a pile of rubbish. Save your dollars and get something better. Bleh… I dont even want to think about shooting it. Such junk. Shooting that rifle has tainted my impression of KelTec… I second KelTec to HiPoint. Neither of which I would ever waste my money on.

  16. avatar Neil Evangelista says:

    I love my Keltecs! P32, P3AT, Sub2000 G40, PLR16, and RFB. Sure, one or two might have had to go back to Cocoa for a fluff and buff, or whatever they do to make them work, but when they get back to me, they are tee-riffic! And I got them all when they were cheap … can you believe $1490 for the RFB with 10 extra mags including tax and NICS fee!?!

  17. avatar mike says:

    I have a Ken Tec 300 and I love it never had a problem with it but I no longer can posses a fire arm thanks California and I would love to sell it any takers. it has two 10 round clips and a red dot.

    1. avatar rick buxton says:

      Mike, can you send pics? I’m interested.

  18. avatar Pragmatist says:

    LMAO!!!! This thing will be as rare as pixie dust. Kel-Tec announces yet another unattainable awesome gun that you’ll never own because they’ll make 5 of them and they’ll all end up on gunbroker for 4900$ per unit. Show me some VOLUME kel-tec!!!!!

  19. avatar Anon says:

    Kel-Tec will never be able to produce enough guns in Cocoa. They have to stop work on one model to produce another due to the lack of available power on the electrical grid! When that first started the smart move would have been to open a new facility in another county or even another state that have available utilities. Instead they’ve opted to buy generators. As if that could fix the problem!

    Until the ownership invests in a new facility, Kel-Tec products will continue to be unicorns.

  20. avatar Keith says:

    Robertson’s Trading Post on GunsAmerica, SU 16 with 10 NEW Colt 30 round clips for 739. Right now.

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  27. avatar Smoke Porterhouse says:

    Oh look! Another unicorn!

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