New from Kalashnikov: ALFA Rifle, American 9mm AK


The folks at Kalashnikov USA have been busy. Their latest creation is the ALFA rifle, a firearm based on the venerable AK-47 platform yet modernized to compete with the proliferating pile of plastic performance penetrators (like the AR-15, Tavor, and others). I had the opportunity to chat with the guys at Kalashnikov USA and they gave me the skinny on what’s going on with this nifty looking gun…

Apparently what we’re seeing here is still just an engineering prototype. A firing prototype, but a prototype nonetheless. Just like some of the best SHOT Show reveals from years past they slapped this together at the last moment and didn’t even know if it would be ready in time.


The overall concept is to create an AK-47 where the end user would have nothing to do. There would be no need to upgrade any of the parts because that would already have been done, and the gun would be ergonomic and visual perfection. For all this, they are planning on bringing it to market for under $1,000 and making it available to the common man.


Also on the walls and shipping (hopefully) soon is the American imported version of Kalashnikov’s 9mm AK-style rifle. The pistol caliber carbine has been going absolutely insane over the last couple years and if Kalashnikov can bring a cheap yet reliable 9mm to market they’re going to make a Scrooge McDuck level of cash. Again, no price point or firm availability except “eventually.”


  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    9mm AK – gas/piston system – or blowback?

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      Is there any fathomable reason to NOT make it a blowback?

      1. avatar Fabian B. says:

        Yes: if it’s blowback, then what is AK about it?

        1. avatar Bobiojimbo says:

          Shape, form, and name?

    2. avatar Popovic says:

      It’s blow-back.

  2. avatar pwrserge says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t go with a Krink sight system on the 9mm. It’s perfectly suited for it.

  3. avatar pres stone says:

    damn thats a good looking AK, said no one ever, until now.

    1. avatar Rad Man says:

      My sales rep at Kalashnikov USA was telling me they already had millions of dollars in pre-orders for weapons I’m not even sure are in production yet. I’d never place a big order without at least shooting one first.

  4. avatar Defens says:

    I like it! An AK mated with a SCAR. Poor Nick won’t like it though – no way to change out virtually everything but the receiver, like he’s done with the SCAR. 🙂

    1. avatar DJ says:

      If I were the SCAR I would demand genetic testing.

      “That aint my baby, Jerry!”

    2. avatar california richard says:

      Thats exactly what I thought when I saw this thing.
      If it was a modular concept (easy change barrel, mag well, and bolt) with the base ak operating system and the improved controls they have going there, then that would be an awesome rifle.

  5. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

    Nothing left to do? Maybe I’m alone on this concept, but I happen to enjoy the ritual of personalizing my firearms.
    There is solitude in searching vast internet pages of blogs and pictures and vendors for those items we can attach to our firearm to make it unique and ours. I’m sure there are those who may be content to buy a new toy, be satisfied to do nothing to it except perhaps an optic. I’m not among those folks. It’s a ritual to get a new toy, Google it and looks and see what others have done, look at Youtube videos of them un-boxing and range reports. This is fun and part of the sport!

    1. avatar David B says:

      And then you die. Then your wife sells it for what you said you paid for it. She takes the cash and she and her new husband go out to dinner and movie. All your hours of customizing are then for nothing. If you had only shot stock and saved all that time and money, what might have been, what might have been…………

      1. avatar Jack Griffin says:

        I feel like you’re telling us your story…

        Please, continue.

        1. avatar Kazi Iqbal says:

          Yes, we are waiting. Please continue..

      2. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

        If you wanted to fan the flames, that proposed weapons ban in Washington State would virtually ban everything.
        Even if you drilled a hole in a rifle for a thumb hole, it would be banned. There is no transfer. I could keep my black scary rifle as long as expel carbon dioxide, but after I croaked and went to the happy gun range in the sky, my prized milled Kalashnikov could not be passed down to my kids or transferred to anyone except a mandatory transfer to the police, which would then undergo mandatory destruction.
        Fortunately, the house bill by the democrat from Vancouver, WA has virtually no chance of becoming law.

  6. avatar James in Houston says:

    I was hoping they’d put out a utility type gun than a wonder gun. I mean the scar styling is a nice touch but 1k seems a bit much for a SD/HD longarm.

    1. avatar MurrDog says:

      You’re getting more features on that gun than an entry level AR. 1k for all that? Pretty cheap for a Kalashnikov with all that added stuff. Cheap for any modern rifle, actually.

    2. avatar Plumbiphilious says:

      Your average “new” long gun that’s not a standard [AR or AK or shotgun] generally runs $1500 on up and $2000-ish nowadays. The Sandy Hook scare permanently inflated prices.

  7. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Holy crap! Between this and the Tavor x95 I think my collection is due for some rearranging.

  8. avatar Jeff says:

    Color me impressed because that 9mm looks to be a genuine Vityaz, and not some half-baked abortion. I guess K-USA either got a bunch of the Saiga-9 sporters imported before the ban, or they really do have blueprints & production capability on modern Russian parts.

  9. avatar Chiraq77 says:

    Looks like this is the year of the rifle for me. So far nothing blowing up my skirt handgun wise, but between the X-95, Galil ACE 308 and now that AK yeah I am gonna be one broke dude.

  10. avatar Tim U says:

    1k or less for the Alfa? Sign me up! Sorry IWI – you guys missed the boat with your galil ACE if this comes to market around the same time.

  11. avatar other chris says:

    I said earlier that I was hoping for some innovation. I’m pretty tickled thus far. Keep the info rolling!

  12. avatar "M" - AK Alfa Creator says:

    Thank You Guys for your comments…
    I really appritiate

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      Another comment for you; please make a version of the 9mm AK that accepts Glock magazines.

      Or, better yet, a version with replaceable magazine wells that would allow it to accept ANY major gun company’s pistol mags (Glock, SIG, Beretta, HK, CZ, Ruger, etc.)

      1. avatar "M" - AK Alfa Creator says:

        Dear Nine Shooter

        thank you for your comment

        1. avatar ColonelColt says:

          Are the magazines in the initial model compatible with an MP5, CZ EVO 3, etc. or are are they proprietary?

      2. avatar "M" - AK Alfa Creator says:

        Magazines are AK/Saiga-9 Vityaz

        1. avatar Detroiter says:

          I’m still waiting for a 9mm carbine that takes m&p magazines so, I second the interchangeable magwell comment!

        2. avatar NineShooter says:

          Detroiter, I missed that one in my list, and I consider that a major oversight. My apologies.

      3. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        How about Bizon mags over all of those other brands.

        1. avatar Jeff says:

          There is a reason why the Bizon became the Vityaz and lost the helical mags.

  13. avatar Marc says:

    That AK does look pretty sweet. I was eyeing the M+M M10x thing (not sure if I got the name right). I may have to reconsider. Having said that, I certainly don’t entertain the idea of being anyone’s beta tester.

    1. avatar "M" - AK Alfa Creator says:

      Hi Marc

      it’s old good relible AK with new features and ergonomics


      1. avatar Defens says:

        So the big question – available when? I’d seriously consider buying one of these. First AK ever that doesn’t just look like a commodity pressed-tin carbine (not that I don’t like ’em; I’ve built several myself.)

  14. avatar josh says:

    Can someone show me where the “take my money” button feature is on my phone ?

  15. avatar Anonymoose says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s just a SCARxAK hybrid. From the look of the AKM gas block, it’s a regular old long-stroke AK action inside. The grip and stock look more ACRish, and the forend reminds me a little of the ARX160, but the side-mounted charging handle (which is almost sure to be reciprocating) is all SCAR. I’d really like to see this in .308, 7.62x54R, and .30-06, like they did with the Veprs.

  16. avatar quix says:

    That is a gorgeous rifle! And if it is as reliable as an AK-47 – what more could anyone want?
    Wonder if they will offer a 14″ or shorter barrel with a pinned muzzle device.
    No matter what – if it’s around a 1000$ – I’d definitely buy at least one … most probably 2.

  17. avatar I1ULUZ says:

    Will they still have fixed muzzle devices? Thin little barrels? Having seen one of theirs next to a Century C39V2 that cost the same was very unimpressed. It was dressed up in CAA furniture and the Century was wood.

    They should bring in some of their other products they had in the catalog, the .22lr looked interesting.

  18. avatar Abram G says:

    Galdurnit! Why couldn’t I have heard about the Alfa three months ago?

  19. avatar Vlad says:

    “visual perfection”

    How would they get that without wood?

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