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All of Elftmann Tactical’s drop-in AR triggers (AR10/AR15/AR9) now include a very slick new feature: an “incremental adjustment knob.” This knob, which can be turned by hand or with a flat tool/coin, adjusts the trigger pull weight up or down click by click.

Break weight range on ELF’s triggers varies depending on the model — Match, Service, 3-Gun, Pro, etc. — but most have 2-1/4 to 3 pounds of adjustment range.

This is a neat adjustment system that’s not only handier than a hidden set screw, which requires a specific tool, but it allows for repeatable adjustment steps that are easier to hit than an infinitely-adjustable screw (e.g. set your triggers “four clicks from the lightest setting”).

Should the adjustment knob back out for some reason — though ELF assures that the nifty spring detent will not allow the knob to turn unless the owner intentionally turns it — the trigger simply defaults to its lightest pull weight setting.

TTAG has the trigger seen in these photos in for review. As I’ve extensively shot the ELF triggers in the past (and included one in this very comprehensive drop-in AR trigger roundup test) I won’t be doing a full review on it, but I’ll shoot a bunch of rounds through it while testing the pull weight adjustment mechanism for function and reliability.


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  1. I have a nice hoard of Geiselle triggers but this feature is sweet and something I would use while recording the clicks and the trigger pull weight. I also like the drop-in concept since it is easier to install and the trigger group and the associated data can be reinstalled in any lower you have, quickly, and with no trigger changes. I may buy some of these as an experiment.

  2. I have the curved Match Pro SOCOM in my DDM4V7 and another in my SBR DDM4V7P.

    These triggers are AWESOME.

  3. I have no problem with the mil-spec trigger on my S&W Sport but maybe if my eyes get fixed I’ll shoot more(my asian doctors are idiots.) Finding cheap(er!)556/223 much more easily than 9mm. I don’t feel competent to install a trigger although I can easily disassemble/ reassemble my AR. I ain’t paying anyone!

    • @fww

      AR drop-in triggers are pretty easy to install. They are a good entry into doing your own light gunsmithing or builds. There is not much that you can do to screw up the trigger or firearm…only two caveats – READ the instructions FIRST and then see if one of the video channels has someone actually installing the model you are interested in. Triggers take an absolute minimum of tools (usually a pin punch or two and, maybe, a needle nose pliers).

      Have fun!

      • If applicable for the platform, make damned certain of the proper function of the safety. Relevant for anything in the AK family & it’s derivatives, as well as a few others.

  4. 90% of you will adjust this one time to where you like it then leave it alone and never adjust it again and for that its not an advantage over a normal screw adjustment on any other lower priced trigger.


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