CZ-USA is going to have a busy 2018 with the release of a full-on suppressor line and a bunch of new firearm models. A visit to the booth this year netted us a video overview from CZ-USA’s Zach Hein. First he walks us through their 9mm, 5.56, .30 cal and rimfire suppressor options. Then we check out the new Scorpion S2 Micro pistol . . .

With its collapsible SB Tactical brace, HB Industries handguard and SilencerCo faux Osprey suppressor on a 4.5″ barrel, the Scorpion Micro is one handy little package.


  1. Very nice!
    I assume the faux suppressor is a place holder until you get your real suppressor
    The concept that it goes back along the barrel instead of hanging off the front is a great idea!


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